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Taj Mahal Aquino born in Mandaluyong, Phillipines is an expatriate in Malaysia attached to the Partnership Management and Market Development department for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) side of VADS. Taj Mahal Aquino was head hunted for the job before she even graduated from her Bachelor in Art major in Asian Study at the University Santo Tomas, Phillipines in 2008. Beside being good in her studies, Taj Mahal Acquino had also excelled well as an athlete during her school days having competed and won medals in both local and regional competition for swimming (breast stroke and free style) until she graduated. Swimming was a sport that Taj Mahal had acquired since pre-school when she was only 4 years old.

Taj Mahal Acquino is also the jacks of all trade with other sports having being active and game to sweat out anytime for volleyball, basketball, flag football, badminton, ultimate frisbee or in any other sports and when there is no sports to play, Taj Mahal Aquino would literally climb up walls and trees or just run under the sun being hyper active with excessive energy. Naturally, when Taj Mahal arrived in Malaysia, she quickly became restless in search for some activities and challenges. 

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