Many people enrolled at the Chief's Original Bootcamp for various reasons, some enrolled because they wanted to look their best for their wedding or a special function and there are many too that enrolled because they are going for an expedition, be it to hike up thousand meters up some mountain peak or thousands meters down underneath the sea for a diving expedition. Some enrolled at the COBC because they want to be healthy and some are with us because they want to be ripped and toned. Many are also with us because they want to improve their athletic performance in running, swimming or even cycling. Some just workout with COBC because they want to eat (and do not want to get fat)!! ...while some enrolled with COBC because of the community we created but COBC is not for everyone. It would take a character to be with COBC because COBC is all about unity, passion and progress. We all share the same passion and sentiment. While everyone has their own personal reason to be with COBC,  there is one prominent side effect of the COBC program that is almost homogenous with all our recruit. and that being the Result!!! which we rarely highlight being caught up with... err food.

Most of the time, we talked about food.. most of the time we displayed more food than what we should be displaying. We displayed all the best of food that we have indulged... from the luxurious King of fruits, the Musang King Durian (aiiiks thats my favorite) to Nasi Kandaq (alamak.. also my favourite!!). Many wonders what COBC is all about because we never did highlight what the COBC program have achieved!! We seldom highlight the outcome of being a COBC recruit.. 

Being mid-way through the 8 Week challenge, it would be timely, to show-off abit of our recruit's progress and achievement. Especially since we know, that in 4 weeks from today, the voting for the winners will began!!! Voting for recruits to go to semi-finals are open to public... We have 4 weeks until the final countdown. You decide who you want to vote into Semi-Finals.. Stay tuned to this blog as we will blog each and everyone of our recruit for you to vote!

Beside being healthier, in just a mere, 4 weeks... this is what COBC recruits have achieved!! and this is only the beginning..

Maslina Ahmad Ismail, 26 years old, single!! A recruit at Damansara Heights Zulu and a Procurement Analyst at Exonmobil. The COBC 8 Week Challenge began on 3 September 2012, for more information, click HERE.

Before she joined the Chief's Original Bootcamp

Week 0 - 
A day before the 8 Weeks Challenge program!!

End of Week 1.. 

End of Week 2...

End of Week 3....

End of Week 4.....

There is another 4 weeks to go before the voting for the Semi-Finals.. Remember, public can vote for the best transformation. In the next 4 weeks, we will be portraying the challengers mid-8WC pictures so you can have your eye on who to vote. Public voting will be open on 1st November and close on 4th November!! Please diarise and spread the word...

Get happier, fitter and more importantly.. healthier at COBC. Until then.. Stay tuned!!