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PAS Youth Exco EDUCATION background


The followings 15 PAS Youth Exco members differs from my earlier list of PAS Youth Exco members:

1) Azreen Ab Majeed
2) Ahmad Zaidy A. Mutalib
3) Juhari Osman - Pengarah Jabatan Amal
4) Dr Marzuki
5) Dr Abu Ariff
6) Ustaz Zaharuddin Mohamad
7) Fitri Alias
8) Ahmad Yahya - KEDAH
9) Ustaz Mohd Yusni Mat Diah – PENANG
10) Us Suhaimi Md Saad - PAHANG
11) Ustaz Kamarudin Sidek - MELAKA
12) Abdul Latiff Abd Rahman - KELANTAN
13) Ustaz Hasbullah Mohd Ridzuan - SELANGOR
14) Us Mohd Nor Hamzah - TERENGGANU
15) Mohd Khairul Anuar Mohd Wafa - NEGERI SEMBILAN

The above changes and addition, added up the total number of PAS Youth exco from my earlier list of 35 members (see: PAS Youth earlier list) to now 43 youth exco members similar to UMNO Youth Exco 43 members (see: UMNO Youth).

Their academic background was also updated and only 7 PAS Youth Exco members with an unknown academic qualification. My source informed me he is still trying to obtain the academic background of the 7 exco and will provide updates accordingly.

Thus, there are 84% graduates in PAS Youth Exco members as oppose to 21% known graduates in UMNO Youth exco members.

See below for full updated list & details (although the write up may be abit obsolete given the latest update)..... and after 1 month of request (via FB email to YB KJ), I have NOT received any updates from UMNO Youth for their Exco members educational background.... pathetic? probably there is nothing to update?

Thank you Saudara Zamak for the updates and I look forward to any updates from Saudara Tun Faisal via my latest email request yesterday.


It has been almost a month since my last posting on UMNO Youth Exco members academic background which was harder to collate than I thought. Gathering PAS Youth Exco educational background was even harder.

Although emails was sent to various youth exco members to seek their respective committee members' past educational Curriculum Vitae but only a few responded. I will assume those that that did not respond to be without any tertiary education or University degree. Being a University graduate is an advantage and a credential that one should be proud and made public especially in Politic when the product is the Politician himself... unless they themselve do not possess any education to announced.

Ironically, in politics, educational background of politician was never publicized and yet, people supported and voted for individual rather than the Party manifest or resolution upheld... or do they?

I am surprised with the outcome.... 40% or 10 PAS YOUTH EXCO members are University graduates whilst 25 other excos are unknown, compared to 0nly 21% or 9 UMNO Youth Exco (see: UMNO Youth Education) members whom are university graduates with 34 exco members without any known tertiary education.

The outcome and the result herein, will be regularly updated once i received further information. The source of information are direct from individual exco via email, the Youth exco party members, their facebook information, google search and university alumni.

1) PAS Youth Chief (Pahang Chief): Ustaz Nasruddin Hassan At Tantawi (Al Azhar Tanta University)

2) Dep Youth (Terengganu Chief) : Ustaz Azman Shapawi Abd Rani (Degree in Arabic Language, University of Kaherah)

3) Vice Youth Chief: Ahmad Sabki Yusof (MCL, LLB. International Islamic University (1996))

4) Secretary: Kamaruzaman Mohamad (Wilayah Persekutuan Chief)( Bachelor of Science (Education, University Putra Malaysia; Masters in Science, MIS)

5) Asst Sec 1: Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil (Johor Chief) (Degree in Political Science, University Science, Malaysia; Diploma in Engineering, University Technology Malaysia)

6) Asst Sec 2: Ustaz Kamal Ashaari (University Al Azhar)

7) Asst Sec 3: Ir Hj Muhd Khairil Nizam Khairuddin (Degree in Engineering, University Technology Petronas)

8) Treasurer: Adram Musa (Bachelor Degree, University Kebangsaan Malaysia)

9) Information Chief: Suhaizan Kaiat (Degree in Computer Science, Master in Computer Science, University Technology Mara 1994)

10) Election Director: Firdaus Jaafar (Not Available)

11) Ustaz Nik Mohd Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz (Degree in Syariah, University Al Azhar)

12) Ustaz Riduan Mohd Nor (Masters Art (University Kebangsaan Malaysia), B. Arts (Hons) University Malaya, Dip Ed. University Malaya, PhD candidate (Education) University Kebangsaan Malaysia)

13) Ustaz Mohd Nazri Chik (Master of Syariah (University Malaya) (2002-2004), Bachelor of Syariah (Fiqh & Usul) University Malaya (1996-2001)

14) Zamakhshari Muhammad (MBA (2003) University Utara Malaysia), Bachelor in Science Pharmacy, Liverpool John Moores, UK (1996)

15) Mior Isfandy Mior Azizan (Degree in Fiqh and Polical Science, International Islamic University (2007)

16) YB Ustaz Nasir Zakaria (Degree in Syariah & Administration, University Malaya, Masters in Business Administration, University Technology Mara)

17) Ustaz Wan Sukairi Wan Abdullah (Not available)

18) Zuraidin Abdullah (Degree in Engineering, University Technology Mara)

19) Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor (Degree in Administration & Development, University Science Malaysia)

20) Abdullah Abdul Karim (LLB (Hons), University Kebangsaan Malaysia)

21) Dr Raja Ahmad Al Hiss Yaakob (Degree in Information Technology, International Islamic University, Master in Information Management System, University Technology Mara, PhD Political Science, University Of Manchester)

22) Anuar Ali(Degree in Chemical Science, University Kebangsaan Malaysia)

23) Ustaz Yussaine Yahya (Degree in Syariah, Al Azhar)

24) Mohd Sany Hamzan (Degree in Political Science, University Kebangsaan Malaysia)

25) Ustaz Mohd Fuad Osman (Bachelor Degree, University Malaya)

26) Ustaz Mohd Nazri Din (Degree in Education, University Putra Malaysia)

27) Zulqarnain Luqman (LLB Law, International Islamic University)

28) Azreen Abdul Majeed (Masters in Education, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, B.A. (Hons) University Malaya)

29) Ahmad Zaidy A. Mutalib (Bachelor of Science (Hons0 University Malaya)

30) Juhari Osman- Director Welfare Dept (Institute Kemahiran Belia)

31) Dr Marzuki (PhD Political Science, University of Lampeter, UK; Masters in Art, University Malaya; Bachelor of Arts, University Malaya)

32) Dr Abu Arif (PhD Engineering, Tokyo; Masters in Engineering University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST); Bachelor of Engineering, Imperial College, UK.)

33)Ustaz Zaharuddin Mohamad (Master of Arts UK, Bachelor of Arts, Jordan)

34) Fitri Alias (Bachelor of Arts, University Malaya)

35) Ahmad Yahya (KEDAH) (Bachelor of Arts, Al Azhar University)

36) Ustaz Ya'akub Abu Seman (PERLIS) (Not Available)

37) Ustaz Mohd Yusni Mat Diah (PENANG) (Bachelor of Art Usuluddin, Islamic University Islamabad)

38) Ustaz Suhaimi Md Saad (PAHANG) (Not available)

39) Ustaz Kamarudin Sidek (MELAKA) (Not available)

40) Ustaz Hasbullah Mohd Ridzuan (SELANGOR) (Not Available)

41) Mohd Khairul Anuar Mohd Wafa (NEGERI SEMBILAN) (Degree Usuluddin, Al Azhar University, Diploma Usuluddin ; KUSZA)

42) Abdul Latiff Abd Rahman (KELANTAN) (Masters of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Jordan)

43) Ustaz Mohd Nor Hamzah (TERENGGANU) (Not Available)

I had in mind initially, PAS exco members being primitif and fanatic bunch, and probably hope to conclude the blog with majority being graduates from 'sekolah pondok' but I was surprised with the outcome especially when PAS almost double the graduate exco members in total percentage compared to UMNO Youth.

Ironically, todate, YB Khairy too did not reply my email requesting his exco past educational background although he proudly wrote and made known of his excellent academic achievement. Maybe he is not proud of his exco educational background?

This webpage will be updated regularly when any of the exco members or the public responded..

so Stay tune....


Blog, Facebook and PAS Youth Exco (Part iii)


Pas Youth Exco list (Senarai Pemuda PAS) for 2009-2011 is available at PAS YOUTH WEBSITE.


Shortly after performing my Friday Prayer, I came home for lunch.. I was deprived of home cook lunch for many weeks due to endless paper work and appointments. Whilst lunching at home, I turned on Bernama News and saw Mukhriz Mahathir being interviewed on the Internal Security Act or ISA protest. Its true what Mukhriz said, that we.. Malaysian had discounted and taken for granted the peace we enjoy under the shelter of the present system... including the ISA.

Maybe it is naive of me to disagree with the abolishment of the ISA but I observed whilst doing business in Thailand, Indonesia and travelled to Phillipines, Vietnam, Europe and other parts of the world, the racial harmony and peace in our country is far superior... hence, the system with ISA.

I had problem understanding PAS, DAP, PKR philosophy and resolutions but being civil minded, I took the effort to understand. I want to understand if the public voted for PAS or PKR (or other opposition) because of what they stood for or because of their personality?

I had as much problem searching for PAS exco line up as I had with understanding their resolutions. After hours of googling, facebooking and browsing the net, I found PAS Youth EXCO members list.

As a civilised citizen and a Kelantanese, I tried to understand the philosophy and resolution of PAS with failure.... but I never had any reason to even try to learn and understand their generals, machineries.. moreover their exco members... until now. Why? that is story for another blog posting....

PAS Youth Exco comprised of 36 youth member (including the appointed exco & state Youth Chief) as opposed to our 43 UMNO Youth excos (including the appointed excos & state Youth Chief).

Youth EXCO with both a Facebook (FB) account and a blog.

8 PAS Youth exco have both a Facebook (FB) account and a blog VERSUS 7 UMNO youth excos

1) PAS Youth Chief (Pahang Chief): Ustaz Nasruddin Hassan At Tantawi (See: Nasruddin FB, Nasruddin Blog1, Blog2)

2) Information Chief: Suhaizan Kayat (see: Suhaizan FB, Suhaizan Blog)

3) Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil (Johor Chief) (see: Khairul FB, Khairul Blog)

4) Ustaz Nik Mohd Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz (see: Abduh FB, Abduh Blog)

5) Ustaz Riduan Mohd Nor (see: Riduan FB, Riduan Blog)

6) Ustaz Mohd Nazri Chik (see: Nazri FB (Dormant), Nazri Blog)

7) Zamakhshari Muhammad (see: Zamak FB, Zamak Blog)

8) Mior Isfandy Mior Azizan (see: Mior FB, Mior Blog, BLOG2)

Youth EXCO with only an FB account but without any Blog

5 PAS Youth Exco have only an FB account VERSUS 14 UMNO Youth exco members.

9) Vice Youth Chief: Ahmad Sabki Yusof (see: Sabki FB)

10) Treasurer: Adram Musa (see: Adram FB)

11) Zuraidin Abdullah (see: Zuraidin FB)

12) Ustaz Wan Sukairi Wan Abdullah (see: Sukairi FB)

13) Ustaz Sollehen Mukhyi SELANGOR (see: Mukhyi FB)

Youth EXCO with only a blog without FB account

4 PAS Youth Exco owns a blog without any FB account VERSUS 2 UMNO Youth exco

14) Election Director: Firdaus Jaafar (see: Firdaus Blog)
(note: too many Firdaus Jaafar on Facebook- didnt know which is the Pas exco)

15) YB Ustaz Nasir Zakaria (see: Nasir Blog1, Blog2)

16) Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor (see: Sanusi Blog)

17) Mohd Taufek Abd Ghani NEGERI SEMBILAN (see: Taufek Blog)

Youth exco WITHOUT both FB account or Blog

19 PAS Youth Exco does not have any FB account nor blogs VERSUS 20 UMNO Youth exco.

18) Dep Youth (Terengganu Chief) : Ustaz Azman Shapawi Abd Rani

19) Secretary: Kamaruzaman Mohamad (Wilayah Persekutuan Chief)

20) Ustaz Kamal Ashaari

21) Ir Hj Muhd Khairil Nizam Khairuddin

22) Abdullah Abdul Karim

23) Dr Raja Ahmad Al Hiss Yaakob

24) Anuar Ali (note: too many anuar ali on facebook and google. cant find the correct person)

25) Ustaz Yussaine Yahya

26) Mohd Sany Hamzan

27) Ustaz Mohd Fuad Osman

28) Ustaz Mohd Nazri Din

29) Zulqarnain Luqman

30) Ustaz Ya'akub Abu Seman - PERLIS

31) Musoddak Ahmad - KEDAH

32) Ustaz Mohd Hafiz Nordin PENANG

33) Ustaz Norazli Musa PERAK

34) Ustaz Kamarudin Sidek MELAKA

35) Mohamad Zaki Ibrahim KELANTAN


17 or 49% of total PAS Youth exco is connected on cyber either through FB or Blog or both VERSUS 23 or 53% of total UMNO Youth exco.

8 or 23% of total PAS Youth exco is connected on cyber through BOTH FB & Blog VERSUS 7 or 16% of total UMNO Youth exco

5 or 14% of total PAS Youth exco is connected on cyber ONLY through FB VERSUS 14 or 33% of total UMNO Youth exco

4 or 11% of total PAS Youth exco is connected on cyber ONLY through BLOG VERSUS 2 or 0.05% of total UMNO Youth exco

The total PAS Youth exco with an FB account is 13 exco or 37%
The total UMNO Youth exco on FB account is 21 exco or 49%

The total PAS Youth exco with a blog is 12 exco or 34%
The total UMNO youth exco with a blog is 9 or 21%


There are various way to interpret the summary.

In total percentage, 49% of total PAS Youth Exco against 53% of total UMNO Youth exco are connected on cyber either through FB or Blog or both.

34% of total PAS Youth Exco against 21% of total UMNO youth exco is a BLOGGER.

PAS.. with all the masjid(s), surau(s), schools and kenduri(s) as their canvassing ground is also strongly represented on cyber with more percentage of their Youth exco in the blogosphere... and they still have time for protests and demonstrations. UMNO Youth although maintain a bigger quantum in the number of exco(s), they have less representation in the blogging community.

Of course these are only statistics... the activeness of the registered exco on their FB account and Blogging updates is still subjective.

Reading both UMNO and PAS exco's blogs and 'FB status updates' are fun. A lot can be learn (in term of personalities) from just these reading. One major difference between UMNO Youth @ Facebook and PAS Youth @ Facebook... PAS 'requested' to befriend (on FB) but majority of UMNO Youth only accept those people requested to be friends. Hence, PAS Youth are more aggresive seeking for 'friends' from the unbeknown.

Doing the cyber analysis on the main 'taiko(s)' in PAS and other opposition excos should be more interesting.

Stay tune....

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