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What happen when graduates and yuppies from various fields that ranges from Engineers, Auditors, Economics to Fine Arts and Hotel Management became an instructor having shared the same passion & vision? Whom then passionately delivers the 24 years old military-inspired program to train and transformed thousands of civilians in unleashing their best health, physique and fitness potential?

Yes.. first, they learn from the founder of the world oldest running military-inspired program Chief Brabon, to obtained the Military Fitness specialist level 1 Certificate, attended various short courses and being hungry or more like starving for more knowledge, they all registered and gathered every weekend for a scheduled training at the Fitness Innovations (M) Sdn Bhd (Commercially known as FIT), a member of Fitness Innovations (Thailand, India, Indonesia and Singapore) read more about FIT at HERE. After almost a year of talking and discussing, COBC finally collaborated with FIT to feed our every instructor's hunger for more knowledge.

There is one common trait that is shared by all trainers at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC), they are all University graduates from various fields (including but not limited to Sports Science and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (cscs)). They were all once a recruit (at COBC) and an avid athlete but not necessarily born an athlete (for more information of COBC instructor, read HERE which is still being updated). This combination of mix background is important to understand the needs and fancies of COBC's recruits. No one can understand the pain of 'commoners' (which we refers to those couch potatoes whom had never, rarely or seldom exercise) better than those instructors whom can relate to the pain or the transformation process of getting fit and healthy (first hand experience from ground zero to their best potential).

Most professional athletes are born an athlete, polished and train to be the best but they do not undergo the same processes or pain of those commoners  to be able to experience and relate themselves of the 'transformation agony' having being born with the stamina and physically fit gene, except of course.. in theory.

The first class that we had yesterday was fun, havoc and very hyper-active mimicking the scenario while training especially when the Reds are now akin of a recruit.. a student starving for knowledge, progress and improvement. They are all salivating impatiently to learn and absorb the knowledge in class and improve themselves. We met the tall, huge (with his arm bigger than my thigh) friendly and funny, the first lecturer, Jerrican Tan whom is also the man responsible for the birth of Malaysia's first international standard educational fitness centre, the FIT.

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