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What do you get when you enroll and register with the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia? The list can be exhaustive but most importantly, when you pay RM299 per month, you get result guaranteed and a proven track record training program that has been in the market for already more than 21 years since 1991. The training program has never been repeated and thus eliminating any chances to plateau on training. Secondly, you get to use original equipments that will avoid untoward injury and accidents while maximizing your training gains. Above all that, we do know that a change in working out environment would and can be effective in maintaining your training motivation and drives. For the same reason, we introduced to you 2 years ago, the "Bootcamp-Buffet" & "Bootcamp-Hopping"Both is a PASSPORT PRIVILEGE extended only for our MC12 recruits.
What is Bootcamp Buffet (applicable only for MC12 recruits)? Yes.. train as much and as often as you want at any of COBC 7 locations in Ampang, Bandar Utama, Cyberjaya, Damansara Heights, Subang Jaya USJ1, Shah Alam and Penang. However, please do take note that for you to get your ACE (100% attendance, Commitment and Effort) Certificate, you must complete your 12 session at your registered platoon.

What is Bootcamp-Hopping? Gone were the days when we were young, we would do club-hopping, disco-hopping, pub-hopping yada yada... Now and the IN-thing is to go Bootcamp-Hopping!! Yes!!! Hop-around, travel whether on business or plan your holiday on the move with the bootcamp. You can pick any one of more than 100 platoons as your holiday destination.... ONLY at the Chief's Original Bootcamp!!

See all the list of platoons below (excluding USA and United Kingdom). Please note: You will need to first write-in to before going on a Bootcamp-Hopping or Bootcamp-Buffet.

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