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Waking up in the morning to see another day is really a true blessing that we at time overlooked, chasing errands after errands and endless meetings as well as appointments. Time seemed to always ran and fade away each and every day... further and further away from us. This morning was no exception... routine. I woke up this morning, logged on to Facebook and search in the inbox thousands of unopened work email that was lost in cybersphere but instead, I stumbled across an email that woke me up from being half asleep at 4:30am and woke me up from the daily routine.  The Facebook message read as follows:

"Hi Armin, not sure if you remember me but I was in COBC BUA in 2010 and also 2012. Recently I had to take a break as my wife gave birth to our second bundle of joy, baby Leah was born in June 18 and I was the happiest man alive. Though I was really looking forward to coming back to COBC once my wife finish her pantang. My plan was to join the September intake and I was all hands on deck but last Monday I received some devastating news which shook my world and shattered all hopes and dreams in my life. I was confirmed diagnosed with Leukemia and need to go through a long treatment to kill all the white cells. I just want to tell you that now you and Doc Malik are my greatest motivation to beat this Disease. I'm staying strong for my two princess and am positive that I will survive. Take care and send my regards to the rest. I will see u in 6 months in BUA and you have my word for it. Lastly thanks for being in inspiration and motivation to go through this whole ordeal!

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