I know!! Another week bites to dust!! The end of the 5th week of the 8th Week Challenge!! and next week by the end of the 6th week, our special guest, the founders of the Chief's Original Bootcamp will be in Malaysia, if you have not booked for your try-out session with Chief's Brabon and Gunny Brabon, please do so the soonest. Currently, there are already 80 recruits that have registered for the session. The session start at 0530 to 0630 on Saturday at Damansara Heights. For further details, click HERE. Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon will also be conducting the New Balance Good Running Form workout at the same venue for only RM30 for COBC recruits and RM50 for non-COBC. The first group start at 0700 - 0800 and the second group shall commence at 0830 - 0930. For further details, click HERE.

On 28 August 2012, Chief Brabon & Gunny Brabon threw a challenge to their recruits in Australia and Malaysia for only AUD29.90 (RM100) to transform their current physique into their dream bods in just 8 weeks!! This is the third year that the founders of our program challenge our determinatoin!! The 8 Week Challenge began on 3rd September and last week marked the mid-way through the challenge. The result was amazing!! I have blogged Maslina Ahmad Ismail at HERE, Mr X at HERE and Novelle Ooi at HERE. I wish, I had the time to blog more and I will!! I have in my possession a lot of other recruits that I am very excited to blog about.

but today, I am proud to read of our recruit that is attached to Penang Dusk, Abdul Azizam which I have blogged before at HERE. Abdul Azizam had been with us since November 2011. Since Abdul Azizam joined us, he had transformed himself beyond recognition. See for yourself!! Picture speaks a thousand words...

1) Name: Abdul Azizam
2) Platoon: Penang Dusk
3) Joined since: Since November 2011

4) Participated in:
   1. Malakoff 17km - 25/03/12
   2. Dnonce International Hiking Challenge 2012 - 22/04/12
   3. Ipoh International Run 2012 21km - 01/07/2012 (run with 75% half healed fractured hand)
   4. Peace Run Penang 6km - 15/07/12
   5. Larian Hijau MPSP 21km - 26/08/2012
   6. Komtar Tower Run 2012 - 01/09/2012
5) Upcoming Participation: Rock to Run (Hardrock) 2012-28/10/12

Guang Ming Bukit Jambul Hikathon 2012-14/10/12
Penang Bridge International Marathon FM-18/11/12

Before the 8 Week Challenge start!!

4th Week!! Mid-way through the challenge!

Remember the winner for the challenge will win RM15,000 and to win the Grand Prize, the contestants must be voted to Semi-Finals!! Voting is by the general public and there are only less than 70 active challengers from Malaysia against more than 400 contestants in Australia. We need all the support to vote for our Malaysian Contestants. Voting will began on 1 November to 4 November 2012.

For a step by step guide to voting.. Stay Tuned!!