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The 2012 Original Bootcamp, Australia and Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia Grand Champion has been announced!! But before that, let us review the schedule of event that recently took place.

For 3rd consecutive year, Chief Brabon & Gunny Brabon had launched at the Original Bootcamp Head Office, the 8 Week Challenge for the year 2012. The 8 Week Challenge was first introduced in 2010, the year when Dr Malek Aziz and Armin Baniaz Pahamin first took up the license. Infact, it was launched only within a few months since COBC Malaysia' was first established in Bandar Utama. What is the 8 Week Challenge? For more information, click HERE. In short, it is an 8 week program that comprised of a 3x1-hour a week training at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (for 8 consecutive weeks), a set of home workout as daily homework and a set of diet meals to cook and eat daily for the whole 8 weeks - to unleashed your best physical being.

The result was portrayed at HERE.. See for yourself what these great people have achieved in a short span of 8 weeks.

After 8 weeks, everybody was already a grand winner having achieved their desired dream physical outlook and that is all that matters although a public voting was opened for the public to judge and assess the transformation of each Challengers. There were more than a total of 5000 votes for the semi-finals and we broke history when 12 Malaysians were voted into semi finals! Last year only Kym Wishnowski from Damansara Heights Zulu that was voted. This year, there were 2 recruits from Ampang Alpha platoon namely Han Lian and James Lee, 2 recruits from Damansara Heights namely Maslina Ahmad Ismail and Affiq Zakie. 3 recruits from Bandar Utama namely Umesh Narasimhaiah, Rienna Choo and Afiza Abdul Halin. 4 recruits from Penang with Simon Koay Qing Jie, Kwei Yee Wong, Ang Shi Qun and Abdul Azizam and 1 recruit from Subang Jaya USJ1 namely Marie Josephe How. Every recruit went on a wild voting campaign spree to canvass votes for themselves and so did I. I wrote and viral circulated almost 40 blogs in merely 2 days... but this time, I had a co-blogger Sarge Boon who is now a co-author of Stay Tune blog to get everyone motivated and aspired.

With the 85 Semi-finalist, the franchisees and licensees in Australia shortlisted via voting for 20 finalist but the results were so outstanding that the voters had difficulty to select only 20. They voted for 25 finalists instead. COBC Malaysia broke another history when 3 recruits from Malaysia was voted as Finalists!!! There were Rienna Choo, Umesh Narasimhaiah and Abdul Azizam.


RECORD BROKEN!! The Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia broke history when three (3) of its contestants were voted into Australia 8 Week Challenge Finals!!! For more information on the 8 Week Challenge, click HERE. For more information on Chief's Original Bootcamp, click HERE.
From the 85 Semi-Finalist, shortlisting of the top 15 were pretty straight forward, it was only when Head Office were down to choosing the final 5 that things got a little tougher as the points spread was pretty wide. In the end the team settled on 25 Finalists (See below in Alphabetical order by first name). Three challengers from Malaysia made it to the Finals breaking Chief's Original Bootcamp/Original Bootcamp Australia history!! Never did any challengers from Malaysia that made it to the final. The three were Rienna Choo, Abdul Azizam and Umesh Narasimhaiah.
Abdul Azizam 
Alex Connor 
Alyssa Grabb 
Angela Winter 
Brad McLean 
Brent Smith 
Cassy  Cameron
Daniel Poonoosamy 
Daniel Ringrose 
Hollie Henshaw 
Ian Zammit 
James Henville 
Kinson Cheung 
Liam Kelly 
Marta Chylewska 
Matt Hollier 
Michael Di Guglielmo 
Milan Medved 
Rebecca Parker 
Rienna Choo 
Robert Menezes-Baker 
Scott Clarke 
Shane Beetson 
Umesh Narasimhaiah 
Xeniya Alpatova


Public Voting for 2012 Chief's Original Bootcamp 8 WEEK CHALLENGE Semi-Finalist was closed last night and the system extracted out those with the most number of voting points received. For more information on the 8 Week Challenge, click HERE. For more information on Chief's Original Bootcamp, click HERE. Those that made it a step closer to being voted into Finals are listed below. This year, 12 recruits from COBC Malaysia was voted into Semi-Finals compared to only 1 from Malaysia and we are very proud of them. Last year, only Kym Wishnowski from COBC Malaysia that was voted into Semi-Finals. On behalf of COBC team and the winners, thank you all for the votes.


There is ONLY 1 day left for the Challengers with the best physical transformation to be voted into the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) 2012 8-Week Challenge Semi-Finals. For more information on COBC, click HERE and to read more on the 8 Week Challenge 2012, click HERE.

Public voting for the Semi-Finalist will end at midnight tomorrow (Australia time), Sunday 4th November 2012. On 5th November the voted semi-finalists will be announced to all Franchisee whom will then cast their votes for the finalist (latest by 9am (Australia time)!!!

On 6th November, the judging panel will choose the Grand Champion & Runners-up and prizes will be awarded on 8th/9th November 2012.

Today, on behalf of Chief Brabon, Gunny Brabon, Dr Malek Aziz and all franchisees, I am pleased to announce the Local Winners for 2012. We apologized for the delay in the announcement.. The suspense and the waiting added the thrill to the announcement!!! If you look at every pre- & post 8WC pictures, every Challengers are already a Winner!! Their transformation was everybody's dream come true.  There were 5 locations (also known as Battalion) being contested in Malaysia, namely Ampang, Bandar Utama, Damansara Heights, Subang Jaya USJ1 and Penang. Each of the Local Winners will get RM1,000 New Balance Vouchers.

The winners for the local Champions are as follows:



31st October 2012 - Voting for the Chief's Original Bootcamp Location Champion & Overall Malaysia Champion!! There are 4 Locations that is being contested namely AMPANG, BANDAR UTAMA, SUBANG JAYA and PENANG!! What is the Chief's Original Bootcamp? Click HERE to know more!! What is the 8 Week Challenge is all about? Click HERE to read & know more about it. 

The voting for Location Champions and Malaysia Champion is by partnered-franchisee (from Australia), Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon. This is to avoid any favoritism and popularity advantage towards any recruit. Their decisions are final and cannot be contested!

1 November 2012 - The Local Champions and Malaysia Champions will be announced!! (START PRAYING!!!)
1 November 2012 to 4 November 2012!!- voting online began!! VOTE!! VOTE!! VOTE!! Vote for Malaysia to go to CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP/ ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, AUSTRALIA SEMI-FINALS and let them compete for the best physical and fitness transformation against the Australian. Note: It is best to synchronized your votes for the a few challengers that can win against the best in Australia rather than to split votes for too many challengers.

For a quick review, our Malaysian Challengers that have submitted their profile measurement and pictures to this blog are as follows (FIND THEM ON THE VOTING SITE!!!). Voting site will only be open from 12am- 1 November 2012 (I think Australia time) to 11:59pm - 4 November 2012 (Australia Time). To vote: click HERE ..

These challengers have been on a mission to transform their physiques with the Chief Original Bootcamp for 8 consecutive weeks!! and if you think they look hawt and great now, see their BEFORE picture and their measurement. You will be amazed!! Click on the challenger's name BELOW to see their pre-measurements:


Amazing transformation in just 8 Weeks at the Chief's Original Bootcamp!!!

Vote for Malaysia to Semi-Finals. Semi Finalist are selected purely on public voting. Voting will only be open on 1st November and close on 4th November - to vote, go to ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, AUSTRALIA FACEBOOK page at HERE. (NOTE: The voting-site will be open and close ONLY on the specified date).

What are the prizes?

Grand Champion - RM15,000 Cash
1st Runner up - RM3,000 New Balance Vouchers
Malaysia Champion - RM3,000 New Balance Vouchers + 1 pair of Vibram Spyridon/Seeya
Malaysia 1st runner-up - 1 Pair Vibram Spyridon/Seeya
Local Champions (eg. Bandar Utama, Subang Jaya etc)  - RM1,000 New Balance Vouchers

Note: All local Champion is by default, voted into Semi-Finals.

Vote for 


We usually get the best mojo in our workout when we see our fellow comrade's jaw dropping result!! When we see someone that we know are looking ripped and toned and is walking around like a model, we will start to put more effort in our training... If he can do this, so can I sort of speak... I would also get all excited and motivated when a fellow recruit emailed or approached and told me that he/she really never thought he/she could be this slim/small/toned. Once, it was only a dream. I can so relate to this sort of statement because since childhood too (especially with my medical history), I can never imagine I can run 10km distance but now I have done more than 10 full marathons. So when recruits share with me their fitness and health success stories, I can really understand them. COBC is where ordinary people (or sub-ordinary with medical history like me) achieved extra-ordinary result. The success stories of each and every recruits are really heartfelt.

When I read on facebook and read how addicted recruits were with COBC program, I can also relate to it!! All of us, the core-team admin at COBC Malaysia Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and me, were just recruits and were really addicted to the Original Bootcamp program under a different franchisee for a full 1 year. We were so addicted and in love with the program that we ended up taking over the license. Why the addiction and why the heartfelt emotion? Well.. It is hard to explain until you have tried it yourself. To have a sneak preview and experience what COBC is all about, register for a Free Free Try Out Session at HERE for this coming Friday and Saturday. COBC community is just so supportive and positive and you can never hear anyone demoralizing another comrade... except from those non-bootcampers.

I have known Sabon (not the real name) for quite awhile now. She is a strong loyal supporter of COBC. To be honest, I never did see her as fat, big or gigantic because her cheerful, happy and love to laugh personality supersedes her err.. size but when Sabon showed me her before-joining-COBC picture... My eye almost popped out. That was her ->

The single and available charming lady will now knock any man off his chair. Sabon's transformation is really amazing.  Below are pictures of Sabon before she participated in the 8 week challenge. What is the 8 Week Challenge? 6 weeks ago, Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon threw a challenge for their recruits in Malaysia and Australia to achieve their dream body in just 8 weeks FOR JUST AUD29.90!!! For more information, click HERE


It was a quiet morning at Bandar Utama until the Chief's Original Bootcamp session began. Somehow, I knew Mohamad Fazli, Andy Wong and Chee Ping purposely allow us to overtook them to get a total of 90 Grunts in a session that toned our chest muscle, legs, abs and legs!! As if that was not enough, after the session they add another 10 Grunts to make it 100 Grunts and they say I am kiasu? But that is what it takes to be a winner. Last year, Mohamad Fazli was the Malaysia Champ for best physical transformation at Australia's 8 Week Challenge.

Less than two (2) weeks ago, Chief and Gunny Brabon from the Original Bootcamp, Australia (Chief Original Bootcamp licensor) threw the challenge again to everyone for a total physical re-branding in just 8 weeks for only AUD29.90 (for current recruit or AUD$59.90 for non-OBC/COBC)! This is the third year that Chief and Gunny Brabon threw the challenge and even throw in a Grand Prize of RM15,000 to be won by recruit with the best physical transformation subject to those recruits being trained at COBC for the whole 8 weeks period. Yes, that is how confident COBC is about its program. 

What can you expect to get at the end of 8 weeks? Result guarantee!!


Sarge (COBC) Tom
Yes!! We finally got it!!! Although we are not able to get the BSC products used and recommended by Australia due to Malaysia strict and lengthy licensing requirement but we sourced and found an alternative which has an equivalent or if not better content that cost the same (some are more expensive than BSC) but we managed to negotiate for a cheaper bulk prices.... especially for you. 

No!! We do not profiteer from this (not even for petrol fee) because we simply wants to make it cheaper and easier for you to get the result to win the 8WC. COBC Malaysia wants you to be the the Grand Champion and win the RM15,000.

All the products from both stacks proposed are suitable for both men and women who are physically active for optimal results. As the Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped contains stimulant, it is not suitable for customers who are on specific medication, with high blood pressure, and/or with heart problems. Please do consult your physicians for consultation if you have medical condition.

The SUPPLEMENTS are as follows:


(This blog article is and will be updated regularly for the latest FAQ)

First and foremost, we apologized for the late reply and non-replies of emails. COBC is a small owner-operated business that is run on the passion and enthusiasm of a team who believes and trust in nothing else but in result and customer satisfaction.

Put your hand up if you have any questions..

Ok okay.... We hear ya..

So, here are some of answers to some of the questions on 8 Weeks Challenge and COBC sessions that was emailed to us.

1) Can I still register and participate in the 8 Week Challenge? 

Yes you can!! but you MUST register and pay before Wednesday, 5 September!

2) Do I need to pay for October as well?

Yes you need to pay for both September and October ONLY IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING in the Challenge. Otherwise, you can pay monthly and wait for October Early Bird Promotion.


Ideal couple! Fitness Guru Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon
Beside the Inferno 3.0 diet plan, the 3x a week BOOTCAMP session at COBC, you would also need to do some homework!! Yes.. to have the best of health, to look sexy and stunning, you have to work and earn it!! The homework workout program is available now at

If you have not registered for the challenge that only cost AUD29.90 and 2 months of COBC session, please quickly do so now!! The last day to upload your measurement & pre-challenge photo is on 5 September!! For an idiot-proof step by step guide to register, click HERE. For an idiot-proof guide to upload the measurement and photos, click HERE.

Please log in by entering your username and password, then click on "Resources" and at the sub-menu, click workouts. A whole week of workout is displayed and will be changed everyweek!! At COBC, Chief does not repeat the same workout twice!! Never!! This is to make sure you dont get bored and is up to new challenging workout everyday.


2011 Chief's Eight Week Challenge Winners

Sunday, 2nd September 2012. Today is the last day before the start of the most talked about Original Bootcamp Australia's 8 weeks Challenge which the Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia is a part of. This is so far, a once a year program and you really do not want to miss this as you will stand a chance to win RM15,000 if you are voted as the overall grand Champion, or RM3,000 (AUD1,000) if you are voted as the overall 1st runner-up. For Malaysia, if you are voted as the Malaysia Champion, you will get RM3,000 worth of New Balance voucher to go shopping and win the latest Vibram Spyridon (worth RM489). If you are selected to be Malaysia 1st runner-up, you will also win the latest Vibram Spyridon (worth RM489). So if you have not register, please do so by clicking HERE for an idiot proof guide to 8 Week Challenge registration. 

Once you are registered, please make sure you observe and comply to the important dates. For a refresher/reminder of those important dates, please click HERE.

Part of the requirement to stand a chance to win this challenge is for you to take your measurement and per-challenge picture. This measurement MUST be uploaded ON or BEFORE Wednesday, 5 September 2012!!!


3 days countdown for the most talked about Chief's Original Bootcamp 8 Weeks Challenge!! To excite the challenge further COBC is pleased to offer the latest Vibram Spyridon or Seeya (Retailing at RM489) to the Malaysia Champion on top of the RM3,000 New Balance Voucher.

Malaysia 1st Runner up too will get the latest Vibram Spyridon or Seeya (worth RM489).

That is.. if you did not win the RM15,000 Grand Champion!! but somehow.... I have a big feeling, someone from Malaysia shall win! We are at war!!

Beside the 6 packs abs, lean, mean and sexy hotbods.. you get to own the latest vibram, only 2 days left before registration is closed. For further information, click HERE and for an idiot proof guide to registration, please click HERE.


Australia ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP had once again launched the most talked about 8 Weeks Challenge!! and as BUA Delta Umesh Narasimhaihah said on facebook at here.. "I've waited a year to take up this challenge" but what is the Eight Weeks Challenge?

Eight Weeks Challenge or Codenamed 8WC is a challenge thrown by the Founder, program designer and Global Master trainer Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily to all recruits within the fraternity of the Original Bootcamp Australia and the Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia to re-brand and re-construct themselves to optimize weight and fat lost for a brand new you!! ........ In just 8 weeks!! and stand a chance to win RM15,000 for only AUD29.90 or equivalent to RM99.99 (depending on currency at the time of registration). (Picture on right- Mohamad Fazli- Bandar Utama Champion)

The Grand Champion will walk away with a RM15,000 prize!!!

With Chief Brabon, it is always the recruit themselves that should be idolised!! Although in his stable of instructors were all the hunk and babes with washboard abs and gorilla pecs but Chief had never portrayed his instructors as a role model because instructors are Superman sort of speak, they are by default, born an athlete and trained all their life to look and be strong the way they are. It is a default and a must have trait for an instructor but the recruits being an ordinary tom, dick and harry (or Malaysian says it Abu, Ah Chong, Ramasami) whom achieved extra-ordinary, head turning and jaw dropping result by and through following strictly the Chief's program, is worth being bragged about.


What does it take to participate in world's best challenge? Please find below an idiot proof to registration. To register, first you must enrolled and be accepted for both September and October intake!! If you have not done so, please register now at HERE.

Then click on and you will reach at the website below. Click on Register now.

and you will reach the website below. Click on the AUD$29.90 being the fee for the 8WC participation to be paid to OBC HQ, Australia (the promoter of the 8WC).

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