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Its the second week into October session as well as the 8-Week Challenge (8WC) and the intensity of the second week was elevated a step higher. 'OBC-BU Best Loser' on the first week of the 8WC was 7kg and second highest weight lost was 5kg. On a random sampling of 7 contestant that I chatted with this morning, the majority of the contestant's average lost was around 4kg although there were some recruits with only less than 1 kg weight lost. If your weight lost is less than the average 4kg a week, please re-look into your daily diet... ONLY consume food with ingredients that is allowed!!! Follow Gunny Emily's ingredient list religiously. Do not discount the importance of the INFERNO training at home, on top of the OBC sessions thrice weekly.

The diet must be religiously followed to bring the body into a state of Ketosis or in a simple layman's term, when the body turn to stored-fat to burn for energy. To accelerate our metabolic conditioning, we must be discipline in doing the INFERNO program. These combination are crucial to bring out the best of what our body can offer.

We had Sarge Dann, Corporal Jasper & LC Nawal supervising the heart-throbbing 4th session this morning in an 8 MEGA-GRINDERS & SPRINT to grind and polish the muscles. The first 2 grinders targeted the legs, 3rd and 4th grinders for the chest & Core. 5th and 6th meant to grind the abs muscle, 7th lower back and 8th were leg & cardio.

Legs. The session began with 4 sets that comprised in 1 set, a 20 seconds Deep Squat + 10 seconds Jumping Squat. After completing the 4th set, the platoon had to sprint forward with Delta the furthest, Seal middle range and Ranger at the nearest point. The points were marked with 3 cones, 2 cones and 1 cone for Delta, Seals and rangers accordingly.

The second circuit was all about legs too and started with 4 sets of a "20 seconds Switch Lunges + 10 seconds Step back lunges". After the 4th set, we sprinted to the marked point.

Corporal Jasper's loud voice woke up, and ignite the adrenaline-rush that saw us suddenly sprinting faster than our average time although the leg was already wobbly like a jelly.

CHEST & CORE. The 3rd circuit now was all about Chest & Core. We did 4 sets of "Deep Push-ups for 20 seconds + push-ups-plank hold for 10 seconds" and again sprint after the 4th set. The 4th circuit was also for chest with 4 sets of 20 seconds Dip + 10 seconds table top, then sprint at the end of the 4th set.

Just before the muscle burn out, James Fong broke the morning silence calling the Deltas for.. 'a Perfect 10 repetitions!!!' Aiiks... damn kiasu were we, all the Deltas then tuned to James Fong's pace... on perfect form!!! because LC Nawal was standing right infront... Ouch.

Abs. 5th circuit was the favorite abs workout with 4 sets of 20 seconds jackknives + 10 second ankle reach hold before sprinting at the end of 4th set. For the 6th circuit, still on abs workout we had 4 sets of 20 seconds military sit-ups and 10 second half sit-ups hold, then sprint.

Kiasu Corporal Chun in grey today, were on my right and kept calling out my name that everytime I slowed down... he will scream SIX-PACK, SIX-PACK, SIX PACK........ aiiiks.. John Chuah today was... speechless... probably due to chicken-breast overdose at Syed Mahadzir's house last night!

Lower Back. 7th workout was for the lower back exercise. Lying flat on the floor with chest down, we did 4 sets of 20 second Dorsal raises and Superman hold for 10 seconds and after the 4th set, we.. again sprint.

Jo-Anna Henley, a new recruit but a Delta was on my left.. The dorsal raises that contracted the lower back muscle was a painful exercise but being sandwhiched by Delta Chun on the right and delta Jo-Anna on the left.. have to pretend the workout was easy but there was no way we could cheat with both Corporal Jasper & LC Nawal closely monitoring all recruit's forms and pace. The weirdest feel today was the absent of Joe Liew...

Leg+Cardio. The last workout was a killer. We did 4 sets of 20 seconds Grunts + 10 seconds Mountain Climbers after the 4th set, we sprinted again to end the session with the biggest HOOYAH!!

Although this session read almost similar to the BRAVO 1 INFERNO.. and felt like the bravo 1.. and maybe its the Bravo 1.. BUT ITS NOT BRAVO 1!!! so..... dont forget this evening, do the INFERNO BRAVO 1 as HOMEWORK!!! there is no other way to get the dream physique but through sheer hard work!!

Will be posting some workout pictures for the benefit of newer recruits.. please do not compromise in form and techniques.. until then....... Stay Tune..


p/s- I think its my 14th days without cigarettes... Cant remember how many days it has been but am feeling alot stronger and fitter... yahooo..

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