The benchmark assessment is usually done on the first session of every month but it was defer when more than 20 recruits from OBC-BU participated in the Newton Race the day before. The benchmark assessment was then conducted today on the second session of the month. What we do at the benchmark assessment can be view HERE.

Today also marked the third day of our 8-Week Challenge. Thusfar, Gunny Emily's Gladiator diet did not starved but instead built up our appetite with a whole list of mouth watering food and delicacies. In fact, we actually ate more than our usual three times a day meal which reiterate Gunny Emily's methodology that dieting is all about eating right and not starvation!! If you do not believe... Stay tune until the 8th week!! As of the 3rd day, three of our recruits namely Rose Emini Pahamin, Balqis and Lilian Lee had lost more than 2kgs.. OBC-BU biggest loser in this three days is Balqis. The average weight lost so far from the participating recruits at OBC-BU is 1-1.5kg. If you have not start losing weight.... meaning you've been cheating either on the diet or the INFERNO!!!

Speaking of which, the INFERNO METABOLIC ACCELERATOR workout is only a workout less than 20 minutes but it left us breathless for another half an hour after the workout. For those those new to OBC workout, the followings are photo-shoot of the correct form. Please focus on forms & technique at all time. Again, thank you to our OBC-BU lovely, pretty and handsome models.

1) Grunts
In performing Grunts, always SQUAT down first!! then kick all the way back with both feet together, jump back with both knee between the elbow, jumped with both hands up and drop back to squatting down position.

2) Squat Thrust (or thruster)

Squat Thrust is similar to Grunts except there is no jumping up.

3) Frogs

Start with the squatting down with both knee outside the elbow as the position (see top left picture), kick back with both leg together and back straight, then jump back in (see the large picture above).

4) Frog Push-up

Frog push-up is similar to the Frogs above but after kicking back (top right picture), lower the body akin of doing 1 rep push-up then kick back to starting position.

5) Ground-up push-up.

Starting position, lie down on the stomach with both hand placed under the arm-pit but without touching the ground. At start, push the body up and lower it back to the ground with stomach on the ground, lift both hand off the ground for two seconds and push the body back up and repeat for a fix repetitions.

When we first read the INFERNO training, it sounds easy.. it look easy and felt easy.. only two sets of 9 minutes hah.....!!! but when we actually did it..... *slap my forehead*.....faint*. Please do not discount and cheat on the INFERNO training.. it is nothing but a god damn good workout.

All the sin-full thousands of calories meal just before the photo-shoot are all gone!! I hope the same applied to all that came to the house for the fat-load cum photo shoot Sandy Robert, Lilian Lee, Fatintafrina Mohd Tareh, Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor, Balqis, John Chuan, Joe Liew, Rose Emini Pahamin, Erny Marlina Mohsen, Norliza Mohd Khalid.

Whilst we fat-load, Superstar John Chuah had kambing Golek tergolek.. for a massage

Since that tergolek massage on my dry-kitchen floor, we have not seen or heard of John Chuah!!! Secret Training??? I am damn sure!!


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  1. If you put your mind into it, there's nothing that can't be done. 9 days smoke free is a great achievement. Reach day 13, and you've formed a habit. You are almost there. Congrats on making a real lifestyle change.

  2. Hi anon,

    11 days smoke-free moment now! Thanks for your support.


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