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I attended for the third consecutive year the ALLIANZ Franchise convention 2011 that was held in Bandung, Indonesia. Click HERE for last year's convention that was held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The all expenses paid by ALLIANZ saw 200 franchisee flew to Sabah in a few batches and the last group arrived at the Husein Sastranagar International Airport, Bandung on 26 May 2011.

Together in Bandung, Indonesia were PEDA Vice-President Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, PEDA Secetary-General Jeff Lim Si Heong and Vice-President (R) Razak Aziz. We were greeted and transported by 5 luxury coaches to the pre-booked Hotel Hyatt Regency, Bandung. An escapade, excursion cum work.........

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22 April 2011 was the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP's final trial session at Damansara Heights. The first session saw many recruits being introduced to various forms of workout. The second trial session introduced recruits to some of the 'toys' used while working out and today' s session was the orgasm of the trial! We introduced them to the Battling ROPES... and supposedly TRX.. but it was too muddy and flooded for TRX that we had to give it a miss.

(Click on picture to enlarge)


We ended the last session in April with the FRIDAY MADNESS!!! A war cry was issued late yesterday for everybody to gather at Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) park for a high intensity explosive workout.

This was to spice up our workout, burn mega calories and to give our poor field at Bandar Utama BU3/1 a rest.  Everybody gathered as early as 5:30am for a scheduled battle at 5:45am. Everybody was so excited to be working out under the moon light... err or maybe under the street light. TGI Friday??? OMG it Friday Madness!!


After working our under a heavy downpour this morning at BU-Alpha, I wished DH-Zulu trial session at Damansara Heights too had that pleasure of training in the rain... not for anything else but because I want them to feel what I had to endure this morning especially to those BU recruits whom thought they can escape the rain this morning.

True enough... my wish came true!! It rain and the field was flooded at the second CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, at Damansara Heights' trial session today. After happily overslept and escape the heavy-rain 5:45am alpha platoon session at Bandar Utama, this women Shear Ling Toh came to Damansara Heights, DH-Zulu Platoon with an umbrella!! AN UMBRELLA!!! Can you beat that? Someone came to DH-ZULU for bootcamp using an umbrella...... With us today, we had Super Kiasu Joannita Zaleha Yusoff, Shy-Guy Noor A. Othman, Mek Chan Meng Yam, Chiing LING Shear Ling, Lizza Abdul Rahim, Mt Kinabalu Climber Fatintafrina Mohd Tareh, Jeremy Liew, Jun King, Lilian Lee, Mariam, Shaz Sabri, Noraa etc...


(*Pics from library and internet)

Rain, Hail or Shine.... public holiday, weekdays or weekend.. training at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP was never halted and stopped. Infact, instructors without any remorse were there at the training field as early as 5am. Me.. I arrived 2 minutes before the roll-call Phewww...

Its been awhile since we last had our session under a good downpour in a muddy football field and that was today's special!! a good shower & mud spa!! but what was lacking was a good massage... Why? because today's session aches the legs, abs, shoulder and chest with the Crazy Arse Complexes Focus!!! Uuh say what? yes you heard it right, we had the Crazy Arse Complexes Focus that began with a focus in LEGS!!


Blogger now has its own place called home having received the acknowledgment of receipt  for the registration of BLOG HOUSE MALAYSIA as well as the official documentation from the Registrar of Societies. An inaugural Annual General Meeting was then held on 9th of March 2011 at the National Press Club and a Committee was elected, and shall hold office from 9th March 2011 - 31st Dec 2013.

Having discovered the Blog House Malaysia by incident today, I too joined in other bloggers to be a member and had submitted my application form today. To be a member, download and complete the membership form in word format by clicking here.

Then email the completed forms to and upon approval, you will need to bank in your payment to Blog House Malaysia's account with Maybank (BLOG HOUSE MALAYSIA - 5-64128-34745-4).

The application will be replied via your email once the committee has met and approved the membership application. The committee meets once every month at the National Press Club.

For further information, browse the official blogsite of Blog House Malaysia at HERE. All notices and postings on that site represents the official views of BLOG HOUSE MALAYSIA.


CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia had expanded to DAMANSARA HEIGHTS and today was the first of three free trial session before COBC began premanently their base camp in Damansara heights every 6:45pm to 7:45pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The establishment of Damansara Heights Zulu platoon too provides the network with the first evening platoon and now COBC is available daily from Monday to Saturday with four platoons as follows:

Mon       BU-Alpha 5:45am-6:45am ;
                  BU-Bravo 7:00am-8:00am ;
                  DH-Zulu 6:45pm-7:45pm

Tues       USJ1-Alpha 5:45am-6:45am

Wed        BU-Alpha 5:45am-6:45am ;
                   BU-Bravo 7:00am-8:00am ;
                   DH-Zulu 6:45pm-7:45pm

Thur      USJ1-Alpha 5:45am-6:45am

Fri          BU-Alpha 5:45am-6:45am ;
                 BU-Bravo 7:00am-8:00am ;
                 DH-Zulu 6:45pm-7:45pm

Sat        USJ1-Alpha 5:45am-6:45am

* BU = Bandar Utama (Platoon Alpha & Bravo)
** USJ1 = Subang Jaya USJ1 (Platoon Alpha)
*** DH = Damansara Heights (Platoon Zulu)


We ran our second ENERGIZER NIGHT RACE on 16 April 2011. The first Energizer Night Race was held in Cyberjaya on 26 March 2010, click HERE for more information. Expecting similar excitement if not better, 33 of us from the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP registered and ran the much talked about marathon. There were Sarge (COBC) Dann @ Daing Daniel Fitri - 11km, Corp (COBC) Chun @ Chun Chia Kai - 42km, Corp (COBC) Nawal - 21km, LC (COBC) Ody @ Nurfuadi Ruzalli - 11km, LC (COBC) (P) Wan @ Wan Hazriq - 42km, LC (COBC) (P) Letch - 11km, LC (COBC) (P) Rose @ Rose Emini Pahamin - 21km, Armin Baniaz Pahamin - 21km, Nyna Mohsen - 21km, Joe Liew - 21km, John Chuah - 21km, James Fong - 21km, Chan Meng Yam - 11km, Shear Ling Toh - 11km, Yum Kin Kok - 42km, Norliza Mohd Khaled - 21km, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob - 21km,  Suriana Saiful Yazan - 11km, Bahariah Bahadom - 11km, Vivien Luyen Ow - 21km, Shazu Sabri - 11km, Viki Lim - 21km, Pooi Ching Khiew - 11km, Fareen Dzulkifli - 11km, Freda Liu - 21km, Lilian Lee - 21km, Joannita Zaleha Yusoff - 21km, Noor A. Othman - 11km, Raja Affandi Jamaluddin - 11km, John Ong - 21km, Jun King - 11km, T'ng Yng Tam  - 11km, Jeremy Liew, Yvonne Chen Ling Sze. We arrived at the Formula 1 racing, Sepang track at 6pm for the scheduled 8pm flag-off.

How did everybody rate the 2nd ENERGIZER NIGHT RACE???

WHY???  Read on..... Also read Jun King's take at HERE.


Sasuke Challenge TV Series originated in Japan or more popularly known as Ninja Warrior in America is coming to MALAYSIA and in less than 42 days, our Honorable PRIME MINISTER YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak and the honorable Minister of Sports and Youth YB Dato Seri Ahmad Shabery Chik will witness the first Malaysia WARRIOR being crowned infront of 1million youth in Putrajaya.

What is SASUKE CHALLENGE or the NINJA WARRIOR? see video below for further information:

or read Wikipedia at HERE. In short, SASUKE MALAYSIA is a Japanese Sports reality show, where 100 competitors will compete in a 2-stages obstacle course to win the title ‘Malaysian Warrior’. Sasuke Malaysia is an exciting event that encourages development of strength, speed and fast-thinking. It is open to all Malaysians above the age of 16.


Runners from CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP participating in the ENERGIZER NIGHT RACE 2011..

1) Sarge (COBC) Dann @ Daing Daniel Fitri - 11km
2) Corp (COBC) Chun @ Chun Chia Kai - 42km
3) Corp (COBC) Nawal - 21km
4) LC (COBC) Ody @ Nurfuadi Ruzalli - 11km
4) LC (COBC) (P) Wan @ Wan Hazriq - 42km
5) LC (COBC) (P) Letch - 11km
6) LC (COBC) (P) Rose @ Rose Emini Pahamin - 21km
7) Armin Baniaz Pahamin - 21km
7) Nyna Mohsen - 21km
8) Joe Liew - 21km
9) John Chuah - 21km
10) James Fong - 21km
11) Chan Meng Yam - 11km
12) Shear Ling Toh - 11km
13) Yum Kin Kok - 42km
14) Norliza Mohd Khaled - 21km
15) Ilyanna Aylin Ayob - 21km
16) Suriana Saiful Yazan - 11km
17) Bahariah Bahadom - 11km
18) Vivien Luyen Ow - 21km
19) Shazu Sabri - 11km
20) Viki Lim - 21km
21) Pooi Ching Khiew - 11km
22) Fareen Dzulkifli - 11km
23) Freda Liu - 21km
24) Lilian Lee - 21km
26) Joannita Zaleha Yusoff - 21km
27) Noor A. Othman - 11km
28) Raja Affandi Jamaluddin - 11km
29) John Ong - 11km
30) Jun King - 11km
31) T'ng Yng Tam  - 11km
32) Jeremy Liew
33) Yvonne Chen Ling Sze

Good luck, all the best & have fun.....
Lets RUN, RACE & RAWK...


*Extracted from the SOB Hall of Fame PAGE at


Its Bring-A-Friend (BAF) Day at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Bandar Utama today 15 APRIL 2011 and Sarge (COBC) Dann welcome those friends with ROPES and some cardio killer!!! Sarge (COBC) Dann was assisted by Corporal (COBC) Tom & Corporal (COBC) Nawal whom both took a circuit each. The platoon with a mixture of friends, Ranger, Seal and Deltas wass divided into three sections namely Alpha, Bravo & Charlie. I was in Team Charlie with Debbie Burgess, SOB Shear Ling Toh, Adibah Mohamad, Jeremy and 15 others.

Team Charlie was unlucky to start the session with Sarge (OBC) Dann, Bravo went with Corporal (COBC) Nawal and Team Alpha with Corporal (COBC) Tom. We had a heart-breaking moment with Sarge Dann with the Killer Cardio... maybe more like a heart tsunami-pumping moment. The endless recent oversea traveling had taken a toll on the stamina. I was breathless doing the killer cardio with the mountain Climbers, Star-Jump, burpees and Grunts.


NOTE: GIS PARENTS & TEACHERS, Please email me at if you want yours or your child's pictures to be removed from the blog. Thank you.

When in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and other part of the world played water on SONGKRAN festival, Year-3 and Year 4 students at the GARDEN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL played sport games on its annual sports day that was held on 13 April 2011.

There were at least 300 students from year 3 and 4 that participated to win the pre-prepared 8 SPORTS games. Out of the 8 games, Aaraf Armin won 1st place for the Longest Throw and 3rd placing for Tripple Jump Basket Ball.

Ms Carlie Bassett, having seen the Canon G11 kick ass camera that Nawal Aini Zulkifli was holding requested for her to be the voluntary official photographer for class 3W. Ms Carlie Bassett is Aaraf Armin's class teacher. This blog is the result of paparazzi Nawal Aini Zulkifli's hard work in photo-shooting.

See the pictures for yourself. The kids just love playing sports.


I befriended anxiety/'Butterflies' even before I was in my teen. During my pre-teens when I was schooling at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Kampung Tunku/ Kampung Tunku Primary School, I had a crush on a classmate... or was it an infatuation but I had a storm of 'Butterflies' in the stomach everytime a girl approach me and I wanted so much to talk to this one girl but I just couldnt. I attended co-ed school only during my standard 6 at SRK Kampung Tunku.. all other years until college was in an all boy school.. DAD!!!!!

Although I mastered that art of courting girls in Secondary School but that 'butterflies' resides in me in my other 'interests'. During an undergraduate studies in United Kingdom, that butterflies was at its worst state when I had to give an opening speech during the University Student Union election in 1992 (I was 18 years old), fortunately it well well. That butterflies too never fail to recur during every examination. Similar butterflies kept occuring everytime I had to sing at functions. Somehow, I was always picked at function with karoeke. People like to pick on me and I would never say no but everytime I was picked to sing, the last laugh was at them.. it rain heavily!! When I ran my first 10km race at the PJ Half Marathon some 9 years ago, I could not sleep the whole night... thanks to these 'butterflies'.

Thankfully, I outgrow all of those predicaments but these butterflies can grow into some sort of 'phobia' if it is not attended to. A close friend of mine who is now 53 years old are facing similar agony and had developed a phobia in public speaking. Alot of other friends sabotage themselves and shy away from attempting many activities because of the same 'butterflies'. Some refuse to sing at karoeke or using a microphone for fear of people listening and laughing at her voice but would sing her heart out without any microphone and in close-door.

Some recruits at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP whom had gained so much in fitness, stamina and strength ended up sabotaging themselves from giving their best performance during any races or running event due to anxiety...
This butterflies or anxieties can occur at whatever age from pre-teen, teens, mid life and/or during golden age but whatever the anxieties, fear and phobia that anyone has (at whatever age) , it can be completely eliminated and avoided with the right healing technique and that technique is called the EFT - abbreviation for Emotional Freedom Technique. This healing technique discovered by Gary Craig some 20yrs ago.

How I wish, I had this technique way back during pre-teen!!! But it is never too late, especially for COBC recruits running the ENERGIZER NIGHT RACE this weekend. My partner at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Dr Malek Aziz who is a long-time practitioner of the EFT is giving out FREE consultation to help any recruits from the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP to rid their anxiety for the upcoming race.
Since Dr Malek Aziz recovered from cancer, he had spend most of his free time in learning alternative & Complementary Healing Methods, Quantum Physics, Zhingnen Qigong, Reiki, Healing by Visualisation and as well as EFT. Dr Malek Aziz believes in holistic healing ie to be healed from diseases, one has to heal their body, mind and soul.

There are subtle energies that flow thru our bodies along  definite pathways called Meridians. Chinese physicians have discovered this 5,000 yrs ago! These subtle energies are the centerpiece of EFT & Acupunture.(So, EFT can be regarded as "Emotional Acupunture). Both disciplines have grown rapidly and as time unfolds,they are destined to play important role in emotional & physical healing.


The 10th CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC), Malaysia graduation party was held at the ECOBAR, DAMANSARA PERDANA and the theme for the party was Stripey & Dotty which actually means stripe and polka dot clothing.

This will be the first COBC party that Chun Chia Kai @ Corporal Chun is absent. Corporal Chun is away in Indonesia for... work? business? leisure? Secret Training?

And this is the first party that Ilyanna Aylin Ayob too had missed. Ilyanna Aylin Ayob was in Paris to run the Paris International 42.2km Marathon that was held on her birthday. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to run a marathon!!! double thumbs up to Ilyanna. Most recruit from COBC became runners and marathoners having gained the best of fitness, stamina and confident.

The theme for every party differs every month. We have had various theme but this is the first time that we will be in colours!! Lets see how colourful are we.......


Birds of a feather flocks together. When recruits at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP run any events, they run together. Months ago, Daing Daniel Fitri, Ody Nurfuadi Ruzalli, James Fong, Chan Meng Yam,  Joe Liew, Lilian Lee, Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff, Noor A. Othman, Norliza Abdul Khaled, John Chuah, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Nawal Aini Zulkifli registered themselves for the 2XU 12km run in Singapore.

These Runners left for Singapore to run the 2XU 12km race as early as 3 days before the actual event that is scheduled on 10 April 2011. The last batch to leave for Singapore was led by Daing Daniel Fitri whom left after the USJ1, Chief ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP ALPHA platoon session 6 training.

Those that left a few days earlier was Virgin Runners Chan Meng Yam and Kiasu Runner Lilian Lee whom had just recovered from injury, Joe Liew & James Fong and serious runners Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff and Noor A. Othman. Some left earlier to carbo load and some left earlier to go shopping!!!


Garden International School charted another record with organising a funtabulous singing competition ala American idol having launched the first GIS PRIMARY POP IDOL in conjunction with the International Week to end the semester before the Easter break.

It was the first Pop Idol, singing competition since inception in 1951. A total of 84 students registered for the Singing Competition and the shortlisting for semi-finalist and finalist has been ongoing for the whole month. There were various criteria to shortlist the semi-finalists and finalists. Today, 7 April 2011, is D-day to vote for the winner!!! 

A few weeks ago, the three best friends Aaraf Armin, Jishern Yuen and Sumhaer went to the GIS Office and registered themselves for the competition without even discussing with the parents. We are very proud to see our 8-9 years old children making their own decision and choosing their own interest without our intervention and of course, we are very supportive and further encourage them. From the 85 students competing, 8 were selected (or was it voted) to the Finals. There will be three winners from the 8 finalists, the Grand Hall was prepared to receive students and guests.


Work hard.. Play hard... and party harder!!! Its that time of the month again when we all have to Err..... play, party & Camwhore!! It is very easy to drifter into a deep trance of routine working life that we simply forget to enjoy and socialize. After a full months (plus plus a few FFK sessions) of an intense outdoor working out in the mud, in the rain, all wet, muddy and drown in sweat to shred alot of fat & weights, we have to show off those new re-branded physique at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP monthly graduation party!!

At the ECOBAR, Damansara Perdana!!


11 April 2011

Stripey-Dotty!!!! (Err Not stripping) Men In Stripes & Ladies in Polka Dotts! or mix & match the stripe and and Dotts for the top, pants, shoes, hats, scarves, skirts, bracelets, earings, watch but not the underwear unless you want to show it off.

Who are Invited? 
Past Recruits, Existing recruits, friends, strangers and anyone whom are interested to lose weight, to be fit and to share the same passion in exercising!!

To join the party..... Click HERE.

So see ya on Monday



You heard it right!!! The Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is expanding! The 20 years old ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP that was founded by Chief Brabon in 1991 first arrived in Malaysia in 2009. I became a recruit as a Ranger in October 2009 when I enrolled myself after being overdosed with Hari Raya sinful food (Read more HERE). When I first joined the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, there were only 2 locations available and both had ceased to be part of the Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP network; the only network that is locally owned but with global instructors support. 

The Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, the true military inspired, group outdoor personal training program are currently available ONLY at BANDAR UTAMA, SUBANG JAYA USJ1, Bukit Jelutong and Cyberjaya. In May 2011, the Chief ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP will be available at DAMANSARA HEIGHTS for a trial week!!

The Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP at Damansara Heights free trial week will be held on 18, 20, 22 APRIL 2011 and will be the CHIEF'S first evening session offered in Klang Valley. The session time is at 6:45pm - 7:45pm.

Click HERE for the Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP instructors for Damansara Heights. To enrol for the free-trial, click HERE.

Don't take our word for granted, come and meet existing recruits at the Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP monthly party on the ECOBA, Damansara Perdana on 11 April 2011 at 7:00pm!!!! Asked the recruits themselves what the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is all about........ Get to know the program from the participants themselves. 


SEE YA......!!


 RUN RUN RUN AWAY...........

There are various benefits of having siblings... I mean have you ever listed down the benefits of having siblings?? ....despite the fact that we are blood related and the fact that we are stuck for life because of that (oh god) but there are various benefits of having many siblings especially when the sister share the same interest!!! With many siblings, sometimes I get food & DESSERTS delivered to my office freshly cook  from home (and sometime freshly 'tapau' from kopitiam).. sometimes I have someone to drive me around and sometimes siblings can do the shopping on-behalf. But one of the many 'best' part of having a sister of the same interest is to have various research done-by-default and almost an 'automatic' registration for various unheard event or activities and of course being 'siblings' it is an 'automatic-cannot-say-no-by-choice'.

Thank you to Sista Rose Emini Pahamin, whom had compiled the following RUNNING CALENDER for 2011 which I am sure, I have been 'automatically' registered for all the runs..... so lets run!!!!!!!!


After frequenting the Kingdom of Cambodia since November 2010, we finally had the opportunity to pay a courtesy visit to the Malaysian Embassy in the Kingdom. I arrived together with Ly Rothana in time for the scheduled 12pm appointment with Malaysian Ambassador Extraordinary and Planipotentiary H.E. Datuk Pengiran Haji Mohd Hussein bin Datuk Pengiran Haji Hj Mohd Tahir Nasruddin

Malaysian Embassy in Phnom Pehn is located at No. 220 - 222, Preah Norodom Boulevard, Sangkat Tonle Bassat, Khan Chamkarmorn and is contactable at +855-23-216 176, +855-23-216 177 or email at or facsimile +855-23-726 101. The Embassy is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm (Lunch Break 12pm-1:30pm).


There is nothing better than to start the day with Running... but the picture on the right was 'acting' and eksyen-picture only....

But actually I did go running because I ate too much the night before. We had dinner with H.E. Ponlork Ho. Excellency Ho ordered and brought two freshly slaughtered Deer, 10 Rabbits and seafood to entertained us and Vietnam Colonel Tang Van Chuc, the Deputy Chief of Ministry of Defense, Chairman of Member Assembly as well as the General Director of Lung Lo One Member Construction Ltd Company, Head Quarters Army Engineer.


To end the term for the Easter break, Garden International School Year-3 students held an annual concert where Aaraf Armin played one of the main character. According to his class teacher, Aaraf Armin was chosen because he is a good speaker.

The concert titled: the "RIVER OF LIFE" was held on 1st April 2011 and I rescheduled my appointment in Cambodia to attend the memorable event. The concert started at 11am and my resecheduled flight was at 3:00pm. Obviously, I was not just an audience but the cameraman too!! PAPARAZZI!!!

Aaraf's beloved grandmother Tok Ibu too was there to see Aaraf and the darling cute auntie Chik!!!! 

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