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What does it take to be and to stay married? Getting married is the easy part except for the whole list of administrative procedures to comply and in my case, endless visit to Syariah court for getting married 'without permission' outside of Malaysia which is of course, a story of another blog.  I always thought the only permission and blessing I needed was only from my parents but not in Malaysia. 

Unbeknown that I needed the Malaysia religious department's approval to get married in Bangkok, my brother Amnan Bazli Pahamin and son, Aaraf Armin left for Bangkok a few days before the 10 January, a month after I broke the news of getting into another marriage to my parents. No, I would never do anything without my parents consent and blessing but unfortunately, my parents were not available to attend my akad nikah on the date we were scheduled to get married. My parent however, organized the menyambut menantu and the wedding reception at the Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur on 1st March my birthday, a few months after the akad nikah.

So we were solemnized the year I turned 40 on 10 January and it was so simple without the traditional ceremony unlike those akad nikah done in Malaysia.

As I turned 40, I learn so much from the past especially the period when I was single, being a divorcee (No, I am not embarrass to say I was a divorcee). One important lesson that I learn was that I cannot live without a women... without a wife (notice the singular, not plural). I dont know how any other single man does it, but I cannot. I cannot live with many wives too, I am bad at multitasking. Without anyone to share with, everything has no meaning. I lost the drive, the ambition and the direction in life. Everything including money and businesses has no meaning.


When it is time to workout, we trained!! When it is time to work, we worked!! When it is time to run, we run!!! When it is time to sleep, we sleep!! When it is time to party... We party like there is no tomorrow!! If there is one trait that is common with recruits at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, we all learn to live life to the fullest.

The theme for the party was Halloween!! In conjunction with the party theme and as a countdown to the anniversary gatherings, we launched our 'training in theme' at all platoon to further excite the already hype program. The training in theme too would loosen up any barriers or walls between recruits in the spirit of camaraderie and of course, it would break the monotony of working out routine.
While the first Anniversary party theme was Superheroes that was attended by Superman, Batman, Ironman, Catwomen, Supergirl, Gorgeous girl yada yada... (See HERE for pictures) and the second Anniversary was Uniform and all the Generals, Hitler, Nurses, french maids and various fantasy-came-into-life dress wear (See HERE for pictures); the 3rd year anniversary theme was Halloween!! We figured, it was time for recruit to over-powered and be more scary than the instructors and we were right!! The instructors were so mild as compared to the scary recruits (good thing, they did not bully the instructors).

The Chief's Original Bootcamp celebrated its 3rd year anniversary at the Bravo Italiano Restaurant and Bistro in Damansara Perdana yesterday. I admit, it can be challenging recognizing recruits without their Grey training tee but to recognise them all looking sexily frightening was errr.. horrifying!


Its JUNE 2011 graduation party cum ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia 25 years anniversary.. cum CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia 1 year anniversary.. Waaah!!! so many cums!!! but that is what we are.. I mean.. err not the cum but the exercise orgasm we achieve every month!! and being 1 year old.. naturally, its a multiple orgasm!!!

So to celebrate this err.. multiple orgasm, we invited all the super heroes and super heroin in the universe to the Soul'ed Out Cafe in Desa Sri Hartamas for a grand celebration!!! and at 7pm, wicked witch Farhanah Bamadhaj began registering the guests..

(Click on Picture to enlarge)

Wicked Witch Farhanah had to register all guests to make sure Dr JASON Malek did not butcher anyone and fed the guests with the guest's own meat. Eewww...

Everybody had to wear a nametag just in case we do not recognise each other after losing many many kilos of weight!

DOOR GIFT is given on a first cum first serve basis!!! 


7 June 2008 was or Stay Tune's birthday!! My blog celebrated its 3rd year anniversary on Tuesday, 2 days ago and I had completely forgotten about it.

I've been blogging for already 3 years!!! Can you beat that? I cant believe it either!!! Three years since my first blog posted at HERE.. !! I am overwhelmed at the response received from friends and followers. I am touch and appreciate all the support extended to me in keeping this blog. From a ZERO traffic counter, now Stay Tune had clocked 212,000 traffic todate. You readers motivated me so much that at times, someone was even jealous at the attention given to the blog rather than her.. him.. them?

Thiking what to eat.....?
Todate, the blog turns 3 years old with 562 articles written & published. There were no plagiarism and everything that was written was from personal passion in life which ranges from family & friends, health & fitness to business & politics.

How to celebrate the blog's 3rd birthday? Hmm.. What do you think I should do?

I think a minor indulgence with a few Durians, KFCs, movie @ cinema-thons, a chocolate cake, haagen daz ice cream, Mega Mac burger, rib-eye steak at Las Vacas should do the trick.. That sounds more like ME? eh... it is me!!

Stay Tune &

and while we celebrate Stay Tune's birthday two days belated... James Fong grew a year older today and celebrated his birthday at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP at Subang Jaya USJ1 with the instructors and closest of friends. Of course, he had to cut the cake the COCB STYLE..... on squat hold!


This year marked an important year for PROTON having celebrated its 25th year anniversary and MAYBANK's 50th year anniversary but more importantly this year is also my parent's 40th year anniversary, my elder sister Chempaka Emalin & Azhar Sulaiman's 15 year anniversary, Mine's 10th YEAR, my sisters Melor Edina & Rhiza Ghazi's 10th Year and Dr Teratai Edithy & Shazrul Azwa Asari's 5th anniversary.



Its Friday Night, 19 March 2010... and its Dr Malek Aziz & Farhanah Bamadhaj's 11th Anniversary Celebration and Danial Ismail's 29th Birthday dinner.....

Nawal Aini, Ili Liyana Baharon and Nyna Mohsen went earlier at 6pm to  the AL RAWSHA to decorate and prepare the place for our function. I had to drive alone at 7:30pm to the Al Rawsha.

The function was not a surprise party but the decorations and the number of invited friends was a surprise. The 'celebrities', especially the birthday boy thought it was only a handful of us... but more than 30 came.

but before the birthday boy arrived.. Sheessh.. they camwhore first.

It was an Eight O'clock dinner appointment and by eight, most of us arrived and sat 'Kampung' or Japanese style ala on the floor...
We waited and waited for the food to arrived...... AL- Rawsha is reputed for its Lamb Mandhi... the best !!!!

Good food does not come easy.. we waited and waited for the food... 

The longer they took to serve us food, the more we camwhore....

The birthday boy Danial Ismail is still no where to be found...

after dozens of posing, the food finally arrived...

and everybody without hesitation.. just ate and ate... with only the mounching sound without any words being spoken....

Al-Rawsha's best menu!!! The Lamb & Chicken Mandhi....

A moment later, everything was clean-swipe!!!

Its like.. now you see.. now you dont?!! Clean Sweep!!

and of course... after sweeping clean the plates, someOne began to feel... full? or maybe fool?

To wake us up, we order crates and crates of free-flow ARABIC BEER.... without alcohol!!!

and yaaaaamseeeeng!!!!!

we drank dozens of non-alcoholic beer but the birthday boy is still MISSING!!!! 

and when we were all drunk, the birthday boy finally arrived...!!!!

Which of course... the Bootcamp style!!! late-comers must do GRUNTS!!!! 

and since its the late-comer Danial Ismail's Birthday... although we clean-sweep the food, he was given a special treatment!!! Served like a Prince by two beautiful angels...

and after the Prince is full...... its sing-a-birthday song!!! 

Then its Sing-an-Anniversary-Song... Err but we did not know any anniversary song, so we sang..

Doc Malek tried to steal a kiss... and he did!!! but my camera was too slow to capture!!!

Celebrating Doc Malek & Farhanah's 11th year Anniversary.. suddenly.. love is in the air.. Awww

but some couple become shy shy... Double Aww..

Symptoms of love-struck!!! the head became bengkok (bend).. triple Aww

and after being together for abit longer.. only the hand is on the lap.. no Aww..

but this getting too excited already... no Aww.. but Eww

We then waited for the next show......


Everybody waited impatiently for the BELLY DANCERS!!

FAZURA: Haaaa.. BELLY DANCERS...?!! I never see Belly Dancers.. best nya.....

Lizza: Ha'ah.. (smiling ear to ear)
DANIAL: Haaa.. have BELLY DANCERS??? hhehehe.. is it for me??

ANITA: Sheessh.. sabaq sat na.. (be patient)... excited nya dia... (why are you so excited?) Dok diam diam 



Aaaa.. we very shy to see... We cannot see this!! we under-age!!!!


HAAAA!!! NOTY!! NOTY!!!!!! what were you thinking... half naked babe?
The actual BELLY DANCERS were almost in purdah all covered except for the face wearing gold thingy around the waist.. and no pictures were allowed. 

CHUN SSJ: Oooo.. like that aaa.. so sexy leh dis guy...

Its GROUP PHOTOS time!!!!!!

Everybody gathered for group photos..

May ALLAH swt bless the both of you with Good Health & Happiness always

May you wake up early and not missed any Bootcamp Session
May ALLAH swt bless your dream and fulfill your ambition in life.
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