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.....RAIN, HAIL... or SHINE!!! 

ACE, ACE-Pact or the Hall of ACE is a mutual voluntary effort by a group of recruits undergoing the Bootcamp Training to motivate and aspire each other to Attend every session/every month without failure and be Committed with 110% Effort during each session for better fitness and health. 

Rules of Engagement:
1) 100% Full Attendance at all 12 Sessions or 12 hours Bootcamp attendance per month.
2) Those that joined the ACE-Pact and broke it, will be penalise by wearing an 'Outfit' chosen by the 'Council'.
3) MC, AWOL or Absenteeism is not acceptable and is not in ACE-Vocabulary.
4) The 'Council' comprised of every members of the HALL OF ACE.


MARCH 2010 (XX ACE-rs)




JANUARY 2010 (30 ACE-rs)
(The HALL OF ACE for January 2010 is unique as we had the unprecedented Platoon VS Platoon which was an additional 2 Hours  of exercises.... therefore, the Council had resolved to accept those whom had missed a maximum of 2 sessions, to qualify for the HALL OF ACE.)

Row 1: 1) Dr Malek Aziz (aka Doc M), 2) Shobha Bala DBK 3) Farhanah Bamadhaj 4) Nawal Aini Zulkifli, 5) Rose Emini Pahamin  
Row 2: 6) Nyna Mohsen, 7) Chai Soo Pey, 8) Angela Foo (YTF), 9) CK Chun Chia kai SSJ, 10) Vivien Luyen Ow
Row 3: 11) Suloshini Jahanath, 12) Amy Ho, 13) Kenix Lim, 14) Raja Rahman Mansor, 15) Ilyanna Aylin
Row 4: 16) Irwan Anuar, 17) Wan Rozana Aziz @ ANA, 18) Danny, 19) Danial Ismail, 20) Daing Danial Fitri
Row 5: 21) Natassya Lee, 22) Rienna Choo, 23) Saroop @ Roopi Rampal, 24) Hafiz Omar, 25) Lizza Abdul Rahim
Row 6: 26) Syazana Amran, 27) Armin Baniaz, 28) Zaiem Razak, 29) Nadia Tajuddin, 30) Sham Ser

DECEMBER 2010 (19 ACE-rs)
Row 1: 1) Dr Malek Aziz (aka Doc M), 2) Suloshini Jahanth, 3) Shammy Ooi, 4) Danny, 
Row 2: 5) Daing Daniel Fitri 6) Peggy Hoergh, 7) Farhanah Bamadhaj, 8) Shera Ann, 
Row 3: 9) Puteri Janna, 10) Wan Rozana Aziz 11) Nyna Mohsein, 12) Shobha Bala, 
Row 4: 13) Rienna Choo, 14) Rose Emini Pahamin, 15) Amy Ho, 16) Chai Soo Pey, 
Row 5: 17) CK Chun Chiakie SSJ 18) Suriana Saiful, 19) Armin Baniaz Pahamin

November 2009 100% ACE-LIST (15 ACE-rs)

Row 1: 1) Suriana Saiful 2) Nawal Aini Zulkifli 3) Shobha Bala, 4) Armin Baniaz Pahamin
Row 2: 5) Chun Chia Kai SSJ, 6) Rose Emini Pahamin, 7) Nyna Mohsen, 8) Dr Malek Aziz,  
Row 3: 9) Farhanah Bamadhaj, 10) Peggy Hoegh, 11) Tricia Especkerman, 12) Vivien Luyen Ow
Row 4: 13) Lilian Lim, 14) Kenny Smith 15) Michelle Smith 16) Shammy Ooi



DKS 12- The SPIRIT OF BOOTCAMP & 100% ACE!!!!!!!!!

DKS10 = December Kiasu Session 10.... 100% ACE HOOOOOYAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Today is the last, the 12th Original BootCamp (OBC) Sessions on the 12th months of the year and  marked the end of OBC Session for December and for the year 2009.

Today is also the first Christmas Day celebrated by the infant 6-months old OBC.....  and all of us trained with Santa hat.. to feel the spirit of Christmas.

when the OBC tagged their motto to RAIN, HAIL & SHINE......... they mean business!! Health & training knows no break nor holidays... Even on PUBLIC HOLIDAY....... RAIN, HAIL & SHINE!!!! and THAT IS THE COMMITMENT OF OBC TRAINERS!!!!!!!!

When the muslim celebrated our Eidul-Adha, the trainers without any Ooohs or Aaaahs,  were there to train us!!!! ...and when the Christians celebrated their christmas today, the trainers without any Errrrr and Yiiiiiiiii  with full dedication and commitment are still here to train us all!!!! Without exception, complains or hesitation.....

and People think the recruits are the KIASU.....

What better way to end the year and the session with a Big Surprise......... SERGEANT SIMRAN TRIMMED HIS BEARD!!! 

err... Ok if that is not a big enough surprise, a bigger surprise will be the "Girl/Boy friend Hunting" ... a special training prepared only for KL Alpha. The group was divided into three teams according to their respective ranking, the Delta, Seal and Rangers and they have to hunt for some ladies Tee, Ty, Sandra Baglog and some gentlement Pipey & Baggie. (Tee-Tali, Ty-Tayar, Sandra Baglog-SandBag, Pipey-rifle look pipe, baggie-bagpack).

Equip with a Google-map, the team appointed their team leader and Navigator. Our Navigator was non other than a Master-Diver Suriana Saiful. We reckon, if she can find her way in the deep ocean, she can navigate our hunting for the ladies and men.

And so the hunt began.... and we found Sandra with a pony tail hair-styled by a red hair band sleeping helplessly by the road side. I picked her up held her tight against my chest and continue for the next hunt.  She wasn't heavy but have abit of smell..... but I still hugged and held her while running.

"Sue, where do we go?", screamed Farhanah, the lovely wife to our Chief Kiasu Doctor Malek Aziz. I was abit quiet holding my breath away from the smell of Sandra. "Go straight passed the field and turn right at the end", replied Sue... and we ran in team being a bit excited. Kenix was the first infront probably too excited for the next girl.. or guy. Leesa, Tricia, Sulo, Peggy, Rose was more calm... but who knows what they were thinking.

We sang the Christmas jingle while running, and a few other songs ala re-mix as none of us knew the whole lyrics until we reach the next stop. We found Pipey impatiently seated by the concrete step beside the grass field.. and he was Hard! to Leesa's liking, she rushed for him.

Suriana Saiful continued to navigate us until we found Baggie. Being greedy, I could not resist but... like the idea of being sandwich but two... I piggie-bag Baggie while holding Sandy against my chest. Sandwich by them two, we ran to the next stop.

Others in the team were getting restless and they too wanted someone... but Peggie, Rose and Shammy did not even fight but instead shared Tee whom was found lying on by the roadside. Peggie took the front, Shammy the middle and Rose had her leg. A good show of team work indeed.

As we continue, we finally found the last guy... a big black TY. and again another show of solidarity,  none of the ladies in our team fought for him but instead four of them Kenix, Shammy and two others had a good orgy until the end.

We, the Seal was the first to arrive and being very excited, we Eager-ly, Hyper-ly and Happi-ly jumped up and down non-stop along with Corporal Faizal Ariff. I think the Corporal too was too happy and did not want to stop jumping........ from the Star Jump to the Seal Jump and then the Cross Country Jump.... and we, being the obedient bunch happily followed his lead until the arrival of the Rangers and Delta.

We had our warming down session and being the last session of the month, it is customary for the Sergeant to announced the voting result for the Spirit of Bootcamp. There are 61 eligible voters and candidates for the best Spirit of Bootcamp and everyone are allowed to vote any of the 61 candidates that best motivate them to enjoy the masochism, pain and torturing moment at the Bootcamp.. and the December best voted Spirit was.................

Suddenly felt very shy to announce.......................

the December Spirit of Bootcamp is (Blushing....)............


me.......... (shy and flattered)

 I was lost of words............ luckily it was still dark... I can feel the blood-rush to the face and almost.... or maybe already blushing when Corporal Faizal shook my hand...but actually I wanted to jump.. and scream....but there have been too much jumping earlier.. as Sarge handed to me this certificate........

I gave a short speech as I never expected and never prepare to receive the award and Dr Malek the previous winner for the award was never asked to give any speech but if given an ample time to prepare, I would say this......

We, the Kiasu became Kiasu because our Trainers are the Kiasu-est of us all.... Who in the right state of mind would work on Hari Raya, Christmas and on Public Holiday???????

Who in the right state of mind would wake up at 3am and drive from Nilai at 4am to prepare the training field for us to train?

Who in the right state of mind without any sleep, would socialize to break the barrier & understand recruits better, and yet arrived earliest without any sleep to train us?

Who in the right state of mind would train us with a fractured ankle......

Yes.. none other than the OBC Trainers.

People from KL Alpha Platoons........... never had the chance to become friends but became Buddies instead!! That actually reflect the true meaning of One-1Malaysia.. from a Melayu, to India and Cina.. or maybe 1Global.. from Scottish to Aussie and Danish to Malaysians.... everybody became One family!

When we were struggling with heartbeat pumping to the tune of Techo-bass... .. When we were suffocating from the heaviest breathing.... When our Muscles had worn out and we became weaklings.... When our stomach rumbled and about to ejaculate vomit..... When our face became blue without any make-up...... when the mind starts seeing Stars... oh.. this one was real.... there were really Stars at six o'clock in the morning... but with all the pain and struggles... every recruits and every trainers and everyone irrespective of race, nationality and age...... will comeby to us and whispered to our ear those motivating and inspiring words that kept everyone to continue to push and give their best effort to complete the session with 110%!!! No one ever looked down at anyone no matter how slow and weak they are but instead carried them along in spirit and heart.


On that note, I receive the award on behalf of the whole Platoon in good spirit and a special thank you to SHOBHA.. without her, I would not have any nightmare and may have overslept in the morning and missed many Bootcamp sessions or probably already in London shopping.. Shobha is the key that provoked us all to continue and never gave up...

To Dr Malek whom never gave up to keep the whole platoon intact as one unit. When two of our KL Alpha recruit completed the Singapore 42km Marathon, Dr Malek and His wife surprised them with a Finisher Chocolate Cake.. and today... they both prepared the Platoon with yet...... another cakes..

A thank you note to my sister Rose Emini who gave me 25 missed-call daily to wake me up with failure (and send her maid to wake me up) every morning when Nawal is in London.

Last but not least........ to all RECRUITS that signed up for the 100% ACE with a PACT!!! Every morning, all that I can think of was the OUTFIT that you will make me wear if I missed any OBC session... The thought of training in Skirt... ala Kenny Smith really freak-me out... and because of that... my fitness and momentum in training became PERFECT!!! Thank you all for the frightening nightmares....

Although OBC is only 6-months old, it has changed the look and spirit of many people...But this is not the end....... next Year in January... February... and the months thereafter..... the ACE WILL RULE!!! and be prepared for another month of KIASU, CRAZY AND FUNTABULOUS SESSION!!!

and as always after most sessions especially since Peggy Hoegh is leaving Malaysia for good, the Kiasus went CAM-WHORING......


Rose, Nyna and a few girls were quite surprise to see Sergeant Sim damn solid body..... eh... alamak.......He is not suppose to know? ...... Sh@#T!!!  Sarge.. dont tell Sim!!

Many of us achieve the 100% ACE.... after our camwhoring session, we saw the KL BRAVO PLATOON TRAINING SESSION with ONLY 2 ATTENDANCE............

TWO (2) ONLY @ KLB......... Eeeeek............................!!!!

People......... We need to get KL BRAVO to join the KIASU 100% ACE PACT!!!!

The next Blog-post will be the DECEMBER KIASU ACE - HALL OF FAME..... Until then STAY TUNE......


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DKS 11- KLA BOOK OF RECORD.. When PJ befriended KLA

DKS10 = December Kiasu Session 10.
1 more Session COUNTDOWN for 100% ATTENDANCE & ACE!!!!!!!!!!! ...........

There must be an emergency for my maid to knocked on my door so late at night. I woke up abruptly feeling confuse, exhausted and empty......  While grabbing a weapon located by my bedside, I opened the door half naked with both eyes hardly open and saw my maid. "Apa dia? (What do you want)?", I asked in a husky and slow voice..... "Cik Emi (Rose Emini) asked to wake you up...", said the maid. "HAAA....? KENAPA.....? (WHAT.. WHY...?)", I asked, feeling abit confused thinking it is sill late at night......... and then it struck me... its BOOTCAMP day!!!!

I grabbed my handphone and saw the time.. 5:05AM........

Oh F@#K!!!!!!!!!! ..........and saw 25 MISSED CALL!!!!!! ......

AND THE PHONE RANG AGAIN............ I picked up.. and heard Emi's voice... before she could speak, I said.. I know.. I know.. I OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!!!! and hang-up!!

I was ready in 5 minutes..... Ok.. ok.... tipu..... I took 30 minutes including emptying the bowel etc.. to get ready and left the house at 5:30am, speed at 180-200km per hour and ARRIVED at 5:36am to see OSAMA's evil grin...and everybody else waiting for the Que to start.

Training session @ KL Alpha is always punctual at 5:45am sharp, a consistent discipline maintained by Sergeant Simran & KL Alpha'ians with the routine warming up. We were interrupted five minutes later by a convoy of two cars that arrived FASHIONABLY LATE... and out came a Mini Kojak with his spectacle and Beyonce!!!... ... and this was when it all began!!!

The convoy that ambushed and arrived fashionably late brought along with them a Christmas present of 60 groaning GRUNTS!! A record breaking moment for KL Alpha'ians... Thus far, the most number of grunts awarded to us was only 20. No wonder we had to import players from PJ.

There is no doubt that the Bootcamp training is already streneous, heart-pumping, blood sweating, tear-ful, fat burning and muscle firming session... but the additional imported Grunts added the final masochism touch with lots of extra Groans.... and moans.

There were three (3) part of workouts prepared for today. Part 1 commenced after the tearful groaning grunts, and everybody to stand into two lines. Each lines had to perform and alternate 2 sets of different workout each. The first set requires the first row to performed a Squat Hold whilst the second row did the squat jump.... the exercise was reversed to complete One set. After two sets of each, the workout was changed to Step Lunges & Jumping lunges, the Ballistic push-up & king kong push up, the jack knife & Flutter kick, The plank & tricep (cant remember the name) and finally the frog & ... (cant recall). Tomi, led the orchestra of moans with the biggest moan-er (don't bother looking at dictionary- most words are made up to suit the blog). My mind was still asleep and I can barely remember the exact  details of each workout... so I asked Adidas for more detail and if there was any mistake or error.. its because of Adidas...

The group was then divided into their respective Delta, Seal and Ranger grouping for the second part. One group was asked to run around the rugby field whilst the other two teams had to performed Starjump. When the second group starts running, the exercise was changed to Squat Jump for the two other group.

The group then proceeded for Part 3 to performed another circuit training........ that began with Seal Jack, Sprinting with Sandra Baglog, Push-up, deep squats, Jack Knife, Grunts, King Kong Push-up, Squat Jump and Star Jump... the duration of each exercises depends on the speed taken by the sprinter with Sandra. If the sprinter was slower, then we have to performed more repetitions of the listed exercises while waiting for their return.

With all the muscle aching workout, I burned a lousy 680 calories only... probably due to the newly discovered deformed knee cap that is still bearable but is consciously holding me back from giving in my 110%.

On a sampling of the four PJ'ians that attended KLA this morning, namely Mini Kojak, Beyonce, Cherry and Beaver....

.... we are not surprised with: (1) the number of grunts PJ'ians had to endure on every session and (2), why there was no-taker for 100% ACE-pact mooted by Angela Foo. Why.....? because from the random sampling of Four (4) Pj'ians, we can see how PJ'ians love AWOL as "A Way Of Life"..........

How fortunate are we to have the imported 60 Grunts from PJ today!! Please do come and join us again Mini Kojak, Beyonce, Cherry and Beaver.



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DKS 10- a knee-jerk that jerked my knee to KL SPORTS MEDICINE CENTRE

DKS10 = December Kiasu Session 10.
Another 2 more sessions for 100% ATTENDANCE & ACE!!!!!!!!!!! ...........

Three missed-calls from Rose Emini and I finally woke-up at 4:45am for the 10th Bootcamp session this morning against 2 other alarm clocks fixed at 4:30am. Last night sleep was heaven with the orgasmic 12km Malakoff run in the morning, a whole day rushing for errands and a late night drive to KLIA to export Nawal and Aaraf to London. My body, mind and soul happily ignored all the alarm-clock screams until the third missed-calls from Rose Emini...... which I immediately jumped out of bed and was ready in a nick of time to deprived the Kiasu... the pleasure to have me in a ridiculous outfit of their choice whilst training.

Today, at the 10th sessions......  there were fewer number of Bootcamp'ers.. but Sarge Simran, Shobha, Sulo, Shammy, Saroop, SSJ Chun, Suriana, S'Peckerman... (so many aSS'es at KL Alpha), Dr Malek, Farhanah, Farrah, Wai-Yee, Daniel, Danny, Ana and other hardcore Kiasu were all there before me........ Pheww.. I dont want to imagine the scene if I had overslept this morning.

With the fewer members and many AWOLS, we had the bonus Squat pulses and additional squat jumps which I did not mind at all even with the many 'magnifying glasses' closely watching me for any 'Cheat-form'....

Today, we had Sandra Baglog (Sand Bag) again.... and we had to RUN on tarmac whilst BEAR-HUGGING Sandra with BOTH ARM at CHEST level for the WHOLE duration....and this was when the knife-cutting knee pain that was first felt during yesterday's Malakoff race recurred forcing me to half-heartedly gave Sarge my Sandra..... with regret, but managed to complete the one hour killer session quite comfortably.

To avoid worsening the knee, I asked fellow Bootcampers for a Sports clinic and Faizal Ariff recommended the Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine or the  KLSMC at Jalan Dungun, Damansara heights, Kuala Lumpur.

I browsed to search KLSMC's contact number, found and called for an immediate appointment preferably today and the conversation prevails.............

"We can only give tentative time for appointment Sir", answered a lady presumably the receptionist. "...but you can come and wait here to see the Doctor and we will slot you in when the Doctor is available" She added.

"How long do I need to wait? I do not want to wait for hours.."I asked.

"There is no confirmation Sir, the Doctor is very busy and we have many patients waiting", reiterated the receptionist.

Thinking, Wow this place must be really good with the full appointments, I should make a proper appointment rather than wait for an available slot....... I then asked, "Could you schedule for an appointment with a fix time-slot for me to see the Doctor?.. Err not necessarily today".

"Oh no Sir, everyday is like this, we can only give a tentative time. The Doctor's schedule is full ALL the time", explained the Receptionist.

Now I became abit agitated and asked further, "There must be an appointment time for me to see the Doctor? I can't be going there and wait endlessly without any bearing on waiting-time?!!!".

To cut a long drama short, the Receptionist slotted me in for 11:45am appointment with DR SAW KHAY YONG MB ChB (Liverpool) MCh Orth (Liverpool), FRCS (Edinburgh) Consultant  Orthopeadic Surgeon (Knee & Shoulder-Arthroscopy)..................

Being punctual, I arrived at Wisma Perintis, where KLSMC was located at 11:35am and went to the 8th Floor to be greeted with a pleasant lady whom asked me to register... There was only 1 patient waiting at the waiting lounge.

I waited and was Blackberry-chatting with Rose Emini in boredom. I was about to walked out of the centre when the nurse called me in at 12:30pm...... 45 minutes later from my scheduled appointment time.

After a 7 minutes check-up with Dr Saw Khay Yong, I was asked to come back at 2:30pm for an X-ray and MRI. I left for lunch and came back for X-ray and MRI at the 5th floor. The MRI took 30 minutes which I slept throughout the session and another 10 minutes for the X-ray. I went back to Dr Saw's clinic, passed them the copy of the MRI and X-ray and again was asked to wait...................

I waited for another 1 hour and 2 minutes to meet Dr Saw Khay Yong to read the X-ray & MRI and explained the diagnosis in barely 13 minutes. The total bill for 20 minutes with Dr Saw, X-ray and MRI was RM1,280 (excluding Medicine) and I was recommended 3 sessions of physiotheraphy a week until the next appointment on Wednesday next week. A session of physiotheraphy will cost RM220 per session.

Dr Saw diagnosed and explained my knee-pain problem was due to a born-defective knee-cap location and gave me two handouts that were full with medical jargons and terms to read... so here I am translating the medical jargon into a layman's term. According to Dr Saw, I was born with both left and right knee cap (patella) that is not centrally located (sort of 'Senget') on the femur groove. The mis-aligned knee cap was caused by a fiber muscle that held it away from the center.

This imbalanced knee cap cannot spread any pressure evenly and caused the knee cap to rub against the femur that had escalated its 'wear & tear' and may have damaged the bone cartilage which can only be confirmed during the surgery. The MRI shows a fluid build-up between the joint that may also signaled an inflammation. 

For me to continue running, the suggested long-term solution is to do a knee surgery for re-alignment of the knee cap to the center on both knees. Whilst a car alignment cost between RM15 to RM20, a knee alignment is a whopping RM15,000-RM20,000 PER KNEE. Dr Saw proposed to undertake the 1 hour surgery for both knees which I will be on crutches for 4 weeks and AWAY FROM RUNNING FOR 6 LONG MONTHS!!! Subhanallah...

After the 12 minutes of consultancy, I was prescribed with Celebret and Romesee which I did not have a clue what those are but I went to their pharmacy located at the ground floor and asked. The pharmacist explained, the Celebret is a pain killer and Romesee is a gastric medicine, in case the pain killer caused any gastric...... I did not buy the medicine.

I had sufficient experience dealings with Private Practices having been to most major government and private hospital in Malaysia and private hospitals in the United Kingdom for Leukaemia, to say that the KLSMC or any Private hospitals hours of waiting for a given fix-time appointment is not be acceptable by any standard.

I repeatedly explained (a diplomatically way of complaining) to the receptionist and nurses that the hours of waiting is unacceptable and a fix-time appointment should be a fix-time but landed on deaf-ear under the SOP that the Doctor is busy! Everybody working there at Dr Saw's clinic are already accustomed to the Doctor being a busy man that left me wondering if the patient or the doctor is the fee-paying party. I wanted to speak to the Doctor but he was very 'rushing'.

I have very low tolerance for waiting especially more with an exorbitant bill and barely 20 minutes professional consultancy advice. With the diagnosis that requires a surgery, there wasn't any advice given on the Do's and Don't which will only be explained once I attended the RM220 per session physiotheraphy.

Beside burning 680 calories at the Bootcamp session today, the whole day today was wasted at KLSMC. Now, I am home alone... thinking what should I do? and how to achieve my running resolution for next year or should I retire from running.... and the plan outdoor activity with mountain climbing etc.....? and if I should continue with the Bootcamp in January knowing various exercises requires a strong knee....

Maybe I should get a second opinion from a fix-time, no-waiting specialist centre? but whatever it is, there is only TWO (2) more sessions at the Bootcamp in December for a full 100% ATTENDANCE... ACE!!!! I guarantee i will achieve it!


Malakoff 12km race @ Kiara Equestrian & Resort

I achieved my 2009 running resolution and ended my 2009 running calender with the Malakoff 12km run @ Bukit Kiara today. The Malakoff race this morning was my 11th race this year and my 30th race in total since I adopted running as a hobby. My 2009 resolution (or one of it) was to participate in at least 10 races in 2009. The longest distance I ran this year was the Great Eastern 30km run on 18 January 2009 after some 'technical error' in the Singapore 42km marathon registration.

Equipted with the Polar heart monitor watch, the strap & foot pod, water bottle bag, water bottle filled with accelerade (rehydration sports drink), iPod music, dry-fit socks, New Balance model 1223 running shoe,  Nike shorts, Malakoff vest, Halls extra strong candy and the timing-chip tied with the shoe lace...... I was ready to run!!

We parked the car and jog as a warm up for 10 minutes to reached the Start/Finish point and took a pink-wrist band as a form of registration. The race was flagged-off by Ahmad Jauhari, the Managing Director of Malakoff at 7am sharp. There were thousands of athlete running and the race began with a heart-throbbing 2km uphill route.... the killer!

The race was well-organised with sufficient supply of water & cups at all water stations, There were three water stations located at every..... 2km? All athlete was well hydrated. There were also lots of medic on standby by the roadside and most importantly there were negligible race marshalls on motorcycle & very few vehicle traffic that polluted the air with the exhaust-fume during the race... this unnecessary 'pollutions' was very typical in most other running events. Thumbs up to Malakoff, a race that I will never missed every year.

Abu lais Walli Mohamed and family too participated in the Malakoff race

After the first 2km uphill climb, runners were given another wrist-band that was white in colour and another wrist band in red as runners completed the 2nd running loop. The whole running route was hilly and heart throbbing but the weather was a runner's paradise.

At the first running loop, I met Shobha and Peggy, a fellow bootcamp'er running in pair. This run was Shobha's first race and Peggy's second. I saw Vinod, Shobha's husband earlier at the start of the race, standing under a lamp post and later waited by the finishing line for Shobha to complete her first race. Both Shobha and Peggy completed the race in 1 hour 17 minutes. Well done Shobha and Peggy!!!! The timing was good for a virgin runner.

(Picture from Left: Shobha Bala, Rose Emini, Nyna Mohsein and Peggy Hoegh

It was kind of Vivien Luyen to wake up early and gave us moral support by standing at the road side cheering us up and took pictures of fellow bootcampers cum runners. When we pursue the second loop, she went to the last 100 metre before finishing line and waited for everybody's arrival. Simran Latiff, the Bootcamp chief coach conveniently overslept and was marked DNS (Did Not Start) while Suriana Saiful,  the supposedly part of the cheering squad from the Bootcamp alongside Luyen too overslept and cheered us via Facebook at home under the comfort of her duvet instead.

With the three colourful pink, white and red wrist bands, I crossed the finishing line in 1 hour 25 minutes and burn a good 1170 calories.

It was a wonderful and pleasurable run.

After collecting the Finisher Medal, we..... Nawal, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Anita Ahmad, Fatin, Amy, Peggy Hoegh, Shobha Bala, Vinod Kumar, Rose Emini, Nyna Mohsein, Vivien Luyen, adjourned to Pelita, Desa Sri Hartamas for breakfast.

Faizal Ariff, one of our OBC coach had promised to wait at the finishing line to give us moral support but he too similar to his chief & Suriana had overslept... but came to join us for breakfast....  In fear of us not recognising him, he wore the scary grey Bulldog OBC T'shirt. It was kind of Faizal to wake-up early and joined us for breakfast or maybe he came to meet someone..... ?

(err.. dont get con by the plate of rice infront of me, I only had 4 half-boiled egg, tosei and Nescafe Tarik)

Until the next running even next year.. the New Balance 30km Race on 17 January 2009, Stay Tune............


DKS9 - The NEWBIES day

DKS9 = December Kiasu Session 9.
Another 3 more sessions for 100% ATTENDANCE & ACE!!!!!!!!!!! ...........

It was bring a friend day this morning and there were many Newbies with a total of 66 attendance (including existing members) that had their first taste of Bootcamp with the Squat Pulses......

Unbeknown to the Newbies, we have various jargons which I felt responsible to orientate or educate.


The most important jargon is AWOL.. which some understand by 'Absent-WithOut-Leave' or being absent without informing the OBC personnel via the Handphone number 0126682267 but actually AWOL means 'A-Way-Of-Life' with 'Additional-Work-On-Legs'!! Thats why we have to accept AWOLS as a way of life for a sexier legs!

Two form of exercises were designed for a sexier leg and 'form'... one that was specifically designed for women is called the Squat Pulses which the men too had to perform, to understand women's agony in that position... and why they can sometimes be extra noisy. The other exercise is the Grunts or modernising  the boring military position for men to be more aggresive but women had to performed the Grunts too for better understanding of how hard it can be and why men are abit quiet... breathless.

So understand the AWOLS and perform both the Squat Pulses and Grunts perfectly for better harmony.


Taking a water break while doing it can be an anti-climax.. so most of the time, water break is restricted to only 45-60 seconds for uninterrupted performances.Sometimes, when the trainers felt the existence of disharmony with some men or women taking longer break, while other men or women are eagerly waiting for some more, they will again prescribe the Squat Pulses or Grunts for better Harmony.

So please dont leave others wet, hanging and eagerly waiting while you take your own sweet time.


It is very difficult to do it without getting wet and sometimes we have to add some spices for additional pleasure by exploring with mud....and at times with some element of masochism via added toys such as ropes, tyres, sandbag and bluebarrel.

Dont worry, there are no additional or extra charges for the usage of other toys. It is all provided for on complimentary.


It is perfectly fine to groan, moan or scream while doing it. In the past, there was also name-calling and tearful cries probably from the saddistic moment in heaven and hell.


When the trainers speak, it means we will be torture.. so we MUST PROTEST by giving him the SILENT TREATMENT. If we speak while the trainer were talking, then we are not protesting and more torture will be prescribed with Grunts or Squat Pulses..

TALIBAN- Refers to the well beard-ed Trainer that can sometimes leave seniors and newbies feeling like committing suicide ala AlQaeda. You can take turn to shampoo his beard if you want to be nice to him although he kept his professionalism and his distance from getting personal or socializing with members.

OSAMA- refers to the big mouth and most talkative kiasu aka SNN

CHIEF KIASU- refers to the oldest by age and pioneer member of the OBC.

KIASU- Refers to everybody at Bootcamp although the level of Kiasu-ness may differ.

ACE- Refers to 100% ATTENDANCE, 100% COMMITMENT & 110% EFFORT!!!!

ACE-PACT - originated by KL ALPHA and refers to a PACT MADE with ALL KIASU (irrespective of camp) for FULL ATTENDANCE!!! Any Kiasu that missed any session, MUST wear an outfit that will be decided by the Board or the Council of Kiasus and TRAIN IN IT during OBC session. For more information see Kilt 2, Kilt 1.

KIASU BLOGGER- refers to OBC members and trainers whom are Bloggers. Other Bloggers at OBC are: Suanie, Trainer-Jason, Ravind and Ana Aziz.

SNN (OBC's CNN) - refers to Shobha News Network. Any gossips or news is fastest delivered via the SNN @ OBC... it will be broadcasted here at this blog once captured by ANN (Armin News Network).

FFK- Fong Fei Kei (in cantonese meaning- Chicken Out) the title FFK will be bestowed by the Council of Kiasu to whomever that 'Chicken Out' from training or benchmark timing.. so far nobody has been bestowed with the title yet.

SSJ- Sot Sot Jor aka 'Wayaq Putuih' aka 'Tiga Suku' aka 'Weirdo'  is a title bestowed by the Council of Kiasu to deserving member. So far only CHUN CHIA KAI SSJ (Hon) was awarded for his Weirdo-ness.

With that I hope all newbies are able to cope and understand the weird jargons used. Today's session was fairly friendly with the 66 participants divided into eight teams and gathered at 8 points that made-up a big circle. Whilst one team run around the big circle bypassing all the other team at the 8 points, every other team must performed a fix per point exercise.

The 8 fix per point exercises are as follows:

Point 1: (Where my team started), workout with Sandra Baglock (Sandbag). We had to perform Jumping squat with Sandra.
Point 2: Clapping push up
Point 3: Standing Push and Pull Rifle
Point 4: Rifle Military Sit-up. Performed sit-up with both the leg locked with a partner, then lower the body with holding the rifle up, then rise and pass the rifle to the partner before lowering the body back 45 degrees and so forth.
Point  5: Fat Rope Squat. With 4 members per side, we had to lift Ms Tee (Tali) and performed squat
Point 6: Starjump
Point 7: Planks
Point 8: Cross country

Once a team had completed the run across the big circle bypassing all the 8 points, then the next team (anti clockwise) runs while all other team move to the next point and performed the workout fix for that point. The whole cycle is completed once every team had ran, moved to all the points and performed all the fixed workout.
After the Newbies day.. aka BAF... (Bring  A Friend) day, 33 Kiasus went for breakfast and had a HooHaa merapu'ing (talked nonsense) time at Bestari Mamak Corner @ Desa Sri Hartamas.

Here are some snapshots..........

Kiasu being Kiasu, Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bhamadhaj, Nawal, Rose Emini, Nyna Mohsein, Farrah, Danial and Zaiem registered for the New balance 30km race on 17 January 2010.

On behalf of ALL the Kiasu..... Bon Voyage KENNY SMITH and do convey our warmest regards to Michelle whom had left for Australia earlier. You do need to be near Michelle after various overdosing beer session alone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... See you next year!!

To all the friends who are running the Malakoff 12km race this Sunday, all the best and have a good weekend.

Stay Tune.. Until next Monday for another session of AWOLS....


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DKS8- Today wasnt just the normal Ooohs and Aaahs..

DKS8 = December Kiasu Session 8.
(Note: Still 100% ACE- Attendance!! Commitment!! Effort!!... 4 more sessions to go!!!)

ALMOST.. Almost... ALMOST.... Almost overslept this morning. Slept through the ridiculously loud alarm clock and woke up at 4:50am instead of the normal 4:30am and immediately called Rose Emini and screamed we ARE LATE!!!!

The evil image of Shobha, the tongue sticking out image of Sulo, the Ear to ear smile of Kenny and Arvind's evil laughter gave me the first adrenaline shock... and somehow arrived at Padang Merbuk 5 minutes earlier than the normal 5:35am.

Today's session was full of Syiioks and shocks! After the wake-up-late shocks... we were shocked at Daniel Chong's sudden re-appearance from almost a month away from KL Alpha... Then we were shocked at the fat BLUEBARREL (Pirated name from Blackberry) before the triple shocked to the chest muscle and the more syiiok'ing but scary orchestra sounds of MOANS. Now we know how everybody sounded at Night...

The session of course, began with the routine 5 minutes warm-up before 2 set of squat pulses for 2 AWOLs. Yes ONLY Two (2) AWOLS.. I can feel my leg getting firmer thanks to the extra bonus workout!

The team was then divided into their respective Delta, Seal and Rangers. The Seal began their first session with a killer chest workout with Faizal Ariff.................8 sets of 1 minute push-ups per repetition with 10 seconds break between repetitions. Anybody that could not perform the full push-up either on toes or knees, will be asked to continue with trusters. It felt quite easy on the first few sets, I was able to do 31 push-ups in 1 minute on the first set. Second set, only 21 repetitions in 1 minutes, the third sets it gets lower with only 10 rep on toe and 10 rep on knees. The fourth set, only 4 reps on toes and 6 on knees. The fifth to the eight sets were all on knees with only 6 slow repetitions per set. If this continues for the rest of the month, 'Push-up' bra company maybe in trouble! Infact, bra company may be bancrupted.

.....or adversely, maybe men needs to wear bra?

With a burning chest and tricep, we moved on to the second circuit training with Sergeant Simran... with the introduction to BlueBarrel aka.... BB. We took turn with BB. With a starting position of a Bear-Walk, each Seal had to push the BB that weight at least 100kg, with one hand and as BB rolled-forward, we had to Bear-Walk to continue pushing BB again and again with one hand to the end-point located about 50 metres away. Whilst waiting for that one seal, other team members had to performed various cycle of exercises from push-ups (again!!), Star jump, Seal Jump, Shoulder press, mountain climbers, Military sit-ups, diamond push-up and Planks.

When the heavy BB did not want to roll over on Bear-Walk pushes, we turned to Crab-Walk and KICKED BB (padan muka)....

Then we moved on to the last circuit with Daniel Chong. The labelled by OBC ladies as cute and sweet instructor was actually tougher then they imagine.... Daniel introduced 2 sets of 6 types of abdomen workout with each sets comprised of the Jack Knife, flutter kick, monk sit-up, scissor legs, military sit-ups, side bridges and the cycle was continue again.... until there was a loud orchestra of Moans and a group multiple orgasm.

Men and women were all moaning from the 6 positions but the loudest moans was heard miles away by Delta Nyna, she was very noisy, probably because of the sweet instructor? Some had a very sweet moans but some were horrible and some followed with name calling Aaaaah Sulo.... Ooooh Shobha.... Peggy Oooohs.......... some even called out for god... Oh god.. God... oooh........... surprisingly no Kiasu moaned and called out hoyaah... hooyaaah.... hoyaaAAH... which would be abit retarded.

Now we know how everybody sounded like......... We went for a short recovery run before the warm up session.

Today's session was tough and after the session, everybody was speechless and many immediately rushed home.... maybe they had to change for being too wet.................. I mean from the wet field. After too many shocking event today, we have to give OBC a thumbs up for the adrenaline rush and definitely a big.......


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