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Four top officials in Cambodia Senate President Samdech Akka Moha Thomak Pothisal Cheasim inner circle was arrested and reference was made to my blog in the Cambodia Daily (see picture below).

My picture with the Senate President Samdech Akka Moha Thomak Pothisal Chea Sim too was published in the Cambodia english media. Further to that, a few emails was send by James Welsh, the Managing Editor of the Cambodia Daily which I am not at liberty to reply to avoid any misunderstanding, misrepresentation and/or to avoid interfering with an ongoing investigation.

However, pursuant to various communication with the Cambodia Senate officials, we were confirmed that  the four Top Senior Officials arrested WERE NOT arrested for any investment involving our company and we are not aware nor are we the Malaysian company that had invested the USD$500million in the alleged scandal.


There is nothing better than to start the day with Running... but the picture on the right was 'acting' and eksyen-picture only....

But actually I did go running because I ate too much the night before. We had dinner with H.E. Ponlork Ho. Excellency Ho ordered and brought two freshly slaughtered Deer, 10 Rabbits and seafood to entertained us and Vietnam Colonel Tang Van Chuc, the Deputy Chief of Ministry of Defense, Chairman of Member Assembly as well as the General Director of Lung Lo One Member Construction Ltd Company, Head Quarters Army Engineer.


His Excellency General Ponlork Ho was one of the first few person we met in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. Whenever we arrived at Phnom Pehn, Excellency Ho or his people will be waiting for our arrival at the airport. Such was the hospitality extended although we had repeatedly insisted to find our own way around Phnom Pehn town.

Excellency Ho converse fluently in English having graduated from an American University in United State of America. Infact, he was previously the deputy Commander for the United State of America Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI).

Now, Excellency Ho is attached to the Ministry of Interior as the Secretary of State, a member of the Cambodia Senate and the Personal Advisor to Senate President Samdech Chea Sim. He is also incharge of 3 provinces in Cambodia.

On Sunday, H.E. Ponlork Ho paid a courtesy visit to our resident at Bustanu Pahamin. HE Ponlork Ho was in Malaysia together with his superior His Excellency General Reach Sophort and counterpart His Excellency General Srun Kimsreang, the Chief in Charge of Military Police Administration, His Excellency General Tho Vuthy, Chief in charge of Army Division 70, His Excellency Meas Sarin and his wife. HE Meas Sarin is a Senator and Personal Advisor to the Senate President Samdech Cheasim, Businessman Srey Vannak, the President for Poun Loreachey Sey Trading Group Co Ltd, and 4 other officials from the Ministry of Interior.

From Left: H.E. Reach Sophort, H.E. Ponlork Ho. Pahamin Rajab
Armin Baniaz Pahamin, H.E. Meas Sarin


Life in Cambodia gets better on every trip... I mean the food. Upon arrival, we went to straight to a Malaysian & Singaporean restaurant that serves one of the best beef soup in town!!! Better than the Soup Tulang Daing Daniel Fitri had in Singapore on Christmas (Grrrrr..). The restaurant was H.E. General Ponlork Ho's regular luncheon spot. We enjoyed the soup and Mio Dino @Johari Haji Mahadi had the vegetable without any rice... some people are concern about their carbohydrate intake and me  someone, forgotten that he is on a diet.

After checking in at Blue River Hotel with a stupendous view of the Mekong river, we dressed up and were ready for our first schedule. A trip to the Senate house where we were suppose to meet with some officials.

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