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Valentine Willie an art gallery or political mockery..?

Valentine Willie....

I attended the Valentine Willie launching a dozen years ago when the Art gallery was first open in Bangsar and was impressed with the collections of art exhibited. I am a keen art enthusiast. While browsing the net for news and updates, i came across Valentine Willie on Barking Magpie blog that is in my blogroll.

Although i have not been to the Valentine Willie gallery for quite awhile, I have due respect to the owner whom continuously promote Arts that is still lacking compared to its acceptance in the western region. At a point, i too wanted to open an Art gallery.

When i saw @ barking magpie blog, Valentine Willie displaying the huge art by Fahmi Reza, I was stunned and shocked. Whilst i always kept the impression that Valentine Willie had gained such a reputation, the following display may just illustrate a ploy in desperation.

Although I am an art enthusiast, i do not appreciate and do not see any art in disrecpecting in such a manner our existing Prime Minister whatever the explanation given. I agree with Pasquale (see: BMpie), there is a thin line between an expression of art and exhibiting the smut disguised as an art piece.

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