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MONDAY, 5 APRIL 2010. KL Alpha welcomes back Senior Sarge Rob Coad from Australia whom arrived in Malaysia on Saturday for a short 4 days visit. Rob last instructed at KL Alpha on 2 December 2009, the only training I've had with Rob since I joined the Bootcamp 7 months ago.

Most of us whom were there in December 2009, remembered the Dancing in the Rain session.. That was the only session with Rob and the only session we had in the rain reiterating the Bootcamp's commitment to train whether Rain, Hail or Shine.

The normal access via parliament was closed for some road works and we had to re-route through Bank Negara Inang Kijai to head for Padang Merbuk. We arrived at 5:38am and I quickly scan through the crowded recruits for Senior Sarge Rob but there was no sign of him.... Maybe Rob had forgotten his promise to me on Facebook!!

Just as Sarge Simran made a role call, Rob appeared out of no where in a very serious look. Sarge Simran is our best instructor and with Senior Sarge Rob in the house.... we can expect nothing less from the session but the best of the best.

Senior Sarge Rob took us for the warm-up and in his deep Aussie accent, he scream.....  Knais Op... change!!.... Hails tu bak... change!! .. which actually means knees up, change... heels to butt, change..... etc......... Everybody was silent without any words spoken, no moans and no sigh... either they were too scared of Senior Sarge Rob or they were trying to make sense out of the deep accent.

Whilst we did the warm-up, Sarge Sim checked for AWOLs..... there were 4 AWOLs.. Dinesh Nagalingam, Anita, Ashimah Thomas and Rachel Oleans..... and 2 LATE-COMERS, Vivien Luyen Ow and Nik Ima.

We had 2 sets of 30 seconds Squat pulses and 40 Grunts!!!! Squat pulses with Senior Sarge Rob must be above perfect. 20 seconds were added on the Squat Pulses when some recruits could not hold or performed the Squat Pulses perfectly.

The platoon was then divided into their respective rank and the Seals went with Sarge Simran & Lans Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum, the Delta started with SS Rob and he Rangers with Corporal Faizal Ariff Abdullah.

Sarge Simran re-introduced us to the ROPE-BATTLING Circuit because we had to literally battle with the rope!! We last had the BOOM SHAKE SHAKE THE ROPE in January this year.. click HERE but I have to admit, I have a love/hate chemistry with the rope.

There were two ropes that criss-crossed in the middle with 2 rope-end per side. The Seals were divided with 4 recruits per pair of rope and there are 4 ropes in total. One recruit at one end of the rope and the other was at the other end. The two other recruits stood behind each seal-with-the-rope.

The first Circuit requires those on the rope to hold the rope with both hand (see Chief James in picture).. and create a tsunami wave with the rope for 30 seconds. The recruits behind those holding the rope were required to do a military push-up. Those recruits on rope and the military push-up took turn with the rope.

The movement with the rope was change to scissor-motion for the second circuit performed to create a side wave when both hand were moved outwards and inwards criss-crossing at the chest level. The arm and chest were burning and almost felt numb. The 'back' recruits, performed a deep squat for 30 seconds before the their turn on the rope. After two sets, the legs were trembling and the arm felt paralyzed.

The third circuit was a killer..... with a burning arm & chest muscle and trembling legs, we now had to create a BLACK-HOLE. The left hand moved on circular clock-wise motion and the right hand on an anti clock-wise circular motion, we had to create two circles ala black-hole... We start seeing all 'black' with stars before the end of the 30 seconds and persevered further when we alternate it with a set of Mountain Climber.

Feeling half dead with Sarge Simran, we went to SENIOR SARGE ROB..... Eeeek..!! Forgot to save some energy for Senior Sarge Rob!!

Senior Sarge Rob made us run 150meter to the end of the field and back to the starting position and while listening to his next instruction, we were not allowed to breath but instead we had to spot-jogging with knee high.

The next circuit was GRUNT JUMP!!!! Grunt jump!!!! It was scarier than it sounded. Grunt was already heart-throbbing.. Grunt-jump was indescribable.... Grunt-jumping performed similar to Grunts but instead of jumping upwards, we had to jump forward. We grunt-jumping for 50 meter and jog back to starting position.

Now we are 90% dead... we formed a line, shoulder to shoulder on a military push-up position. There were approximately twenty 5kg sandbags  on the left of the last recruit. On a stationary push-up position, the right hand must pick-up one sandbag at a time and pass it to the next person on the right and the next person on the right using only the right hand passed the sandbag to the next person and so forth until all the Sandbags were transfered to the other end.

on a push-up position, only one hand was allowed to pick up the sandbag from the next recruit to be passed on to the right recruit.

All the sandbags were then transferred one by one using the left hand passing from one recruit to the other until all the sandbags are back with the last recruit.

We then change position to the military sit-up position but with the leg raised and only the ass was on the ground. The shoulder, back and leg were raised... ala a V-shape. In the V-shape position and contracting the abs muscle, we were asked to transfer all the twenty sandbags one by one from the far left to the last person on the right and back to the left. Time on the V-shape was added when someOne dropped their legs on the ground.

Almost dead with only the 6-pack secretly smiling behind the thin layer of fat, we went to Corporal Faizal Ariff Abdullah. Corporal Faizal aka Corporal TABATA... being famous for the TABATA. We had to do 8 sets of 20 seconds push-up, 10 seconds break and so forth until the end of the session.

The upper body was burning, the chest is now a firm cup C, the 6-pack is smiling from ear to ear and we are totally dead!! I burned a total 660 calories. The highest calories burn since February. My calories burn averages only 500 plus plus in march... I lurrve the session today!!! I did not just burn alot of calories but my muscle still twitches from being overworked.

We gathered at the car park after the session and Senior Sarge Rob came and spoke to us. Very rarely our local OBC instructors approached us after before or after our sessions, unless we approached them first. Senior Sarge Rob akin was a monster being firm and stern while training us but is actually very friendly when he is not training or instructing. We joke, laughed and thank him for instructing us today..

Snr Sarge Rob thank us for welcoming him back to KL Alpha. He remembered our names although we have only met him once. The surrounding was not as dark anymore at 7am.. Snr Sarge Rob had lost a lot of weight since we last saw him last year being leaner, thinner and muscular. Snr Sarge was bulkier and bigger the last time we met him. This had inspired us more to lose those unwanted 'belly' and 'spare-parts'..

Maybe we'll surprise Snr Sarge by being leaner and with better physiques on his next visit.... DOC MALEK AZIZ...... WE HAVE TO ACE THE SPARTAN!!!!!


P/s- I brought my camera to pose with Snr Sarge Rob.. and the down right stinking shit happened to me.. we forgot to camwhore...!!! We also forgot to pose with Chief James Brabon and Gunny Emily!!! ...okay ok.. 20 grunts?

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Its Friday........... FRIDAY 26th February 2010!! The last of the twelve Bootcamp sessions and its FINAL..........ANOTHER MONTH OF PERFECT ACE...... 100% Attendance, Commitment & Effort!!!

This month also marked the fifth month since I joined the Bootcamp training... Four Months of ACE since November 2009, Five months of consistent blog-journal entry of every session and 5 months of pure punctuality... and is still going strong!! VERY STRONG!!! .. except for the knee.

We had only the senior trainers with us today, namely Sarge Simran (ACE in training too!!), Corporal Faizal Ariff and Corporal Jason Moriarty. There were no Lans Corporals....

There were 6 AWOL TODAY........ the typical super seniors Kenny Smith, Scott Verrett, Marcos Salama, Rachel Sebastian, and the less senior Virmala and Hana Hashim. The seniors knew how we appreciate the extra Grunts and squat pulses.. so again, thank you for the extra 'workout'.

We should get at least 60 grunts or 6 sets of 30 seconds squat pulses............ but surprisingly we did not! (shocked with mouth wide open). Maybe it is the last session and Sarge Simran wanted to give us some 'break'?

After the roll-call by Corporal Faizal and the routine warming up, we were divided into our respective rank.. the Delta, Seals and Rangers... Sarge Simran took us the Delta first, Corporal Faizal took the Seals and Corporal Jason with the Rangers. There are three circuits prepared for every rank.

With Sarge Simran, each of us Deltas had to bear-hugged Sandra Baglog aka sandbag and run.......... for 20 minutes. It was a good start, in fact I was ready and expecting a mega strenuous and difficult session today. While running along Jalan Parliament, I incidentally tripped on a road-grill (???) and 'Tergolek'.. fell hard on my ankle that my head-hugging tag heuer spectacle flew off my head from the impact.

Err.. determine to complete this last session... or rather 'control macho', I continued the run... While running, Sarge Simran instructed to change Sandra's position ala KamaSutra.... from Bear-hugging Sandra, Sandra on top (arm stretch above the head), on the shoulder, Sandra lift with arm straight but this time, Sandra did not go under between the legs. All those positions were alternated while running... Slow and steady, we lasted the whole 20 minutes although some recruits went fast and crazy... especially the SSJ Chun Chiakie. Despite the knee & ankle pain, I luuuuurve the run with Sandra but I was cover with Sandra's sweat aka Sands.

We had the BOOM SHAKE SHAKE THE ROPE circuit after the run..... partnering with Chun SSJ against Hafiz Omar and Irwan Anuar, we stood at one rope-end and Hafiz Omar and Irwan at the other end approximately 15 metres apart. Starting with me and Hafiz, holding the mother of rope that is as big as my arm, we had to shake-the-rope creating as big a wave with the mother of rope while Chun SSJ that was behind me, and Irwan Anuar behind Hafiz Omar had to performed squat with Sandra... yesss.. still with Sandra.

While squatting down, Sandra is held ala bear-hug and when squatting up, sandra is carried up with both arm stretch straight above the head. On TABATA, we rotate between shaking the rope and squatting Sandra.

The body position to shake the rope was changed from standing to kneeling. The form to hold the rope was also change from the hand-shake form to karate-fist-form.

So far, the circuit was ....... excellent!! Shaking the rope toned the arm and good for the core muscle as well as abdomen.

We then went on to Corporal Faizal Ariff with his signature TABATA... also my favourite. On a TABATA (20 seconds workout, 10 seconds break and so forth for a fix period), we did Four Sets of SUMO Squat. I observed my squat 'form' carefully and was able to complete it with heart 'TERBAKAR' on TABATA.

We should rename the TABATA workout with TERBAKAR (on 'Fire' in Malay Language) which is true to the the meaning. On the same TABATA, we did the KING KONG PUSH UP for a similar repetition of 4 sets. After a good bench-pressing at the gym yesterday, the King Kong Push up was abit excruciating but I luurve it!!! Maybe soon will have the chest of an APE and embarrass the ladies on push-up bra haa.

Having performed the King Kong Push-up on the toes (which is expected of the Deltas), the ankle-pain from the 'Fall' worsen and a sudden sharp pain is felt but I continued to gave the 100% commitment to ACE February with Honor.

However, I took the 'option' workout on the third set on TABATA. I could not perform the bloddy strenuous MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS and did the truster instead but the Trusters aggravated the ankle pain and I must have compromised the form done when the pain was then felt on the right knee (the old injured knee).

Mountain climbers are a great combination of strength exercise and cardiovascular exercise. They simultaneously target glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, and abdominals, and will sent your heart pumping at heart-quake tsunami richter 7.5 scale!

Start position

End Position and repeat with the other leg

Begin in a push-up position. Jump one leg forward into a low lunge position with both arm glued to the ground. Alternate to the other leg. The trick is to do these continually, back and forth, back and forth. 

After completing Corporal Faizal's TABATA, the Delta moved on to Corporal Jason.

Corporal Jason's circuit divided the Delta in two teams; A and B. Team A and Team B were line-up facing each other at 30 meters distance away. An orange cone was placed half way between Team A and Team B to mark the 15 meter distance.

Team A had to Bear Walks 15 meters to the Orange Cone towards Team B. Bear Walks worked out the arms, back, chest and lower body.

Once we reached on Bear Walks at the orange cone,, we must immediately performed 10 repetitions of 'Clapping Push up'. Then reverse-bear walk back to start position and continue the same circuit for a total of 4 sets. The arm, back, chest was burning on fire.... the constant contraction of the muscles was so good it still twitches even now... (note this is one of the symptoms of dehydration).

Now we know why we did not get the GRUNTS and/or SQUAT PULSES today as a punishment for AWOL.... the circuits prepared was already too strenuous and madness that we need all the energy and time to complete it... so much for giving us a break (Stick tongue out).

The Bear Walk aggravated the ankle and knee pain further, I limped to the warming down session with Sarge Simran. At the end of the session.......... that sense of achievement to complete another month of 100% ACE with Honours was a damn good orgasm.


Although February bootcamp session had just ended, there are March, April, May..... and so forth. Bootcamp, training, exercising should be a lifestyle and not a short term measure.

Until next monday, with another Benchmark assessment to be recorded and for the list of FEBRUARY ACE...... STAY TUNE!!

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