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If we can measure health and fitness in monetary term, many people would be in overdraft or in great debts. Yes, that is how we had neglected our health. Likewise, there are these bunch of people whom are multi-millionaires (in health and fitness) having consistently workout for years at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. 

To make sure everyone is in the right path and direction, COBC organized a quarterly get together with recruits and the first partyfor this year 2016 was held at the Chef & Brew on 17 April 2016. This event was originally organised on a monthly basis the soonest we completed our 1 month of training. Heck.. in those days, not many can survive the whole month consistently without missing a session and that calls for a celebration (Actually we just want to party) but as time passesby, 80% of recruits every monthh are returning recruits and the one month of consistent training felt abit too easy. So we started celebrating it every quarter. We deserves to party after being discipline and consistent with our training.

This party too was organised so recruits can get up close and personal with COBC trainers from other platoons, acquainted with recruits from other platoons and as well as get to know those behind the scene, COBC admins. There are in total 10 platoons in total.

It was great to see Anna Chai, Danny, Surani and others whom has been working out at the Chief's Original Bootcamp as early as its inception in 2010. There were a few recruits whom had just join the bootcamp less than a month and I do hope you all were inspired to hear the success stories of the otais. Success is in term of discipline, weight lost, fat lost and as well as athletic performance. The oldest recruit in our bootcamp network are in their 60s and the youngest recruit is 17 years old. Todate, we have trained more than 9,000 recruits and majority of them are now avid runners, marathoners, ultramarathoners, cyclists and as well as triathletes.

Everyone shared their experience and journey towards a better health and fitness. At the Chief's Original Bootcamp, it is not always about health and fitness, it is all about friendship and a strong support community.


Our journey with the Chief's bootcamp began 6 years ago in 2009 as a recruit at the bootcamp Padang Merbuk. Alike all others, we fell in love with the program at first sight. Prior to our training at the bootcamp, I have explored everything else from running, weight training, personal training, RPM, Body pump, swimming, triathlon, dualthon and even mountain climbing. My bootcamp partner Dr Malek Aziz too went through the same phase seeking and searching for an active lifestyle and training that can keep our mojo and fitness align with our medical history. Those who were given a second life having survived cancer would understand how nothing else matters but a good bill of great health. We love the program so much that we practically begged Chief Brabon and Gunny Hames to obtained the license to operate the program at Bandar Utama in 2010. The thought of not having the program being run in Malaysia was a nightmare having discovered the previous licensee wanted to opt out.

That was the beginning of our journey running the world's oldest military inspired bootcamp in Malaysia. When the licensee for Subang Jaya, Cyberjaya, Damansara Heights and Shah Alam too opted out from the network, we quickly took over. It was all for the passion for fitness. Not much for the money but for the network of people that shares similar passion as us. 

The Chief's Original Bootcamp is where it all started. It revolutionize the whole concept of exercising in Malaysia. That was during the period where all the boutique gym mushrooms throughout Malaysia. We went against the odd to establish the outdoor group fitness concept ala Military training. Now, the bootcamp concept had grow from just the Chief's Original Bootcamp to dozens of others but todate, the Chief's Original Bootcamp is the only bootcamp in Malaysia where the program is actually designed by former and currently serving infantry soldier, namely the Royal Australian army. Of course, the program is then customize for civilian training. At the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC), we deliver the program that was professionally and scientifically design to reap out the maximum results. The founder Chief Brabon and his Master Global trainers (whom design the program for COBC) establish the program way back in 1999; for already 16 years!!


When it is time to workout, we trained!! When it is time to work, we worked!! When it is time to run, we run!!! When it is time to sleep, we sleep!! When it is time to party... We party like there is no tomorrow!! If there is one trait that is common with recruits at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, we all learn to live life to the fullest.

The theme for the party was Halloween!! In conjunction with the party theme and as a countdown to the anniversary gatherings, we launched our 'training in theme' at all platoon to further excite the already hype program. The training in theme too would loosen up any barriers or walls between recruits in the spirit of camaraderie and of course, it would break the monotony of working out routine.
While the first Anniversary party theme was Superheroes that was attended by Superman, Batman, Ironman, Catwomen, Supergirl, Gorgeous girl yada yada... (See HERE for pictures) and the second Anniversary was Uniform and all the Generals, Hitler, Nurses, french maids and various fantasy-came-into-life dress wear (See HERE for pictures); the 3rd year anniversary theme was Halloween!! We figured, it was time for recruit to over-powered and be more scary than the instructors and we were right!! The instructors were so mild as compared to the scary recruits (good thing, they did not bully the instructors).

The Chief's Original Bootcamp celebrated its 3rd year anniversary at the Bravo Italiano Restaurant and Bistro in Damansara Perdana yesterday. I admit, it can be challenging recognizing recruits without their Grey training tee but to recognise them all looking sexily frightening was errr.. horrifying!


 Its a Retro party at the Chief's Original Bootcamp's 1st quarter 2013 partayyy.. but what is actually the COBC party? For the benefits of the many new recruits, COBC organized a get together amongst all recruits from all platoons at all battalions and all instructors closed ranks and socialize with the recruits. Yes.. It is perhaps the only opportunity for you to get to know your platoon commander without any fear of being 'grunt'ed'. It is also the period for you to dress-to-kill or show off your new physique. The party used to be a monthly event but we feel the party is better appreciated when it is not too frequent.. unless of course, it was requested (for earlier).

Today's party marked our 29th party that we had organised since our establishment. Each party bears different theme and although today's party theme was Retro... but I think its more like an aphro-party. Below are the list of previous party we had:

1) June 2010 - World Cup Fever - The Ecoba, Damansara Perdana
2) July 2010 - White & Denim (The Duke, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
3 & 4) August & September 2010 - Aidil Fitri  (Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
5) October 2010 - Nerd and Geek - The Library, e-Curve
6) November 2010 - Hats Off - TGI Fridays, Curve
7) December 2010 - Ho Ho Ho # OBC International 20th Anniversary Celebration - The Modestos, Curve
8) January 2011 - Balik Kampung - Raja Affandi Jamaludin's Residence, Kampung Penchala
9) February 2011 - Pajamas - Viki Lim's Residence
10) March 2011 - Stripey Dotty - The Ecoba, Damansara Perdana
11) April 2012 -  Cowboy and Cowgirl - Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights
12 & 13) May & June 2011 - Superheroes - The Soul'ed Out, Desa Sri Hartamas
14) July 2011 - Green and Yellow - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
15 & 16) September 2011 - Halloween - Tony Romas, Mt Kiara 
17) October 2011 - Wear your Old Cloth before COBC - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
18) November 2011 - Luau Hawaian Hotbods party - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
19) December 2011 - Smoking Jazzy Roaring Twenties - The Taps, Jalan Tanglin
20) January 2012 - Gennaio Italian Bootcamp Festo - The Italianes, The Empire, Subang Jaya
21) February 2012 - Ay Yariba yariba MExicano - Las Caritas, Damansara Heights
22) March 2012 - Checkered and Funky Glass High Tea - The Library, First Subang.
23) April 2012 - Rubic Cube Colour - Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights
24) May &June 2013 - 2 Years Anniversary Party
25) July 2013 - Uniform Party
26)  August -
27) September -
28) 4th Quarter 2012 (Oct, Nov, Dec) - Christmas Party
29) 1st Qtr 2012 (Jan, Feb, Mar) - Retro Party

The retro party had brought back to fame John Trabotak, Bob Marley, Al Capone, Elton John and even Alleycats, Spice Girls Guys!! Click on Picture to enlarge.


The Chief's Original Bootcamp celebrated our Christmas party at the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club on 22 December 2012 a day before the COBC team went on an escapade at HERE and a day after we completed our December session. The event was attended by more than 60 recruits from various platoons. There are no strangers at COBC but only friends that you have not met. This is one prominent trait at COBC, we gathered people from all walks of life unto one platform. The owners of COBC, its instructors and administration's primary passion is in making new affiliations... new friends and new networking whilst growing the bonds with the existing even closer.  All in the name of Health & Fitness!!! 

I have always reiterated.. that at COBC, we bypassed the normal hierarchy of friendship from stranger to friends to close friend to BFF but immediately became bruder mah!! sister wor!! Networking.. friendship and unity is the theme for 2013 in tandem the new year resolution. The party began at 1800 and scheduled to end at 2100 but it ended way later when everyone stayed back for camwhoring session!!

GLITTERS AND GLAM ON RED CARPET!!! Penang Chief's Original Bootcamp turns 1!

The Chief's Original Bootcamp PENANG turns 1 in October last month and to celebrate the inaugural anniversary, our Penang team gathered a committee that comprised of Penang recruits themselves while COBC instructors led by Sarge Boon became the advisors. Afterall, the party was to celebrate the recruits for another month (in this case 1 year) of consistent training for better health and physique!! The committee that comprised of those in the list below chose "Glitter and Glam on Red Carpet" as the theme.

They even invited James Bond??!!!

The Red Carpet Committee:

Advisor – Sarge Boon & Corp Kenny
Secretary / Treasurer – Christina Cheah
MC – Kevin Tiger  Chew & Jarett Banana Kwong
Backdrop and Deco – Sarge Boon
Photographer – Tang Kheng Leong (Long Tang)
Video Montage Design – Marccus Low (The Groom of the night)
T-shirt Design – Wong Kwei Yee (Kiwi Bond)
IT – Kevin Tiger Chew
PR – Lau Phaik San & Kelly Ong

Kaypos – all of the committee… hahaha

2.30pm              Committee (Wong Kwei Yee, Corp Kenny, Kevin Chew, Jarret Kwang, Marccus 
                          Low) arrived as earlier as 2.30pm to set up the venue, sound system & rehersal 

4.30pm              Depart to freshen  up.

5.45pm              Committee and Camera person (Tang Kheng Leong) arrives

6.15pm              Committee and Camera person makan

7.00pm              Arrival of Guest

7.30pm     MC (Jarett Kwang) making an appearance
                 Banana dance appearance


After finishing rolls and rolls of negatives while camwhoring, we also indulges ourselves in a delicious COBC packed chocolate from Tokyo specially brought, sponsored and compliment from BUA recruit Aida Zainin. It was very sweet and thoughtful of her to special order the chocolate and within seconds, the chocolate were distributed to all that attended. Thank you Aida for the lovely chocolate.

150 people gathered to celebrate yet another month of consistent and discipline training at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. Yes, we must always recognize our little effort to take care of our health and this became the basis to our monthly party. At the party, the same as every other month, everyone dressed to kill!!

Beside food, makan, meet other recruit and get up-close-and-personal-with-the-instructors, a fix agenda at every month's party was (1) the certificate presentation for the 100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort and (2) the announcement for Mister(s) or Missus(s) COBC Spirit of Bootcamp for the month.

To qualify for the ACE certificate, a recruit need to attend all the 12 sessions that they pay for. Trust me, it takes a lot of commitment and dedication to achieve the ACE Certificate!! Evidently, from the 733 recruits registered in June, only 28 recruits actually attended 100% That was why, we award to them the ACE certificate because it does take a personality to be called an ACER!!! The List of ACE recipients for both May and June are as follows:


COBC is famous for many things and of course the most prominent being our COBC very close community that we always pride ourselves with. At COBC, we bypass the normal hierarchy of friendship and immediately became BFF ala extended family members. Adam Heng from Subang Jaya said we are all friends-in-law akin of everyone being married to each other hah!! Ok no such thing but again, at COBC we regularly come out with our own vocabulary too, that only people at COBC would understand. Second after our strong community is our consistent discipline in our health and fitness!!! Of course, after almost sweating blood giving our best during each and every training, every month we dress to kill to flaunt our hard earn body!! That is over and above the confidence that we have slowly developed in consistent with a stronger and fitter self. To flaunt that hard earn, heart-throbbing, blood sweating effort, we get together on a monthly basis and we party!! big time party!!! and we have thusfar, organised 23 parties with various party theme bearing only one objective in mind.... Flaunt it!! I mean, for every recruit from more than 40 platoons at 7 locations to meet and get to know each other. There is no better platform to meet and share your experience and achievements with other fellow recruit. This experience is valuable and is an aspiration for many others.

1) June 2010 - World Cup Fever - The Ecoba, Damansara Perdana
2) July 2010 - White & Denim (The Duke, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
3 & 4) August & September 2010 - Aidil Fitri  (Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
5) October 2010 - Nerd and Geek - The Library, e-Curve
6) November 2010 - Hats Off - TGI Fridays, Curve
7) December 2010 - Ho Ho Ho # OBC International 20th Anniversary Celebration - The Modestos, Curve
8) January 2011 - Balik Kampung - Raja Affandi Jamaludin's Residence, Kampung Penchala
9) February 2011 - Pajamas - Viki Lim's Residence
10) March 2011 - Stripey Dotty - The Ecoba, Damansara Perdana
11) April 2012 -  Cowboy and Cowgirl - Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights
12 & 13) May & June 2011 - Superheroes - The Soul'ed Out, Desa Sri Hartamas
14) July 2011 - Green and Yellow - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
15 & 16) September 2011 - Halloween - Tony Romas, Mt Kiara 
17) October 2011 - Wear your Old Cloth before COBC - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
18) November 2011 - Luau Hawaian Hotbods party - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
19) December 2011 - Smoking Jazzy Roaring Twenties - The Taps, Jalan Tanglin
20) January 2012 - Gennaio Italian Bootcamp Festo - The Italianes, The Empire, Subang Jaya
21) February 2012 - Ay Yariba yariba MExicano - Las Caritas, Damansara Heights
22) March 2012 - Checkered and Funky Glass High Tea - The Library, First Subang.
23) April 2012 - Rubic Cube Colour - Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights

Having organised 23 parties for 23 consecutive months, this month party was abit extra-ordinary!! Primarily because it was the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia Second Anniversary party!!


Welcome to the 23rd graduation party at the Chief's Original Malaysia. Next month we will be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary and on COBC's second year anniversary, our Lead Instructor, Staff Sarge Dann and Lead Administrator Rose Emini Pahamin will be ending their bachelor-hood!! Now the only single jingle mingle in COBC team are Corporal Rash, Corporal Ridz in Klang Valley and Corporal Kenny and Corporal Foong in Penang ! But all those that are married are also still available!!! eh.. I mean, available to workout at COBC. ....

When I first heard of Rubic Cube Colour theme, I went ... what's that!!?? ...being blur and unknown?!!! But with a little bit of google'ing.. can do wonders.. and here I am.. almost but not yet Bozo the Clown. .. cute eh? :-p

(For best picture, click on picture first to enlarge before saving them to your computer)

Rubic Cube Colour!!!


Every month we get-together and gather to celebrate those people that had ACE'd their workout session, motivate those that did not ACE, inspire the newbies or those that had just hopped on the fitness bandwagon and keep the aspiration burning for those that is seeing results. What is an ACE? click HERE to know more about ACE. I know we have all the reasons to party and every month, we really loosen ourselves up and simply...... party!!! life can be so good.

This community from all walks of life from a company director, business owner to a restauranteur or hawker operator with different races and religion have been together for the past 22 months and the community has grown to more than 4,000 registered recruits. Although from various background, age, races and nationalities, we share only one thing in common.. we share the same passion in Health!!! With health, cum all the multiple orgasm in fitness, athletic speed and agility, physical appearance and of course hotbods.

The party that we organized is always in a theme and past party themes include:

1) First June Party 2010- World cup,
2) Second July Party 2010- White & Denim
3) Third & Fourth Aug & Sept Party 2010- Hari Raya
4) Fifth October Party 2010- the Nerd & Geek
5) Sixth November Party 2010- Hats Off
6) Seventh December Party 2010- Christmas
7) Eight January Party 2011- Kampong
8) Nine February Party 2011- Pyjamas
9) Tenth March Party 2011- Stripes & Polka Dots
10) Eleventh April Party 2011- Cowboys & Cowgirls
11) Twelfth and Thirteenth May & June 2011 Party- Superheroes 
12) Fourteenth July Party: Green & Yellow
13) Fifteenth & Sixteenth August & September Party- Halloween
14) Seventeenth October Party- Wear your before COBC old cloth
15) Eighteenth November Party- Luau Hawaiian
16) Nineteenth December Party- Smoking Jazzy Roaring 20s
17) Twentieth January Party- Gennaio Festo Italiano
18) Twenty First February Party- Mexicano

With many party theme experimented, this party... we... err... get in line with the latest Hollywood in-fashion with the checker shirt and set the theme as the "Checkered and Funky Glass tea party"!! The venue chosen was at the Library, First Subang. Yup.. you heard it right!! The good and decent people like us hang out at the Library.


Ya know...  these people partied again over the weekend.. With them.. its either party, eating, running or exercising... and this time its another graduation. Graduation from what? yaa.. you are right... Graduated from another successful month of consistent, hardwork and teamwork towards training to achieve our own personal goal. But WHY must graduate? because for us to move forward, we must acknowledge however much we have improve this month compared to previous and what will be our next target for the next month. This month, we party in Mexico!!! err.. I mean Mexico theme rather...

Ay Yariba yaribaaa..... In line with our theme, we held our party at the Las Carretas, Mexican Restaurant at Damansara Heights and it was organised for High-tea because with our healthy lifestyle now, bedtime is at 9pm? So we gathered to Mexico and arrived there in time for a feast at 5pm... As always there were almost a hundred that came.


If there was a most supportive platoon award.. then Penang platoon would proudly won. When the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) held a roadshow at the Hard Rock Hotel in conjunction with the Convent Green Lane School re-union and alumni at HERE, many of them came to support in Grey COBC Tee. Naturally, we invite them for a buffet lunch worth RM85 ++ per head at Hard Rock Hotel.

The former Asia best Karate Champion, Sarge (COBC) Boon arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel as early as 9am to set-up the display booth at the Hall of Fame. He was assisted by his lovely assistant Christina. They displayed some equipments that are frequently used to whip and whack get the best results out of any recruits. They even had the Hollywood's voted most preferred shoe in 2011, the Vibram Five Fingered on display. Have it the Sarge's way, he wants to five fingered everyone in the Hall.


Why the 1920s as a theme? ...err why not? To commemorate the 20s theme, we invited those retired mafiaso.. Al Capone, Mussolini, Charlie Chaplin and kunta kinte. We were also lucky we managed to trace back and bring along with us cowboy Doc Holiday but failed to find billy the kid. Okay.. they were older than the 20s but historic enough.

In search for the correct wardrobe for the event, the original idea was to dress up as Al Capone, the most famous personality in the 20s.. which should not be so hard but after various attempt, I ended up looking as Al Capoot. The venue for the historic gathering was at the Taps, opposite Istana Hotel. The Taps is owned by Viki Lim's family and naturally, we would of course support those within our circle. We arrived at 6:30pm sharp and was happily thinking that we were the earliest but Corporal (COBC) (P) Wan beat us to it. He was earlier! darn...

Upon arrival, I was smitten by Corrine Griffith (picture on right).. though her hair was longer than that during her prime time in the 20s but she still look gorgeous.. after almost 100 years, she does not seemed to age but according to rumours, she had changed her name to.. err... Nawal Aini Zulkifli ?? (sorry ar.. collect point sikit). A few minutes later.. Doc Holiday arrived!! without the famous thick mustache... clean shaven.

There was also a rumor that the 1920s Jazz King Louise Armstrong will be coming around.. and also Hitler was rumored to make a presence. Who does not want to be there especially for the most talked about COBC Hotbods Party!! The Chief's Original Bootcamp celebrated its 19th Graduation party as the closing for the year 2011


Welcome to the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Malaysia 13th graduation party at Bustanu Pahamin... my home. Every month, we celebrate our hard work, our hard core commitment, our passion and get together to indulge ourselves with sins in heaven.. eh I mean sinful food in heaven!! and since its Puasa month, we had a buka puasa pot-luck do!! MAKANSUTRA!! (ciplak'ed from Kamsasutra). What did we have at the Pot-Luck? yes... more than what we bargain for! Didn't know everyone is as good a Chef as they are in training... or err.. maybe good at buying food?

The theme for the 13th Graduation was Green and Yellow!!! and yes I was in Shocking Green and Yellow!! So shocking that I heard a shocking Gossip that left us all in elongated laughing tears even until this morning when we chatted online on BBM Chat room. Someone was having a conversation with Farhanah Bamadhaj and one part in the conversation, said.. 'I wonder who this gay guy is'.. Eeek. because he was wearing Shocking Green and Yellow jeans!! Now.. where is Rose Emini Pahamin who chose the colour theme and make me look gay? need to blame it on her and maybe give her Grunts inferno. Sarge (COBC) Dann was the first to arrived with SATAY HAJI SAMURI!!! Waaa... sheer torture counting down to breaking fast in 2hours! The aroma.. the smell... iiiisk.. now felt like having satay again!!


Its JUNE 2011 graduation party cum ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia 25 years anniversary.. cum CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia 1 year anniversary.. Waaah!!! so many cums!!! but that is what we are.. I mean.. err not the cum but the exercise orgasm we achieve every month!! and being 1 year old.. naturally, its a multiple orgasm!!!

So to celebrate this err.. multiple orgasm, we invited all the super heroes and super heroin in the universe to the Soul'ed Out Cafe in Desa Sri Hartamas for a grand celebration!!! and at 7pm, wicked witch Farhanah Bamadhaj began registering the guests..

(Click on Picture to enlarge)

Wicked Witch Farhanah had to register all guests to make sure Dr JASON Malek did not butcher anyone and fed the guests with the guest's own meat. Eewww...

Everybody had to wear a nametag just in case we do not recognise each other after losing many many kilos of weight!

DOOR GIFT is given on a first cum first serve basis!!! 


The 10th CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC), Malaysia graduation party was held at the ECOBAR, DAMANSARA PERDANA and the theme for the party was Stripey & Dotty which actually means stripe and polka dot clothing.

This will be the first COBC party that Chun Chia Kai @ Corporal Chun is absent. Corporal Chun is away in Indonesia for... work? business? leisure? Secret Training?

And this is the first party that Ilyanna Aylin Ayob too had missed. Ilyanna Aylin Ayob was in Paris to run the Paris International 42.2km Marathon that was held on her birthday. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to run a marathon!!! double thumbs up to Ilyanna. Most recruit from COBC became runners and marathoners having gained the best of fitness, stamina and confident.

The theme for every party differs every month. We have had various theme but this is the first time that we will be in colours!! Lets see how colourful are we.......


Have you ever wondered what your friends wear to bed?

Okay... not that it matters and not that I fantasize them in bed... but what would they look-like without all the Ralph Lauren, Louise Vuiton, Hermes, Hugo Boss branded daytime clothing. Will they still be branded or just all skins or........ err....... Well recruits at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP does not have to wonder no more.. that is what the next party is all about.... PAJAMAS PARTY!!!!

After burning-off those excessive fats and calories, its time to show off the new-physique at the monthly PARTY!!!! Its PARTY TIME again at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Malaysia and this time it is being held at VIKI LIM's residence at the prominent Mutiara Damansara. It is COBC's Ninth Graduation party.

Click HERE for the World-Cup themed first graduation party that was held at the Ecobar, Damansara Perdana, Click HERE for white & Denim Second graduation at the Duke, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, click HERE for Eid Mubarak third & fourth graduation party at my residence, click HERE for Nerd & Geek fifth graduation party at the Library. HERE for HAT'S OFF sixth graduation party at the TGI Friday, HERE for the Seventh Ho ho ho, Christmas party at the Modestos, Curve and click HERE for eighth, Kampung graduation party at the residence of Raja Affandi Jamaluddin. Click HERE for all the graduation party pictures!!!

We have seen most recruits messy in mud... hot in sexy clothing... in working attire and even in traditional clothing... we have also seen them in nerdy sleazy look. Now we will see them all dressed ready for bed!!! Such fun are the people at the Chief Original Bootcamp. Everybody gathered at Viki Lim's residence as early as 6:30pm for a pot luck dinner. The first recruit at the venue was..... err Viki Lim.. and her husband Jeffery Wong... obviously.. its their house!!

So how does Viki Lim look in pajamas? .... Nawal Aini Zulkifli? Rose Emini Pahamin...? Daing Daniel Fitri? Dr Malek Aziz? Uncle John Chuah? Lilian Lim, Ili Liyana Baharon? Raja Affandi Jamaludin? Norliza Affandi? Chun Chia Kai? and forty other recruits?

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