On 3rd September, the Chief's Original Bootcamp in conjunction with Australia's Original Bootcamp threw another 8 Week Challenge for the 3rd year and again, the Grand Champion will win RM15,000 over and above the acquired new physical outlook. Beside the Grand Champion, there will also be a Malaysia Champion and a Champion for each location (in particular Bandar Utama, Penang and Subang Jaya (Ampang Challenger will compete under Subang jaya for location champion). There are a total of more than 500 participants competing for the RM15,000 from both Australia and Malaysia and less than 100 that is competing for the Malaysia Champion.

Challengers must be voted into Semi-Finals and voting are open to the public. Thus, in support to garner more votes for our Challengers from Malaysia to be voted into semi-finals and win the RM15,000, I took up the challenge to blog all our challengers from Malaysia. So have your eye on who to vote and please vote for Malaysia to win.

I have blogged Maslina Ahmad Ismail at HERE whom in a mere 4 weeks, had shredded her waistline and lost so much weight to reveal her abs. yes, in just 4 weeks!!! Below, is another recruit, Mr X whom only wants to reveal who he is on the 7th week towards the end of 8WC and he is certainly aiming to be the grand champion.

Week 0...

Week 1....

Week 2.....

Week 3.......

Week 4.......

Please do not forget, selection to Semi-Final is by voting from the public. Stay tuned for more transformation pictures.

P/s Anyone that can guess the correct recruit in the picture above, will win a Mystery Gift!!. To guess, type the person's name below!!



  1. Shazni? You sure? why no one guess James Fong or Joe liew? or Umesh?

  2. THis guy lose weight because of CrossFit la... every bootcamper knows that.... Stop misleading people and know the difference. :P

  3. Jin Chong,

    He is a pioneer member at COBC. He gets his result at COBC. Maybe you dont know every bootcamper that well blek.. :p

  4. Thank you to Chief, Gunny and our fabulous KL Sarges/Trainers - we are so lucky to be part of the BEST Boot Camp training program that gets results like this.
    Anyone that has even a basic knowledge of fitness knows that nutrition is 70% of getting lean, combined with the inferno programs and boot camp sessions the 8WC rawks!!
    We are also so lucky to have Chief and Gunny visit us the weekend just gone, for the running clinic. It is awesome that we have the opportunity to work with WORLD leaders in this area and get the CORRECT advice and techniques!! HOOYAH!!


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