Most gals would accept their weight and shape after giving birth and start dressing like an 'Aunty' hiding away those accumulated pregnancy fat. Soon enough, the pregnancy fat quickly became permanent but Marie Josephe Jean-Pierre had never failed in her attempt to rid those unwanted spares. Popularly known as Marie How, being a mother of three she had always struggled with her weight until she found the Chief's Original Bootcamp. A straight ACERs (100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort) every month since she first joined the Chief's Original Bootcamp, the lady from Mauritius is one of the most talked about recruit at her platoon only because her determination and commitment to a healthier and slimmer lifestyle.

Some recruit even asked if she was a model unbeknown to many that she is already a mother of 3. Marie's target is to get her 6 pack abs; a target any mother of three would just gave up at the recent challenge thrown by Chief Brabon and Gunny Emily. On 3 September 2012, Chief Brabon & Gunny Brabon, the duo behind the 21 years old program from Australia that Malaysia was licensed to deliver, challenge all their recruits in Australia and Malaysia to achieved their dream physique in merely 8 weeks and the winner will win RM15,000. For more information on the 8 Week Challenge (8WC), click HERE. Armed with 21 years of experience in the workout program, a secret dietary recipe, the military corps-3 times week COBC session and a set of home workout which made up the whole 8WC program, 100s recruits from Malaysia and 400s from Australia paid AUD29.90 to participate and compete.

Now on 7th week and in just 1 more week, these challengers will be voted into semi-finals through an online voting by the public mass. The voting will be open on 1st November 2012 and closed on 4th November. Last year, only 1 recruit from Malaysia, Kym Wishnowski was voted into semi-finals. We need all your support to vote for as many from Malaysia to be voted into Semi-Finals. Below is Marie How's progress pictures.

Marie How before joining the COBC.

Marie How before the 8 Week Challenge began

Marie How, mid-way through the 8 Week Challenge !!

Seeing the progress frmo Marie Ho, I am very motivated to hit the gym at this instant. If a mother of 3 can achieve her dream body, so can anyone else!!!

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There are  few more than will be blogged hopefully before the voting.. Stay tuned!!