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Chapter 1: The Departure
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After a five days working trip to Bangkok, I came back and had to leave again to Kota Kinabalu for the 2012 Allianz Annual Convention, an event that I simply could not say no to. Allianz No 1, Chief Executive Officer, some Head of Departments to the branch officers were akin of an extended family. Nonetheless, more than half of those delegates were Proton Edar dealers network which of course, I would not want to miss the opportunity to have some engagement with them. Abit exhausted from the lack of sleep and rest, I rushed to KL Sentral at 7:00am having browsed through the itinerary that read: Team E departure at KLIA, to gather at 8am.
At KL Sentral, I tried to check-in my luggage without avail when the ground crew at the Malaysia Airline counter said, my name was not registered?!  It turned out, Allianz gave me an outdated intenary with the wrong information but I managed to reach LCCT on time after paying RM50 for budget taxi from KLIA to LCCT which I felt was exorbitant. Our flight was delayed for almost an hour which was a blessing in disguised. What was even better, Allianz did not just provided us an with an all expenses paid trip with a budget of almost RM1million for a 3 days gatherings but Allianz also gave us the aircraft with dad's iconic frame.... ok that was a make-belief but we have no complain. With many friends around, for the first time, I manage to pose with the aircraft.

(There are almost 1000 pictures in this write-up alone. So it may take awhile to open the blog)

(Click on picture to enlarged)


After a few days of seminars and talk, the ALLIANZ CONVENTION 2011 ended with a GALA dinner. The theme for the Gala Dinner that was held at the Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom was Casino Royale. Allianz had 5 models to entertained us and 3 Gambling tables with a given 500 chips for every participant to try out their luck.

(Click on Picture to enlarge)

All the delegates that came for the convention were all present at the Grand Ball room for the finale dinner!! There were 53 staff selected from Allianz offices nationwide.

Every participant was given a gambling chip.


I attended for the third consecutive year the ALLIANZ Franchise convention 2011 that was held in Bandung, Indonesia. Click HERE for last year's convention that was held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The all expenses paid by ALLIANZ saw 200 franchisee flew to Sabah in a few batches and the last group arrived at the Husein Sastranagar International Airport, Bandung on 26 May 2011.

Together in Bandung, Indonesia were PEDA Vice-President Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, PEDA Secetary-General Jeff Lim Si Heong and Vice-President (R) Razak Aziz. We were greeted and transported by 5 luxury coaches to the pre-booked Hotel Hyatt Regency, Bandung. An escapade, excursion cum work.........

(Click on picture to enlarge)



14 April 2010, Allianz held its annual Franchise Convention at the Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Abu Lais Walli Mohamed and Jeff Lim Si Heong left for KLIA with me at 7:30am to fly to Kota Kinabalu on an all-expenses paid by Allianz.

We arrived at the airport at 8:15am for an Expected Time of Departure (ETD) 9:20am. Upon checking-in, we quickly had a fillet of fish at the Mc Donald.

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