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Ministry of Human Resouce prefer only PUBLIC BANK

Train & Place Scheme (TPS) or Skim Latihan & Penempatan (Ministry of Human Resource).

Train & Place programme was launched under the 2nd Financial Stimulus to eradicate if not reduce the number of unemployment due to the global recession.

Anybody who was retrenched, unemployed or graduates whom were not able to seek employment can qualify for the programme (see para 2.2 of the guideline attached below). Approved applicants will be paid between RM500 - RM600 per month for a 6 months training & placement programme.

Trainees will be trained and placed (depending on the chosen field) at the approved academy for training and placed at the participated company akin of being employed.

It is a noble program launched by the Government in March 2009 to cushion the impact and sufferings of the retrenched and unemployed public due to the economic downturn. However, Human Resource Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam expressed on 20 May 2009 his dissappointed with the poor response (see: Ministry Website).

My company participated in the scheme in June as a small social contribution during this economic downturn and trained 100 unemployed workforce. The unemployed being unemployed do not have much disposable income and the administrative nature of registering the trainees had led to various delay in both submission and approval. As a result, on humanitarian ground, my company advanced the payment to the respective trainee allowance (that the Ministry suppose to pay for them) and is currently awaiting the Ministry approval for the advance payment claim appeal. The advance payment is over and above the lodging and transportation that we provide to outstation trainees at our own cost.

BUT this is not what I wanted to highlight but instead the Ministry of Human Resource requirement for ALL TRAINEES to have an active PUBLIC BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT for the government training allowance payment to be made.

Why does the GOVERNMENT PREFER ONLY PUBLIC BANK when there are Maybank, CIMB, AMBANK and other banks. Trainee without active Public Bank Account will not receive the allowance from the Government (see the two attached guidelines below). Officials from the Ministry of Human Resource whom did not want to be name, said the regulation was made during Dato Seri Fong Chan Onn's tenure as the Minister of Human Resouce.

Our 100 trainees approached various Public Bank branches namely, Damansara Utama Uptown, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, , Jalan Pasir Puteh (Ipoh), Kelana Jaya and Sungai Chua, (Kajang) but many applications to open the Saving Bank Account was declined due to error in reading the MyKad chip. Public Bank had also refused to accept birth certificate or temporary letter from National Registration Department (for lost of MyKad) as an alernative. This had created alot of strain to the already very stressed unemployed.

Public Bank too refused to accept a minimum savings of RM10 although the Trainees’ Information Form KSM/TPS/1/09 was attached (see attached Guidelines on Claims below). Public Bank insisted a minimum of RM250 and took a minimum of 45minutes to even the whole day to open a simple saving account as oppose to 15 minutes at CIMB.

Yesterday, we wrote to the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) highlighting the trainee's predicament with Public Bank and was pleased when the issue was immediately resolved. The trainee were able to open the saving account without further problem. This problem could have been easily avoided if the trainee were given an option of available Banks to choose instead of only one, Public Bank.

I would like to also appeal for the MyKad quality to be improved given the various problem associated with Mykad chip and reader.

Enclosed below the extraction from the Ministry of Human Resource guidelines: (1) Guidelines on Implementation of the train & Place and (2) Guidelines on claim under the Train & Place Scheme( para 3 pertaining to the trainee) .


1. Objective
The objective of these guidelines is to explain the procedures for the implementation of the Train and Place Scheme (TPS) for retrenched workers and unemployed graduates seeking employment.

2. Target Group
2.1 Malaysian who have graduated with a diploma, degree or equivalent qualifications and have remained unemployed.
2.2 Malaysian workers who have been retrenched by the employers from all economic sectors including those who have been retrenched under voluntary separation scheme (VSS) and any person unemployed seeking jobs.

3. Training Providers Requirements Under The Train and Place Scheme
3.1 Training providers who are eligible to participate under the scheme must be approved by Ministry Of Human Resources (MOHR). They must register with PSMB and pay an administration fee of RM500.00 for each centre and appointed branches.
3.2 Training providers must attend briefings to be conducted by PSMB.

4. Procedure to Submit Trainees Information Form
4.1 Training providers are required to key-in information of the trainees from the Trainee Information Form (KSM/TPS/1/09) as per Appendix A, for trainees who have registered in JobsMalaysia and endorsed for placement by JTK. The information should be key-in through the PSMB’s online system at Training providers must ensure that all particulars of the trainees are accurate especially name, IC number and bank accounts number. Trainees Summary Report is to be submitted to PSMB after information on trainees have been keyed into the system.

4.2 Trainees Information Form (KSM/TPS/1/09) and Trainees Summary Report must be submitted to PSMB by training providers at least one day before commencement of training and attached with the following supporting documents:
(i) A copy of new identity card;
(ii) A copy of an active Public Bank’s account book showing the name of the trainee, account number and latest transaction;
(iii) Training Session Plan;
(iv) For retrenched workers, a copy of marriage certificate for married trainees and copies of birth certificates for every child (if applicable).

4.3 If festives celeberations e.g. Hari Raya Aidil Fitri dan Adha, Hari Natal, Deepavali, Tahun Baru Cina or other public holidays falls during the training session, training providers can include additional holidays, if applicable, in the training session plan. Additional holidays declared by training providers must be replaced with an equivalent number of training days.

4.4 Training providers are required to submit application forms for a particular class only once according by class and not by individuals. Thus, 25 Trainees Information Forms must be submitted for a class of 25 trainees. If the number of trainees is less than 25, additional applications will not be considered.

4.5 Training providers are required to submit Trainees Registration Form (KSM/TPS/3/09) as per Appendix C to PSMB within one week from the day trainees report for training. This is to assist PSMB in the payment of trainees’ monthly allowances. Failure to submit this form will result delay in the payment of monthly allowances. Training providers are also required to submit information for trainees who have been approved but failed to report or withdraw from training by completing the Trainees Withdrawal/Quit Form (KSM/TPS/4/09) as per Appendix D.

4.6 Training providers are required to inform PSMB not later than 3 days from the date when trainee quits the programme by using the same form. If a trainee is absent from training for more than 3 days without valid reasons, he or she is also deem to have quit the programme.

4.7 Training providers are required to monitor closely trainees’ attendance and ensure that training is conducted as per training schedule.

4.8 Application for subsequent classes has to be submitted to PSMB after JTK has confirmed the job offers for previous class. The application, however, will only be processed subject to availability of funds and training providers have fulfilled all the terms and conditions for the previous class.

4.9 Training providers are required to keep all records relating to the Training and Place Scheme for the purpose of inspections and allow PSMB’s officers to inspect the records, if necessary.

4.10 From time to time, PSMB reserves the right to change or amend the terms and conditions of these guidelines to ensure the smooth implementation of the Train and Place Scheme.


Paragraph 3.0 Trainees’ Monthly Allowance

3.1 Trainees’ monthly allowances will be paid directly to trainees’ accounts.

3.2 Payment for monthly allowances will be made through Public Bank saving accounts. Trainees are required to open a saving account at any nearest Pubic Bank branch before commencement of training. Trainees can open conventional saving accounts with only RM10.00 by presenting a complete of Trainees’ Information Form

3.3 Monthly allowances of RM500.00 will be paid to each graduate trainee. Since the attendance is compulsory, RM19 will be deducted for each day trainee is absent from training (based on 26 days per month). Exception will be given to trainees with medical certificates issued by medical practitioners, except for maternity leave.

3.4 Monthly allowances for retrenched workers are between RM500.00 – RM800.00 subjected to number of trainees’ dependants. Rates of the allowances are shown in Table 1 below:

Table 1: Rate of Monthly Allowance
Category - Allowance (RM)
1. Single - 500.00
2. Married - 600.00 (Additional allowance of RM50.00 will be given for each dependant)
3. Divorcee / Widower - 500.00 (Additional allowance of RM50.00 will be given for each dependant)

3.5 Monthly allowances for retrenched workers will be subjected to a maximum of RM 800.

3.6 Failure of trainees to attend training will involve the deduction of monthly allowances based on Table 2 below. Exception will be
given to trainees with medical certificates issued by medical practitioners, except for maternity leave.
Table 2: Rate of Deduction on Monthly and Additional Allowances.
Monthly & Additional Allowances (RM)
Deduction Per Day (RM)
500.00 = 19.00
550.00 = 21.00
600.00 = 23.00
650.00 = 25.00
700.00 = 27.00
750.00 = 29.00
800.00 = 31.00

3.7 TPS providers are required to fax Trainees’ Attendance Form KSM/TPS/T1/09 as per Appendix E to PSMB on the last day of the month. (Fax No. 03-2087 6365)

3.8 Payment of trainees’ monthly allowances will be made within 7 days after complete Trainees’ Attendance Form has been received by PSMB.

3.9 TPS providers are obliged to keep all records related to training for inspection purposes and to allow the inspectoriate officers to verify all records, if necessary.

3.10 PSMB may from time to time change or amend the guidelines. TPS providers will be notified for any changes made to strengthen the implementation of the scheme.

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