Do you invest some portion whether big or small of your income in any form of savings for the future? it in Gennenva Gold, properties, fix deposits, ASN/ASB, unit trust or even on medical/hospital insurance? I am sure you do.. especially when medicine and medical bills can be a killer!! But honestly, how many of us actually did invest some of our time and a small fraction of our money towards a better health? ...knowing prevention is always better than cure?

Let us forget about others but let us start by taking the first step ourselves to be healthy and invest in a program that work!! Being a cancer survivor and the perks that come with it.. in particular diabetic, cholesterol and gout (to mention a few) me and my partner too, had neglected the health part of our life chasing success (although we were given a second life) until we found the Chief's Original Bootcamp program than had changed our lives. But of course, this taking-care-of-health part has some side effect.. and that side effect is none other than being slimmer and sexier!! We have seen how Maslina Ahmad Ismail (at HERE) and Mr X (at HERE) had transform from not just being healthy but being ripped, toned and ... yes... drop dead gorgeous!!

The founder Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon, of this program that we invested in threw an annual challenge for only AUD30 to challenge our recruits to transform their physique to the best of what their body can achieve (For more information click HERE) in a mere 8 weeks!! To determine the best transformation, the public is asked to vote and the contestants with the highest votes will be selected into semi-finals. Voting will began on 1st November to 4th November 2012!! Please stay tuned on a step by step guide to voting!! (All voting are via online and no indelible ink needed).

Another contestant on the 8 Weeks challenge from Penang is Novelle Ooi from Penang Alpha!! Novelle first joined COBC in April 2012. From an inactive lifestyle before joining the COBC, Novelle started participating in various running events from a short distance of 7km to now, 21km!! Novelled had participated in the Malakoff 7km, Adidas King of the Road 10km, Taiping International Marathon 21.1km, Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered International Marathon 10km, MPSP Green Run 21.2km and have registered to run the upcoming Allianz Penang Brige International Marathon 21.2km and the Rock to Rock Run 10.2km

Prior to the 8 Week Challenge, Novelle Ooi measured as follows:

Chest/Bust (cm) :     88.7cm
Weight (Kg)       :     50.9kg
Upper Arm:       :     L: 25.3cm / R: 25.4cm
Waist                  :     81.5cm
Hips                   :     88.5cm
Upper Thigh:     :  L: 55.1cm / R: 55.1cm

AS AT DAY 24 (Not even 4 weeks, less than mid-8 weeks)

Chest/Bust (cm)  :     84.3cm
Weight (Kg)        :     47.1kg (last measure after week 2)
Upper Arm:         : L: 22.3cm / R: 22.0cm
Waist                   :     74.5cm
Hips                     :     87.1cm
Upper Thigh:       : L: 51.8cm / R: 51.6cm

In just less than 4 weeks.. Novelle Ooi had 
transformed herself into...

NOTICE how Novelle's waist has shrunk by 7cm!! but see the picture for yourself!!! This is only mid-way through the challenge. There is another 4 weeks to go before the challenge ended. All eyes are on you Novelle!! 4 weeks counting down!!

Remember to vote on 1 November - 4 November!! Our Malaysian will be competing for best transformation and the best 'look' against the Australian and this is one moment that we require all Malaysian voting to stay united for Malaysia! Be it for Maslina Ahmad Ismail, Mr X, Novelle Ooi or anyone of the 70 active Malaysian aiming to win the Grand Prize RM15,000!!!

Until then.. Stay tuned to more mid-challenge pictures!!! HOOYAH!!