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ADIBAH MOHAMAD, a Seal at COBC, an IT Specialist, a single mother, a wonderful daughter, a sincere friend and a cancer patient was even more cheerful yesterday when we met her at her residence in Bandar Utama. Adibah is always cheerful and was always cheering us while training at BU Alpha barely two months ago before she was diagnosed with a stage 2 breast cancer in November 2011. I blogged about Adibah Mohamad at HERE when I discovered her diagnosis in November last year.

Recalling the moment when Adibah first broke the news to us... we could not believe and Farhanah Bamadhaj almost freak out when we learn that Adibah came and train with us in the morning at BU-Alpha when she was due for a surgery in the same afternoon but that is Adibah.. when she is committed, she is determined and nothing could stop her. Adibah had only recently completed her second surgery to  remove all cancer tissues but that did not stopped her from giving us the sincerest smile and almost jumping when she saw us at her house entrance... although she was still in pain from the recent surgery.


We first befriended Adibah Mohamed when she became a bootcamper at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) in September 2010. Adibah Mohamed, was an IT specialist at IBM for 8 years before her current employment as the Senior Manager at Intramas Technology since 2008. A strong and cheerful lady, Adibah will have anyone that surrounds her being all smiley and inspired, especially when it was time to exercise and to go on a diet. At the training field, she would give-in all her energy into her workout to make sure she continuously improve her performances. Not surprising, she achieved her target to get into Seal from a Ranger shortly after joining COBC. She would never say NO to any challenges. She has that strong fighting character that you can feel within seconds when you are with her and during every conversation. Adibah is also a person that would go out of her way to help anyone in need. When we were on the 8 Weeks Challenge last year, she even cook and share with us various meals and recipes after our morning workout session.

Barely a month ago, Adibah was diagnosed with a Stage 2 breast cancer. She had lived with a lump on her right breast for already 3 years but the lump that occasionally throb with minor discomfort, had never bothered her until recently. Adibah ignored the discomfort until a week before Eidul Fitri when the throbbing pain lasted longer than usual. Her sister, a medical officer at the Sungai Buloh Hospital took her in for a medical examination but comforted Adibah by suspecting the lump to be an excess fluid. The Doctor said, the symptoms of a painful lump is usually normal and is not cancerous. A cancerous lump usually would not cause any pain and is usually a silent killer. It could probably be some excess fluid or a lymph node. The doctor prescribed a two weeks supply of antibiotics and send her back home.

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