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After a hectic but a very productive weekend with Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon learning new techniques and training methodology, I am very tempted to blogged the 2,500 pictures and things we learn with the most passionate duo behind the success of our program but then, duty calls!! First.. I need to get our contestants for the 8WCs known by all because we are just 2 weeks away from the voting date!! Voting will start on 1 November and end on 4th November 2012.

On 3 September 2012, Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon threw a challenge that took 8 weeks of pure and sheer dedication to achieve our dream body, for more information, click HERE. Last 2 weeks marked the mid-way through the challenge and some challengers had emailed me their jaw-dropping mid photo transformation. These are our motivation and acts as a benchmark if we are on the right track to getting the result that we wanted.

I have blogged Maslina Ahmad Ismail at HERE, Mr X at HERE, Novelle Ooi at HERE and Abdul Azizam at HERE, Kym Wishnowski at HERE and is writing to our government to change our clock from only 24 hours in a day to perhaps... 32 hours so that I can blog all the 70 active contestants from Malaysia before the voting began on 1 November until 4 November 2012. I am running out of time!! 

The more than 70 recruits that had officially registered for the challenge were Siti Mariam Mohd Kasim, Koy Han Lian, Lee Yun Chung, Po Chia Sen, Sara Yusof, Umesh Narasamhaiah, Anne Wong Suk May, Sabrina, Diyana Khalid, Lew Tzyy Jia, Rienna Choo, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Nik Aida Yanty Nik Zamin, Rizki Maulana, Ng Tsiu Weng, Marx Yong Soon Chye, Eleen Yong, Michelle Chai, Mohamad Fazli, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Afiza Abdul Halin, Jorge Arenas, Hanis Zainul, Phuah Kok Hong (Patrick), Anand Raj Markandu, Abdul Azizam, lim han leong, Yeoh Wen Ching, Mohd azmir zanul abdin, Affiq Zakie, Maslina Ahmad Ismail, Shazni Zubir, stephanie Choong, Sheikh Hisham Iskandar, Stella Baake, Wan Hazriq Abdullah, Yazlin Ghulam Mahabib, Norehan Bt Mohamed Noor, Khairie, Abdul Fattah, Kym Wishnowski, Caleb LY Lau, Oon Lee Choo Linda, Ang Shi Qun, Tang Keng Leong, Low Wei Seong, Kwei Yee Wong,  Jason Gan, Ls Lim, Hooi Sei, Ong Kai Li, Kevin Chew, Lau Phaik San, Ewe Cheong Tan, Opalyn Mok, Novelle Ooi Lay Leng, CHEAH BOON CHONG, lily, Teoh, Jiunn Eng, Gim May Ong, Tracy, Hou Yang Kwong, Simon Koay Qing Jie, James Choa Kwan Seng, Melanie Priscilla Lee, Adam Heng Yew Hui, Bernard Seah, Marie How, Regina Ho, Shahridan Abdul Aziz, Advance Tan Sen Sen, Ng Tze Ling, Ahmad Zaidi Ahmad Samsudin and Philip Leong.
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