It is almost a week since we all started the 8 Week Challenge!! According to Gunny Brabon, the most difficult part of dieting is to change our eating habit during the first 3 days. It does get easier from there but the craving will continuously hound us.. Just like when Mohamad Fazli posted the picture of a Durian.. I almost went berserk but what separated the boys and the men (or the gals and babes), is that determination!! We can do this!! Cant wait to regularize my blood test too.. cholestrol.. diabetic.. uric acid. This diet is also a form of detox.

Its great that all of us are going on strong... On a sampling of 30 recruits whom regularly communicates with me, the Biggest Loser thus far goes to Mohamad Fazli with 5.4kg lost in weight in just 5 days!! Others lost an average 4kg and the lowest was 2.6kg. This is only the beginning. If you are not losing anything.. Please check that you do eat only from the diet provided, did the home workout and especially eat 6-8 small meals (the size of your fist) a day. Starving yourself to 2-3 meals a day really does not work!! Its bad for your metabolism.

This is what you can expect after 8 Weeks!! See picture below Damansara Heights pioneer recruit and 1st runner-up for 2011 8 week challenge. This is what you can expect at the end of 8WC.. and this is only the location 1st runner-up. Stephanie is also competing this year to grab the crown from last year's Malaysia 8WC Champ Mohamad Fazli. Stephanie is currently engaged and is working out to get ready for her wedding next year.

With who are we competing against this year? To win the Grand Prize, we are competing against more than 500 hundred 8WC participants. To win the Malaysia Champion, there are 70 challengers. To win the location Champion, there are 4 locations namely Ampang, Bandar Utama, Damansara Heights,Subang Jaya and Penang. Penang has the most challengers so they may have to work exra hard. The second biggest location is Bandar Utama.

To keep the spirit and momentum high, we have set-up a whatsapp group (for each location in competition) for those registered for 8WC for extra support, inquiries and also to keep each other on track. To keep the spirit high, let us remind each other of what our goals are!!!

As Christina Cheah puts it.. "This is why I joined the 8WC.."

Kevin Chew is abit more reasonable.. he just wanted to ...err grow claws?

All that Opalyn Mak wanted from the 8WC was to be.....

Whatever your goal is, you are in for a big surprise!! You will see yourself like you never before!! Its COBC's 3rd year into this program and seriously, we cant wait to see the real you.

The key word is "Surrender" yourself to the program!! Please follow exactly what the inferno diet and homeworkout + COBC session and you will see an amazing result!

Most of the recruits are going for the winning!!! Honestly, the best achievement is to see you on various fitness Magazine cover page gals and guys!

As an added motivation, while having fun with dieting and feeling confident with better look, we will also win prizes. The 2012 Grand Champion will get RM15,000 and the Malaysia Winner will get RM3,000 + a pair of the latest Vibram Five Finger Spyridon worth RM489. The Malaysia first runner-up will get one pair of the latest Vibram Five Finger Spyridon worth RM469.

There will also be 1 winner for each of the following location and will win 1x New Balance Voucher (amount to be determine at a later stage).

Damansara Heights


Subang Jaya

Bandar Utama


Who will be the local Champoin for 2012..? Stay tuned!!!

Just to get everyone excited, we are pleased to list down the winner for last year's 8 Week Challenge. 2011 Malaysia overall Champion and Bandar Utama Champion Mohamad Fazli Mohamad Sarujee is competing again this year and so is Damansara Heights 1st Runner-up Stephanie Choong.

This year, there are more than 500 contestants from COBC/OBC network in Malaysia and Australia and a total of 70 recruits from Malaysia that is participating in the challenge though more than 100 that registered but are not competing.

For all the participants... We wish you the best and may the most gorgeous win!!!
The MALAYSIAN WINNERS of the 2011 CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP 8 Weeks Challenge were: 

Malaysia Champion: Mohamad Fazli Mohamad Sarujee: AUD$1,000 (RM3,000) gift voucher to be spent in the New Balance online store, plus a BodyScience prize pack valued at AUD$260 (RM780).

1st Runner up: Sarah Tan  AUD$500 (RM1,500) gift voucher to be spent in the New Balance online store, plus a BodyScience prize pack AUD$100 (RM300).

2nd Runner up: Dixon Thum Wai Khong. won AUD$250 (RM750) worth of New Balance gear and Body Science prize pack.

The prizes won by the Local Champions and Runners up are as follows:

Bandar Utama
Champion: Mohamad Fazli Mohamad Sarujee (Also Malaysia Finalist) won AUD260 (RM800) worth of BODYSCIENCE prize pack.
Runner Up: Colin Chong Wern Loong won AUD100 (RM300) worth of BodyScience Prize Pack

Damsansara Heights
 Champion: Jun Chung Eng Lan (also Malaysia finalist) won AUD260 (RM800) worth of BODYSCIENCE prize pack.
Runner up: Stephanie Choong won AUD100 (RM300) worth of BodyScience Prize Pack

Subang Jaya USJ1
Champion: Dixon Thum Wai Khong (also Malaysia Finalist) won AUD260 (RM800) worth of BODYSCIENCE prize pack.
Runner Up: Sarah Tan won AUD100 (RM300) worth of BodyScience Prize Pack