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Since I became a bootcamper, my whole life took a turn. From a night owl to an early riser (with 8 hours of minimum sleep). Just before I began training at the bootcamp in 2009 in Padang Merbuk, my night life was at its prime. Party, clubbing, layparking was all me.

When I became hooked or addicted rather, to the bootcamp training at start 545am, my whole system was overhauled. Now a work-in progress to tame my Blood pressure back to normal and I shall be back on my feet and slowly build myself back to a Delta.


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What would you do if you know that some one is recording your everyday life and you can play and replay anytime at any point in past period?


We have to adapt to the advancement of technology right from school. Handphone is a necessity. Students should be allowed to bring handphone to school but prohibited from using it in class and school should not be held responsible for any handphone theft as school. What do you think? 


I wonder how many free citizens Malaysia will have after this bill is gazetted. I read people even fake in bed hehehee.


One of the best pleasure in life is to have a cigarette after a meal, or coffee (oh my god, Heaven!!). I was a heavy smoker burning 3 packs of cigarettes a day for more than 20 years since my teens. 8 years ago I quit cigs and started Vaping. Now still vaping and one day, I shall quit Vaping too.

For all the smokers around the globe, I never thought of quiting cigs but I did. Your time will come when you too will quit.


One of my favourite stress relief and weekend routine is taking a stroll at the Night Market as well as doing grocery shopping. When I was young, my mother always brought me to all sort of market, fish market, morning market [Pasar Tani], night market, Pasar besar, pasar borong yada yada.

Over the weekend, on my regular stroll at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail night market I was amazed by the effort and initiatives taken by the Boost team. This was the second time I met them. Once was last weekend. Boost is a mobile app, an e-Wallet of sort and they did a great job recruiting pasar malam sellers.

I bought a whole basket full of vegetables of all sort and only paid RM3 from otherwise RM15 and the grocery was paid through the app called Boost.

Being a technoprenuer and a start up myself, I could not resist to Vlog this mobile app called Boost. I wish and my prayer for the Boost App to be a great success. All the best. For more information on the Boost Apps click here ->

Who can ever imagine going to Pasar Malam and make payment through the handphone. Dont even need a credit card.


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Being a Malaysian, I thought I knew most of the happenings in Malaysia but I had to Google to find out what Naw Ruz is when I received an invitation for a Naw Ruz open house from an old friend, Zoran (Class 1992, BBBSS).

Apparently I was not alone. On a random chat with at least 10 friends, none of them knew or have even heard of the word but one friend have heard of Bahai'i. He said it is a Learning Center (Ayoo Vinod).

This Vlog is especially dedicated to the Malaysian (like me. My apology for being ignorant), who knew very little of our own fellow Malaysians.

To the Bahai'i, Happy New Year.

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Stay Tuned and HOOYAH!


Big boys toys used to be cars and watches, actually it still is for some but for the few more modern and techcy, its cameras and sticks. For the moment, mine centers more on Vlogging tools and equipments. A new hobby. This new hobby can actually be a bit costly but fortunate for me. I have sponsors (bukan dedak ya) or should I say, gifts (disclaimer) from my sisters on my birthday 1st March.
Melor Edina Pahamin, Teratai E Pahamin & Rose Emini Pahamin, thank you for the lovely gift that made this new hobby even possible. It was well spent on the latest Osmo Mobile 2, Comica and Rodes Microphone (havent used yet- dont know how to connect Haiya), Gimbal, Final Cut Pro X, some cables and upgrading of this 8 years old 15" Macbook Pro Retina.


It turns out, Vlogging is actually alot more complicated than Blogging. Getting all the gadgets and the little equipment needed is complicated but its nothing compare to talking into a device with no one around. All the millions of ideas suddenly just went blank and the loud voice suddenly, buried. Do you know how awkward it feels to be talking alone to a device lol.

But a commitment is a commitment and here goes the first short introduction. Future Vlog will be between 1 to 3 minutes.


We can re-edit and re-structure all our words and thought while Blogging but Vlogging is a completely different world altogether. Whatever we write when we blog, we can always change and edit it later but whatever is spoken, we cant really change that word or the sentence unless we re-shoot the entire scene. When I started blogging, my writing and thought process became clearer. The ability to express and share my thought in writing (started with this blog) had won me various awards in my own business (I will share this episode later).

This first Vlog (coming soon) is more of an introduction in nature. The concept for this Vlog is about my life, passion, thought and inspiring people around me, the same concept I adopted for this blog. One day when I have left, my children and grandchildren can learn all about me from my Blog and Vlog.

Being a cancer survival (next year I will be celebrating my 30th years anniversary), I see life completely differently than others. When others take things at their own pace, I feel like I am always running out of time. When others wake up and slowly starts their day, I always wake up rushing to do something.. anything. When others take things superficially, I take everything so deep down into the bones; be it family, values, work, friendship, business, fitness and love.


This year is my blog Stay Tuned's 10th year anniversary and I want to take it a step further by having a Vlog. Blog post is not as challenging anymore and I need to find a substitute to feed my appetite for a challenge. I have never shot any video and is only equip with my iPhone 7 plus. On my birthday, my sisters Dr Teratai Pahamin and Rose Emini Pahamin bought me this gadget; an Osmo Mobile 2 stabilizer and a Comica CVM VS08 microphone especially for my mobile phone which should complete my list of equipment as a beginner.


PROTON was recently back in the limelight and again for the wrong reason or maybe for the right reason depending on which side you are viewing it from. From the dealer's view, its ugly. The public feels the dealers are pampered and needed to bulk up and from the Proton's new management point of view, the dealers are the caused for Proton's low and drop in sales. 

I would have written this blog a lot earlier but I was busy handing over the association that I was at the helm for almost 20 years, to the new President. I was the third elected President for the Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia or better known as PEDA and I did not offer myself for re-election at the recent annual general meeting. 

By constitution, PEDA holds an election for the post of President, Deputy President and 13 committee members every 2 years. PEDA had just completed our Annual General Meeting on 23rd February 2018 and we (and I am personally) were grateful to my dear friend Dato Madani Sahari, the Chief Executive Officer Malaysia Automotive Institute for hosting our 19th AGM.

Dato Madani has always been a good friend to PEDA and to me and is always interested in the update that we have.  

I have a lot to say on the recent spat and public outcry on Proton, not as PEDA President but as a dealer who have been with Proton for more than 20 years but that will be a topic in another blog. 
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