"If you fall off the 8WC bandwagon and incidentally (or purposely) gave in to those temptation while on diet.. Do not despair and do not give up!! Hop back on the wagon and move on!!". The truth is, beside the workout and the diet, we are also going against our temptation & desire aka nafsu!

Whether you are there to shred that excessive weights and/or fat or simply want to be ripped or stay fit for better fitness, all that it take is just a good 8 weeks. Within 8 weeks, what can you get? See for yourself. Tan Wee Liam is COBC recruit at Subang Jaya USJ1. After he first joined the 8 Week Challenge last year, Tan Wee Liam became the record holder for COBC best timing in benchmark assessment. Although Tan Wee Liam did not participate in the 8 Week Challenge this year but he is one of the most aspiring recruit that is supporting and motivating others. He has been voted on various occasion as Subang jaya Spirits of Bootcamp.

With the new year around the corner, let us make the new year our target for a total physical transformation with COBC. To keep the momentum high and only for 7 days promotion, register for a session at COBC for only RM199 (from usual RM299) per month for any, either, or all of the last quarter (October, November or December). For more information, click HERE.

Stay Tuned for daily transformation pictures. HOOYAH!!