Regina Ho is one of the big names at Chief Original Bootcamp, Subang Jaya USJ1 platoon!! Particularly because she is a gal with many friends and talents! Regina can Sing, She can Dance, She can Joke, She is a responsible undergraduate, an obedient daughter and although young, she take really good care of her health. When I was an undergraduate, it was all about partying but Regina Ho.....

Naturally to her nature, when Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon threw the 8 Week Challenge that start on 3 September 2012, you god damn right Regina took it. What is the 8 Week Challenge? For more information,  click HERE.  Even when she did not earn any money but she spend whatever allowance she has into this life changing program!! Yes I know we offered Student rate for the Military corps monthly program but the 8WC is a promotion in itself and the student rate did not apply.

Before she took the challenge she measures as follows:

1) Chest/Bust : 91cm
2) Weight: 62kg
3) Upper arm: 25cm
4) Waist: 85cm
5) Hips: 103.5cm
6) Upper thigh: 58cm
7) Body Fat: 32.2%

and she look abit err..... fluffy (err.. not fat).

REGINA HO holding a newspaper just before the challenge started

How does she look now? Hah... Jaw dropping? head Turning?? but Regina Ho wants to keep you guessing!! She wants to only unveil her transformation nearer to the voting time!! Remember online voting starts on 1 November 2012 and ends on 4th November 2012!! Everybody and anyone can vote!!

Do keep your eye on Regina Ho for her End-Of-8WC pics!! You will be surprise!! Until then, hold on to your chair.

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Until the next challenger's profile.. Stay Tuned!!!