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Pemeriksaan Puspakom B5 Tukar Hak Milik Tukar Hak Milik 2019 - Panduan & Tips penuh (INSPECTION B5)

Full guide in undergoing the Puspakom Inspection (B5) to change the ownership of vehicle (Company to Individual or individual to individual). Document that you would need for Puspakom B5 Inspection for ownership change:

1. Vehicle Registration Card (Vehicle Ownership Certificate [VOC]).
2. Letter Authorisation (if car reg under company).

Panduan penuh untuk membuat inspection Puspakom untuk menukar hak milik kenderaan (dari Syarikat ke nama individu atau dari individu ke individu). Dokumen yad diperlukan untuk membuat temujanji & membuat pemeriksaan Puspakom B5:

1. Geran Pendaftaran Kereta
2. Surat kebenaran (Kalau syarikat) .

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Vary your chest workout with 40 different types of push ups. 3 years ago, I was nominated to participate in the kill22 push-up Challenge during the Original Bootcamp Annual Convention in Sydney (Convention of all licensed Bootcamp operator in the world). The challenge requires completing 22 push-ups each day for 22 days to raise awareness of Mental Health and PTSD amongst ex-service personnel. This challenge was originated by the US Marine and went viral getting support from veterans all around the world. Instead of just doing 22 reps of military push up, I did more than 50 push up varieties (in 50 days instead of 22- ya got abit carried away) For this week's VLog, I compiled them all into a single video. Lets pick 5 type of Push up and do 12 reps @ 5 sets each as the Chest WOD for today. Future fitness vlog will include the varieties of workout for different muscle group that we frequently use at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell button to be notified of latest video. HOOYAH Follow me on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Blog:

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