A picture speaks a thousands words.. Needless to say, see for your self how you can rebrand yourself in as little as 8 weeks at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. You just need to surrender to the Chief's 21 years old program.

Below is Yazlin Ghulam Mahabib, a recruit at Damansara Heights who participated in last year's 8 Week Challenge. She took up the Chief's Challenge again this year and how defined she can be? Stay Tuned!! Last year, Yazlin lost 9kg from 77kg to 67kg.

Today marked the end of our second week of September intake at Bandar Utama. Bandar Utama platoon was Loud. Loud with voices of orgasm at the end of the session. But the best workout today was.... the kinky Hamstring pushdown (??). Quoting Mohamad Fazli.. If I do this everyday.. I can be a serious player!!" aiiiks...

To keep the momentum high, Chief Brabon the Fitness Guru behind the Chief's Original Bootcamp program posted the latest UltraFIT Fitness magazine that portray our recruit in Australia whom was voted the 1st Runner-up in 2011 8 Week Challenge.

Although Yazlin Ghulam Mahabib did not win any placing in the 8Weeks Challenge last year but her own transformation is in itself a priceless award. She is among the 5,000 recruits that have benefited from the Chief's Original Bootcamp.

The Chief's Original Bootcamp is where ordinary people achieved extra-ordinary result. For more information, click here.

I hear rumors that there will be an exciting promotion that will completely re-brand you to greet the year 2013!! 

Stay tuned for more transformation pictures of recruits and for the best promotion. Hopefully we can have 1 transformation picture a day.