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Evening walk dengan twins di sekitar Sungai Penchala. Berhenti sat minum kopi di Kopi Dan Balut. Hari-hari lalu gerai ni tapi tak kesampaian hajat nak try. Gerai ni terletak betul- betul selekoh jalan menghala ke rumah. Selepas Nizra Auto.
Biasanya memang ramai pengunjung kedai ni. Gerai ni di usahakan oleh Shapik, anak muda yang memang menetap di sini; Sungai Penchala.
Petang ni masa tengah walkabout dengan twins, singgah kat Kopi & Balut berkenalan dengan Shapik. Shapik friendly dan mesra. Shapik suruh try pekena kopi vanilla. First time try kopi vanilla.
Sambil tolak pram, sambil hirup kopi. Kopi ni dibuat secara manual, omputih kata hand-made fresh from the oven. Hirup pertama terkejut sat. Tak sangka sedap gila kopi ni. Esok boleh singgah lagi.

Gerai buka setiap hari dari pukul 12pm sampai 7pm. Bulan Ramadhan buka pukul 6pm sampai 12 tengah malam. Masa bulan puasa, Shapik juga menjual makanan berbuka puasa seperti Spaghetti selain dari kopi kepakaran mereka. Terima kasih Pik.

Ps. Zoom gambar tu nampak Shapik kat belakang tengah sengeh 😁


Pergh.. Tobat sedap baq hang!! It is as sedap as the tagline literally writes. I first noticed this food stall in February when it was first open. There were such a long queue along the main entrance into Sungai Penchala that it was so hard to missed the prominent red signage shop that had made a name for itself for the longest of queue.  I am not the type that would queue and try but I will queue if I know for sure that the food is good. 

Daging masak merah Loqstaq was originated in Jalan Sultanah, Alor Star Kedah 30 years ago and was formerly known as Nasi Azmi Jalan Sultanah. Sungai Penchala is their first branch and they are opening another branch in 2 weeks at Mutiara Damansara. The Daging Masak Merah Loqstaq adds to the wonders of Sungai Penchala list of delicious affordable food alongside Sambal Hijau, Ewa, 123 corner,  Muhibbah as well as dozens of others.

During the labour day weekend, after a get together with my senior COBC bootcamp instructors, Corporal Wong (in purple tee, cover picture above) suggested we should try the Daging merah loqstaq which he gave a two thumbs and two toes up!! We could not resists. Corporal Amir and Sarge Chun had never tried it too and was eager to taste it. Sarge Suresh whom had it with Wong once before, attested to the delicious meal.

The stall is open at 11am every day and we arrived sharp at the opening hour. There weren't so many people when we arrive (thank god) and we ordered our meal. The stall served two meal set, daging masak merah and ayam masak merah. All of us red meat carnivors had the beef. Each meal cost us RM6.50 per set with a free flow water. There were 4 types of water served (including H20).


Once a quiet kampung, Sungai Penchala now housed the best mix variety food in town. The latest being Makngah Cakoi.. Makngah Cakoi was established in 1993 according to it's signboard but It was only last week that I made a stopover abd had the best Cakoi. Cakoi is a sort of roti goreng... My favorite choice after goreng pisang when I'm not dieting.

The shop is open at 1pm and close at 10pm from Monday to Saturday. The Cakoi is sold at RM2.50 per piece or 3 for RM5.00 and you can choose any one of the available 4 sauces to go with it. My favorite is the black sauce.

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