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11 AUGUST 2010. Its the 1st day of Ramadhan... the first day of fasting and my first day working out at ZULU platoon.

The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA @ Bandar Utama launched its third platoon ZULU, this month in August especially for the Ramadhan. ZULU is our evening platoon that starts at 6:15pm to 7:15pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The time 6:15pm to 7:15pm was tailor-made for the muslims whom were fasting but did not want to break their training momentum.. yaa.. for idiots like me. After the fasting month, ZULU time will be re-adjust to 6:45pm to 7:45pm for those not-an-early-morning person.

Working out while fasting but before breaking-fast was an experience in itself. A whole day without cigarette, food, drinks and sex? before working out was very challenging but the body felt somewhat lighter... and the lung... stronger and less taxing without the tar & nicotin. But it felt harder to workout without the pre-workout drink such as NO-xplode or some nitric oxide energy drink.

The first day of fasting without cigarette & coffee to jump start the day, felt very.... urgh.. sleepy. The bowel movement too rebelled without wanting to do the normal shit. The nose was the only part that was sharper... and can smell food from a few kilometers away?

The resolution during the fasting month... was to continue and be consistent with training, beside staying away from any sin-ful activities and being closer to the Almighty. So, I rushed to the Bandar Utama BU3/1 for the ZULU session and arrived there 2 minutes before the start-time. Thank God.. I really cant imagine doing 10 Grunts as punishment for being late.

Sarge Dann was waiting together with approximately a dozen recruits and immediately start the warming up session upon my in-the-nick-of-time arrival. The late-comer-King, Mr Harley Davidson Raja Affandi and Bikress Lizza was also there... early! We warm up under the hot sun and while warming up......... Mohd Arif Mokhsein arrived in style, fashionably late and I can hear the 10 Grunts punishment being called. Thank you Ariff.. just what we need while fasting.. (stick tongue out).

There were three set of mini-grinders prepared but honestly..... I cant remember what we did but we just did it... it was like sleep-exercising and when I woke up, I was sitting at home.... at the table...... eating profusely after breaking fast!!!

The first day of fasting.. the first day of working-out while fasting, the first ZULU session....  went too fast.


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