Who do not know Stephanie Choong, please Stand up!! Yes, Stephanie Choong is one of the most popular name at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia. She made her name when she was voted as the 1st runner-up for Damansara Heights battalion at last year's 8 Week Challenge. This year, she is back with a vengeance to at least be voted into Semi-Finals and trust me, she is really working hard towards it!! If you dont believe me, then asked me! Eh.. asked Sheikh Hisham!! or Kym Wishnowski!! or Affik Zakie!! or asked anyone of her 50 comrades at the Damansra Heights platoon.

Stephanie Choong with the inferno home workout is almost like me and my blog!! She and the COBC workout session is nothing less (or very near if not more) than her and her fiance!! Inseparable!! She does not only worked hard but she is so determine to win as a finale to look her best for her wedding!! ...or maybe her hen nights. Yes, the currently single and in high demand women is ending her bachelorhood very very soon. The always ever cheer and joyful recruit worked so hard that her Sarge (COBC) Nawal gave her a two thumbs up when it comes to discipline and training. Her 'to-be-husband', should at least start jogging now or Stephanie will conquer the first night.. ahaks.. #justsaying.

The picture below was Stephanie Choong before she joined the Chief's Original Bootcamp and the picture when she was voted as the first runner-up!!

Stephanie Choong before she began this year's 
8 Week Challenge 2012

On 4th Week!! or rather mid-challenge..

That was Stephanie Choong 2 weeks ago, 4th week since she took up the Chief's challenge for a total body transformation in 8 weeks. Every year for the past 3 years, the founders of the Chief's Original Bootcamp program Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon threw a challenge to all her recruits worldwide for only AUD29.90 for a complete body transformation and even threw a grand prize of RM15,000 to the winner of the Challenge. The 8 Week Challenge this year began on 3 September 2012, for more information, click HERE. Last 2 weeks marked the mid-way through the challenge and some challengers had emailed me their fabulous and inspirational mid photo transformation. These are our motivation and acts as a benchmark if we are on the right track to getting the result that we wanted.

I have blogged Maslina Ahmad Ismail at HERE, Mr X at HERE, Novelle Ooi at HERE and Abdul Azizam at HERE, Kym Wishnowski at HERE and Ang Shi Qun at HERE. The voting began on 1 November until 4 November 2012. Please Stay Tuned for the Voting link which will be displayed at this blog. We need all the support to get our Malaysia contestants to be voted into semi-finals.

Until the next challengers profile, stay tuned!!