When everyone else are aiming to lose weight and body fat, Affiq Zakie a pioneer recruit at Damansara Heights targets nothing else but to bulk and size up! The Chief's Original Bootcamp program is scientifically designed to achieve various result form losing weight, improve in athletic performances and as well as bulking up for all walks of life from a couch potato whom had never exercise before to an avid athlete who is keen to improve its running, cycling or swimming performances. For those that knew Affik, they will know how competitive Affik is. The young man, liken by all his comrades is does not know the word failure or give-up and when he wants something.. he usually gets it!! 

Naturally, he accepted the transformation challenge by Chief Brabon & Gunny Brabon at the recent 8 Week Challenge (For more information, click HERE) that began on 3 September, although he was one of the few that is targeting to bulk and size up. The Grand Champion of the challenge will win RM15,000 but contestants will need to be voted into Semi-Finals first. Last year only 1 recruit from Malaysia, Kym Wishnowski that was voted into Semi Finals. This year, we need your support to vote more Malaysian to Semi-Finals. Voting is done online and everyone can vote even if you are not training at the COBC.  Please vote for Malaysia recruit to Semi-finals.

AFFIQ ZAKIE before the challenge start


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Stay tuned for the online voting link!!! HOOYAH!!