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I was introduced to a Chinese traditional doctor by Dr M. Lamarie and Ng Ghim Hwa to detox my liver and kidney that was heavy on various drugs for CML treatment since I was in my teens to more than 10 years of various medication for diabetic, cholesterol and Gout. All these drugs will eventually damage the kidney and liver in the long run if there were no 'servicing' done. The Chinese medicine practitioner was located near the Fatty Crab Restaurant in Taman Megah and imported direct from China. The doctor who is also a graduate from western medicine at a University in Shanghai, Dr Lu Zhi Gang first came to Malaysia more than 15 years ago and is attached to Mythmedix Sdn Bhd. He does not speak Malaysia Language but understand a little bit of English. Dr Lu Zhi Gang was also one of the speaker at the World Chinese Medicine Conference recently held.

According to the Dr Lu Zhi Gang, Chinese Medicine in contrast to western medicine does not believe in 'chemicals' as a measure to overcome sickness. Infact, Chinese medicine does not believe in measure to trouble shoot any pain or sickness but it believe in restoring the body's functionality to address any sickness through balancing the body Yin and Yang. It control and cure any form of sickness from diabetic, gout to cholesterol through controlling the body metabolism.
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