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Thank you Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan from the New Straits Times (NST) for the lovely written article at the NST newspaper today on Tuesday, 31st January 2012. For full NST article.. click HERE. Check out the striking Vibram Five Finger shoe.. to buy.. click HERE (sorry ar.. marketing sikit). 
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MAKANSUTRA at Sungai Penchala!!! Believe it or not.... Sungai Penchala is the in-thing now!!... err for makan!! used to be famous for religious gathering Al Arqam as a Malay kampung but now it has evolved as a upper class residents and more importantly a centre for Makan!!!

The latest makan-pot at Sungai Penchala is a popular Chinese Cuisine called EWA Food!! Ewa food was only recently open and its specialty is in Steam Fish, Asam Pedas, Curry Fish Head and Sweet sour (Tilapia). The Tilapia are alive and fresh procured fresh from Temenggor, Kelantan where a Norwegian Company breeds on large scale of Black Tilapia (Genoma) farm. The restaurant is open daily except on Monday from 12:00pm to 3:00pmn and 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

Although that is not their specialty but we ordered ala carte the Cantonese Bihun and true enough we were not dissappointed!!! It was so good and so yummilicious!! Coincidentally, my friend and neighbour Haji Aref Puteh and his wife Hajjah Maznah was at the next table bedalling (eating without fear) Curry Fish Head and they both gave a two thumbs up for the food there too!! Nawal Aini Zulkifli said..... err.. this shall be our new luncheon place!! and I totally agree!


Its the best weekend to end the month of January 2012! In January, we completed at least 12 COBC training session, at least one running (more for some) event (Mizuno Wave) and one LSD (Long Slow Distance) to achieve our new year resolution. What is our New Year resolution again? Yes for the season runners, at least ten races including at least 1 full 42km marathons. For beginners, 10 races with at least one 21km races. Why the runs? Yes!! it act as an injection to our motivation and focus for us to train harder at our regular COBC training. Almost 30 of us gathered at Bukit Aman car park..

Spotted Wai Yee Chan, a Pilates instructor at the Fitness First and was a recruit at COBC where Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Rose Emini Pahamin, Luyen Ow, Ryan Wong and me used to train together. Now Wai-Yee is with the 'Auntie Hottie' runners?

With a lot of new runners, the objective of today's run is to learn to pace! As a rule of thumb, a good long distance running pace is a speed that we are able to comfortably chat and talk without panting or losing breath. Many runners that did not know how to pace, would end up over speeding beyond their heart & lung capacity and muscle endurance. As a result, they end up walking half of the total targeted distance or give-up half way before the end or continued running in pain with muscle ache and crams. Speed for long distance requires a slow progression and this is what the weekend run is all about.


28 January 2012. Proton Edar dealer in Batu Caves celebrated the Chinese New Year at the showroom No 571, Jalan Samudra Utara 1, Taman Samudra, Batu Caves and was graced by Yg Bhg Dato Zainal Abidin bin A'Ala, President Selayang Town Municipal Council. The dealership under Salient Progress Sdn Bhd was appointed PROTON EDAR authorised sales dealer in 2002. The local residence as well as orphans from Selayang orphanage house namely Pertubuhan Penyayang Raudah was also invited and 30 orphans were given t'shirts, ang paw and hampers.

The event that was hosted by Salient Progress Sdn Bhd Managing Director Susan Chew, its Board of Directors Mr Ronnie and Mr Chiam invited the Selayang Town Municipal Council President Yg Bhg Dato' Zainal Abidin bin A'Ala, its Council members En A. Rahim Ahmad Kasdi, En Ruslin Mohd Rosli, Puan Mastura and Pn Hajjah Khatifah Zamani Binti Sulong and me, Armin Baniaz Pahamin as the President for Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA)

The event began with an opening speech from the Organising Committee Chairman Yg Brs Tuan Haji Nasiruddin bin Datu Ghulam.

Tuan Haji Nasiruddin bin Datu Ghulam


After more than a year of retirement from running, this year I did the unthinkable.. I took up running again... still with a damaged knees and have registered for a full 42km marathon (still cant believe). Why..? Yes... The super influenced of some super kiasu COBC Damansara Heights Otaiis.. How and who can turn down the dozens of invitations from friends whom are as enthusiastic as how I was. Birds of a feather, flock together.. In fact our COBC runner's fraternity has grown and recruits whom were once only a 'walker' are now becoming a runner. Those that had never imagine or even think of running.. are now running.. and I am so proud of them.

To keep the momentum high (err especially for me whom can still dream of running a full marathon with a damage knee), Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, had agree to train with us from COBC.. Ilyanna Aylin Ayob or more fondly known as Nana was previously our COBC Seal Pup instructors whom went on a long leave to pursue her dream to run around the world in various running marathons. Nana is also a blogger at HERE. Forget all the textbook and theories about running, the best way to learn is to share the experience from someone of our own 'species'.. someone who was never born an athlete, someone normal, someone whom had never run in her entire life and had only recently.. just a few years ago, started running.

Ilyanna Aylin, now a famous celebrity runner was a gym-goer!! Ilyanna Aylin attends the gym and an occasional futsal game to tone-up her physique and to maintain the sexy look. She began running in 2008 with Rose Emini Pahamin and first participated in races at the inaugural Singapore Sundown marathon with me, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Nyna Mohsen, Hani Muhaini and Rose Emini Pahamin. Since then.. from a commoner she became the Royal of runners. After the Singapore Sundown, Nana participated in the Adidas King of the Road race in Shah Alam but went to retire for a year after being diagnosed with Spondylosis L5 - a general degeneration of the spine.


ADIBAH MOHAMAD, a Seal at COBC, an IT Specialist, a single mother, a wonderful daughter, a sincere friend and a cancer patient was even more cheerful yesterday when we met her at her residence in Bandar Utama. Adibah is always cheerful and was always cheering us while training at BU Alpha barely two months ago before she was diagnosed with a stage 2 breast cancer in November 2011. I blogged about Adibah Mohamad at HERE when I discovered her diagnosis in November last year.

Recalling the moment when Adibah first broke the news to us... we could not believe and Farhanah Bamadhaj almost freak out when we learn that Adibah came and train with us in the morning at BU-Alpha when she was due for a surgery in the same afternoon but that is Adibah.. when she is committed, she is determined and nothing could stop her. Adibah had only recently completed her second surgery to  remove all cancer tissues but that did not stopped her from giving us the sincerest smile and almost jumping when she saw us at her house entrance... although she was still in pain from the recent surgery.


We seldom break our diet unless it is for some food that is worth eating and the moment we discovered one of COBC recruit has a Nasi Lemak stall daytime cum Waffle at night, we could not resist but to lend our stomach support. The stall owner is none other than Chief's Original Bootcamp BU-Alpha recruit Rashidah Rdzwani @ Deda Ridzwani. Her stall was located at quite a popular spot in Plaza Damas at Ajidon Alley. Address at E-O-16, Block E, Plaza Damas, Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Ajidon Alley was once our favourite eating-pot for my favourite Mee Rebus Tulang which is only available every Friday!! My bil Azhar Sulaiman and Mohamed Rhiza Ghazi whose office are both located ad different block in the same area were regulars there too. Azhar Sulaiman once, had a stall at Ajidon Alley selling.. err.. keropok lekor I think? My fellow Proton Edar dealer Rashid's wife too once has a murtabak stall there!! Now that we know Deda's stall is also at Ajidon Alley, we would frequent the place even more often.


Lance Corporal (COBC) (P) Resh or Suresh Kumar has been with the fitness industry as an instructor since 2004 and has worked as a Personal Trainer with Fitness First, California fitness and Sportathlon prior to being a Sales Advisor with UMW Toyota Motors sdn Bhd. As a Personal Trainer, LC Resh had acquire various knowledge in CPR certification, First Aid and Level 1 certificate in Personal Training as well as basic nutrition. As a Sales Advisor for TOYOTA, LC Resh learned the importance of extending a good customer service andprofessinoally advising clients. His mix exposure in fitness and customer service made him a good candidaye for the Chief's Original Bootcamp.

LC Resh is currently a State basketball team player and had in the past represented Labuan, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor in various Basketball competitions. Beside being a team player and the best in his field, LC Resh's passion in fitness and training brought him to the CHIEF'S Original Bootcamp (COBC). LC Resh first attended the COBC as a recruit in August 2011 and on 31 October 2011 trained to be a COBC's instructor at our in-house training training academy at HERE. After completing the in-house training and clocking more than 20 hours in grey, LC Resh became a Lance Corporal on probation at the COBC. Despite the hectic schedule waking up at 4 in the morning to prepare circuits, LC Resh's passion in sports and fitness does not stopped him from continuously compete in various basketball competition.


The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) at Ampang basecamp is only 2 months old but it has gathered a strong spirited recruits that only have one main target in mind! and that is HEALTH!! I had the liberty to speak to one of them whom almost shared the similar upbringing as me.. being through sick teenage life-hood. Maria Zunita had always struggled through her life with athma and had never exercise in her lifetime. Only when she turned 30 that she began to explore some strenuous activities which includes diving (you hear that Doc Malek.. another diving into our COBC diving-community) and recently, when we open COBC-Ampang, she became our Ampang hardcore. She said, prior to joining COBC, her short term goal was only to walk for 30 continuous minutes which she was once only a dream.After joining the COBC, she was able to do it comfortably.

I also had the luxury to get close to Ampang big name cum Otai and the most happening figure Suzana Borhan @ Suzie whom is targetting to complete her maiden 21km at the Brooks. Mohamad Satia on the other hand does not envision himself to be a runner (we shall see) but lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. He joined COBC when he first saw us running with Rifle (recruits on training) on his way to work and was excited and immediately google and enrolled himself online with COBC.

Sarge (COBC) Nawal & Lance Corporal (COBC) Moji: AMPANG instructors!!


At the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, we always believe in a community and team work. The recruits comprised of multi-races with different background from a stall operator to a boutique owner, housewives and even students. To get the best bargain, we are pleased to collaborate with some of our recruits in securing the best deal for our COBC community. For a start...

1) Shoe essential!! Buy any Vibram from COBC and get RM100 rebate on any Military Corps training at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. See Here.

2) Smile Happily. Discounts on Dentist treatment and Rebate up to RM50 on COBC monthly RM299 fees.  - See HERE.

3) Massage!! Special Discount for COBC recruits and get rebate for in-House Sports massage with a Thailand-train masseur - Stay Tuned.

4) Get Kinky!! Sox World -  Get 20% discount off normal price merchandise and 10% off sporting brands at all Sox World's 60 shops nationwide including Penang. To get the discount, wear your COBC Tee at the Sox World outlets and you are automatically entitled to the discounts. Whenever you spends RM50 or more in a single receipt at the Sox world, you will be entitle to a RM50.00 rebate from your COBC RM299 monthly fees.  However, the redemption is only valid within the same month of purchase (date of receipt).


If you ever crave for a porridge, look no further... think no further... go to our COBC Delta Kenny Lock Heng Weng Seafood porridge stall!!! It is amazing how a simple porridge can taste but it is more amazing at how Kenny's Seafood porridge actually taste!! Simply irresistible!!

Kenny's stall is located at Jalan SS2/4A, Taman Megah, near station LRT Taman Bahagia. For Direction, click HERE. There are varieties in the menu but mine and Nawal's personal best is the Seafood Porridge!! Simply irresistable!! and of course being part of the Chief's Original Bootcamp community, Kenny's stall was ambushed, attacked and serbu by all recruits.. over and over again!!


 CYBERJAYA.. There is no better place to be than to wake up in the morning and workout at the Cyberjaya!! Why? because the people there are just so accomodative.. friendly and very welcoming. Rose Emini Pahamin and me arrived at Chief's Original Bootcamp, Cyberjaya at HERE, 10 minutes before the session began at 7:00am. Sarge Tom was the Platoon Commander and assisted by Muay Thai fighter Lance Corporal Ridz. Both instructors were on the list of most eligible instructors at the COBC.

Cyberjaya was only 30 minutes drive from Penchala and there are five platoons available as follows:
Charlie (MC12): 0545-0645; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Echo (MC12): 0700-0800; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Tango (MC8): 0545-0645; Tuesday, Thursday
Foxtrot (MC8): 0700-0800; Tuesday, Thursday
Yankee (MC8): 1845-1945; Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Having been working out daily, today's workout seemed abit exhaustive! Somehow..  I just hate leg workout but leg workout is inevitable and necessary!!! and Sarge Tom's eye was too sharp that he would picked on every recruits that had compromised in workout forms.. as in, no one was sparred.  It was great to meet the fantastic people of Cyberjaya.


Due to the Chinese New Year traveling, many had requested for an extension in the Early Bird discount for February registration. We understand and had extended the Early Bird Discount (EBD) to 29 January 2012. All payment must be received before the 29 January 2012 to qualify for the early bird discount. We are pleased to provide you with 38 platoons at 7 different location in 3 states. The updated list for February 2012 platoons are as follows:

MC12: Military Corps 12 sessions training per month - 3x a week for 4 weeks (RM299) EBD RM249
MC8: Military Corps 8 sessions training per month - 2x a week for 4 weeks (RM199) EBD RM149

Credit Cards or Online Bank transfer (to CIMB 1258-000-261-5059/ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP) only.


It is Bring-A-Friend day at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia (COBC).. again!! Yes again and again because it is a monthly session on every 9th session of the month but this Bring-A-Friend (BAF) day is a bit special than usual because.. it is the first BAF for 2012! This is the first step into a healthier year. What do we do during BAF?

Yes.. BAF will give you a sneak preview of what you can expect at the COBC. Sort of err.. a peak under the skirt. To really see what is inside, you will need to register for a full month session at HERE. There is an Early Bird discount for those that register before 22 January 2012. If you bring your friend and she/he register for February, then you will get RM50 cash rebate per friend. Dont wait!! Start making friends...


After the 12th Annual General Meeting, Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA) has been busy with endless meetings after meetings.. which is typical when there are crisis. Barely a month into the new year, we were faced with three major crisis.. the most important crisis is the hire-purchase loan approval rate! On a random check with 20 dealers in various region throughout the nation, the average rejection rate is almost 70% with some dealers complaining of 90% rejection. This was due to the tightening of approval by the Central Bank of Malaysia. Banks gave a clear instruction to avoid submitting any hire-purchase application for PROTON BUYER with salary less than RM1,800 per month!! Even for customer with higher than RM1,800 salary a month, their disposable income MUST be more than RM800 per month. Meaning, after deducting income tax, SOCSO, EPF, housing loan, credit card balance, any other loans re-payment, scoring given on standard of living eg petrol, toll, food.. the disposable income must be RM800 or more. As a result, 70% of PROTON buyer's HP application were rejected. Are we in crisis? yes we are!!


Kuala Lumpur. "Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA) extend our network's support to DRB-HICOM  and congratulate the conglomerate for winning the bid to acquire Khazanah Nasional's 42.7% stake in PROTON Holdings", said President Armin Baniaz Pahamin

The dealer's network look forward to working closer with the new owner and understand the need for PROTON to have fresh capital injection to be competitive especially nearing the liberalization of auto market. Unlike our rival, whose vehicle make and model has achieved its economics of scale in its homeland abroad before being introduced in Malaysia, PROTON's bread-winner is in our homeland Malaysia. PROTON's volume with its own-born model in Malaysia's small population could not attained a sizable economies of scale.

1. DRB_HICOM as a new owner with a stronger cashflow would enable PROTON to introduce newer models more regularly and to be more aggressive in export. PROTON current financial capability can only allow one model to be introduced annually and once introduced, the model stayed in the market longer than that of the competitor to re-gained its return on investment.


After endless of interviews and conversation with fellow COBC bootcampers, except for a few but most recruits do not have a solid New Year Resolutions. As such and as an injection of motivation and aspiration towards a better training and target for the year, we have decided to draw the 2012 New Year Resolutions for you. We noticed there are 4 types of communities within our fraternity.. the top being Runners.. Secondly, Mountain Climbers. Third, Diving and fourth, Triathletes (swim, run, cycle) and dualthon (run, cycle, run).

For now, let us list down the list of Running Events for the year 2012 (we may add more runs to the list in due course) but for those season runners, at least six 10kms, four 21kms and one 42kms. For beginners, at least four 10kms and two 21kms races. We shall bring some celebrity and season runners into our group to further motivate our recruits while run-training and may organised some running clinics. Stay Tuned for events organised for the Divers, Mountain Climbers and triathletes/Dualtheles. Birds of a feather flock together. HOOYAH!!


Barely a month ago, the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) was appointed the authorised re-seller for Vibram Five Finger and we received our first containers of Vibrams sent via courier. The Vibram Five Finger was hailed the biggest shoe trend of the year 2011. Hollywood beauties favored the Vibram Five Fingers (V5F) above all other shoes. For more information click HERE. Alike the Hollywood, the COBC socialites too have all been fingered by V5F!

One can only dream

One can only dream. I do not think Noel Maniraj Chelliah from the transformation camp is actually referring to the Chief's Original Bootcamp but I could not help but to post his new Daily Muscle logo & transformation camp tagline that reads: "Better than Bootcamp" which in advertisement-psychology signaled that Bootcamp is actually better.. Otherwise, why the need to even quote and compare? 

So.. you judge for yourself... and be careful from being an advertising victim. HOOYAH!!


15th January 2012, University Putra Malaysia, Serdang. Completed yet another race in a striking yellow Vibram although the initial plan was to run in the brown leather Vibram. I had fixed the Running Chip on the leather Vibram but end up running in the Yellow Striking Vibram instead. As a result, my running time was not recorded but that was not my priority.

We underestimated the distance from our house to Serdang and waited for Subuh prayer before leaving at 6:15am for our first run in 2012 (err.. first run for me it was) and arrived 10 minutes before the flag-off time. We went and search for others from the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) and found a bunch of COBC-Lady-Runners. There were Rienna Choo, Freda Liu, Maslina Ahmad Ismail, Viki Lim, Lilian Lee, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Bahariah Bahadom and Rose Emini Pahamin.


I find a standup comedian as one of the most noble profession that anyone can have... I mean, which other job specializes in making people laugh... kao kao? Imagine the viral effect if everyone can make everyone laugh.. there would probably be no sorrow in this world but really, I salute you comedian.

After a long hard but productive day at work, I rewarded myself with an outing to the Comedy Kao Kao, Malaysia's latest Comedy Show although at first, it was just to accompany Nawal Aini... The outing to the Bee at Solaris Dutamas where it was held, was organised by Angela Loo which Nawal Aini Zulkifli booked and bought the ticket. The last comedy that I attended was the 1Kind Show by Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah in 2009 and have not had any good laugh since except when Colin Chong and Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad were around.


Being surrounded by people that loves to workout is one thing but loving to eat is another but that two characteristics are mostly synonyms with my circle for friends.  If you ever need to find a good outing place to eat.. you can always count on them. So I learn this new Thai restaurant that sounded abit weird but the food was gorgeous! Its the My Elephant Thai Restaurant at Sri Hartamas... For more detail, click HERE.  Its a birthday dinner for Sheikh Hisham and Micaela Soyza, two big names at the DH Zulu platoons that was organised by DH Zulu group of Otaiis (old timers) namely Stephanie Choong, Ryan Wong, Recently-retired-from-work Angela Loo, OBC-Australia 8 Week Finalist Kym Wishnowski, Stella Baake, DH Zulu Platoon Challenge Captain Sheikh Imran, Cobra-Rugby-team Azhar Jamal, Bank-Manager Caleb Lian Yoong Law, DH Zulu Lead Instructor Nawal Aini and of course the celebrated birthday guy and gal Sheikh Hisham and Very-Good-Chef Micaela Soyza.


Why the 1920s as a theme? ...err why not? To commemorate the 20s theme, we invited those retired mafiaso.. Al Capone, Mussolini, Charlie Chaplin and kunta kinte. We were also lucky we managed to trace back and bring along with us cowboy Doc Holiday but failed to find billy the kid. Okay.. they were older than the 20s but historic enough.

In search for the correct wardrobe for the event, the original idea was to dress up as Al Capone, the most famous personality in the 20s.. which should not be so hard but after various attempt, I ended up looking as Al Capoot. The venue for the historic gathering was at the Taps, opposite Istana Hotel. The Taps is owned by Viki Lim's family and naturally, we would of course support those within our circle. We arrived at 6:30pm sharp and was happily thinking that we were the earliest but Corporal (COBC) (P) Wan beat us to it. He was earlier! darn...

Upon arrival, I was smitten by Corrine Griffith (picture on right).. though her hair was longer than that during her prime time in the 20s but she still look gorgeous.. after almost 100 years, she does not seemed to age but according to rumours, she had changed her name to.. err... Nawal Aini Zulkifli ?? (sorry ar.. collect point sikit). A few minutes later.. Doc Holiday arrived!! without the famous thick mustache... clean shaven.

There was also a rumor that the 1920s Jazz King Louise Armstrong will be coming around.. and also Hitler was rumored to make a presence. Who does not want to be there especially for the most talked about COBC Hotbods Party!! The Chief's Original Bootcamp celebrated its 19th Graduation party as the closing for the year 2011


PROTON EDAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION MALAYSIA 12th Annual General Meeting was held at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club on 6th January 2012.

Last year, PEDA's AGM was held at the One World Hotel immediately after the Dealer's convention. For details, click HERE. Most of details discussed at the 12th AGM are sensitive and confidential in nature, for PROTON dealers please log-in to for more information.


The problem with resolutions

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We’ve all been there before – making our lists in January and telling ourselves that things will be different this year and that we’ll actually stick to our resolutions.

But sometimes it feels like the only sure-fire way to fulfill your New Year resolutions would be to resolve to NOT fulfill them.

What exactly is the deal with resolutions anyway, and why are they so darn hard to keep?

New Year resolutions - what's the deal with them?


If there was a word that can describe the year 2011, then it must be a 'learning' year. Well, we learn new things everyday but the year 2011 has taught me some very important lesson in business, life, family and friendship. I spend the countdown for the new year with my family at Bustanu. Except for Dr Teratai Edithy Pahamin and Shazrul Assari, mum and all other siblings gather for a BBQ. I was the "Master Chef" barbeque'ing seafood, lamb, chicken and multi-task'ed for Quality Control. Hence, half of those food 'disappeared' before it reaches the plate. Azhar Sulaiman bought some serious firecrackers and began blasting them as early as 8pm.. err.. I think he was more excited with Mercun than the kids.

Needless to say, as in all previous years, 2011 ended with a big huge Hooyah !! Never once did any years passesby with a regret, for every year there was always a plan. Whether the plan works or fail is secondary but life without trying or experimenting is not worth living. Moving forward, this year ... is a new page, new chapter and a new book. The ending or conclusion of this book is for us to write. We determine how this year is going to end. To achieve every year's resolution, we must have the right focus. This reminded me of the "Walk on Fire" motivational talk by Anthony Robbin that I attended during my final year university way back in 1994 in Birmingham. I had to save portion of my scholarship for a year just to buy the very expensive ticket but it was well worth it. Since then, whenever I feel the need to re-energized, I will turn back to the book "Awaken the Giant Within". I read hundreds of other motivational books during those undergraduate studies and even now but somehow, my chemistry was best with Anthony Robbin.  To focus on achieving our new year resolution, please see the short video below.

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