You will know if Mohd Azmir Zanul Abdin, whom always go platoon-hopping is training at your platoon because his positive aura, energy and motivation is so prominent that you will feel his presence. Azmir Zainul Abidin had only recently been elevated into fatherhood, approximately a year after being conferred the title husband. A Delta at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Azmir was admired by the trainers for his high spirits. Despite being a father, a husband and key personnel at Malakoff Corporation Berhad, he never failed to keep himself healthy and fit at COBC. Being a Delta, when Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon threw a challenge that took 8 weeks of pure and sheer dedication to achieve our dream body, Azmir quickly took up the challenge. (for more information on 8 week challenge, click HERE). The 8 Week Challenge, the COBC program is designed for all body type and for all goals. The Big who wants to be small or the thin whom wants to be muscular or a coach potato who wants to start running or lose weight. Whatever you want to be, be with the Chief's Original Bootcamp!!

Azmir's dream when he signed up for the Challenge was to be lean, ripped, 6 pack and muscular!! but he was just thin and look like the picture below.. simply thin.
Azmir Zed when Azmir signed up for the Challenge...

Minimal muscle, skins and bones...

4 Weeks Later.......

The program at the Chief's Original Bootcamp and 8 Week Challenge is not just for the big to be smaller but it is also for the thin to grow big with muscles.

Remember, all 8WC contestants will be shortlisted by VOTES to win the RM15,000 award. Voting to semi-finals is via online voting from recruits & public on 1 November 2012 to 4 November 2012. Our Malaysian Contestants will be competing against Australia contestants and there will only be 1 Grand Champion. We need the support from everyone for our Malaysia contestants to be selected into Semi-Finals. Please vote for Malaysia. Stay tuned for the Online Voting Link!!