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1 June 2012 is a historical and memorable date for my young partner Daing Daniel Fitri whom is also the Chief's Original Bootcamp most senior instructor. This date marked the day that Daing Daniel Fitri ended his bachelorhood to be wed his university love Nurfuadi Ruzali or more fondly known as Ody. The akad nikah ceremony was held at Ody's house that is located in Pandan Jaya. A small circle of close friends and family members were invited to share Dann's most auspicious moment and to witness the akad nikah. We were just in the nick of time before the the groom in a 5 car convoy arrived. Upon arrival, they coordinated the five trays with the dowry, gifts and presents for the bride. The five trays were carried by five beautiful ladies led by Dann's own sister Diana who is also a Taekwondo coach at the DDF Taekwondo Academy.


Kepong, 13 November 2011. Wong Siew Pang or more popularly known as Master Ben Wong (MBW) organised its first and biggest Taekwondo festival this year with three main event being contested under Sparring, Poomse and Destruction (breaking planks with fancy moves). There were three age divisions under sparring competition with age group category for 7 to 9 years old, 10 to 13 years old and 14 to 18 years old. This first Taekwondo festival had attracted more than 300 students.

There were 10 students of various categories competed under the DDF Taekwondo Academy whose President, Master Daing or full name Daing Daniel Fitri is also the highest ranking instructor at the Australian base, 20 years old military-inspired group outdoor training program, CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. Daing Daniel Fitri or more popularly known as Staff-Sarge (COBC) (P) Dann by the COBC fraternity was the protege of Master Ben Wong and was Malaysia former Gold Medalist for Taekwondo. Master Ben Wong is a 7th Dan Black Belt and one of the 8 Taekwondo Grandmaster in Malaysia. At his prime, Master Ben Wong was World Top 3 best Taekwondo fighter and was nicknamed the Malaysia Tiger. Master Ben Wong was also a former coach for Malaysia Taekwondo team.


On behalf of Chief Brabon the founder and Managing Director of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia and Global Master Trainer, on behalf of my partner Dr Malek Aziz and Daing Daniel Fitri, with effect from today, we are pleased to announced the promotion of Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Mohd Azhari and Chun Chia Kai from the rank of Corporal at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP to the rank of SERGEANT having satisfied the minimum hours spend (1) conducting sessions as a Commander at 5 platoons; (2) training in Grey as recruit for the past 18 months. The respective Corporals too, have satisfied the minimum sports science certification requirement and have thoroughly understood the culture, vision, mission and the spirit of Bootcamp.

I am also pleased to announce the promotion of Sarge Dann as the highest rank in the COBC, Malaysia and the sixth Staff-Sarge in the whole ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP network globally. He is the first Malaysian and the first asian to be promoted to one of the highest rank by Chief. Sarge Dann has satisfied the minimum hours required conducting sessions as a Platoon Commander for the past 18 months at 5 platoons (more than 1,000 hours as Platoon Commander) and had successfully groomed his subordinates to be capable of carrying out the duty of a Sergeant and had trained all the Lance Corporals that will soon to be promoted to the rank of Section Commander with the rank of a Corporal.


One thing that Sarge Dann cannot do on his birthday is to hide from the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Otais (old timers) and recruits .. Sarge Dann's birthday falls on Monday 20 June.. and immediately after Damansara Height Zulu session, the Otais from Bandar Utama waited impatiently for Sarge Dann... probably to ambush him!! That is probably the only way to return his 'training-kindness'..... Ironically, I was in Phnom Pehn when it all happen.. So Sarge, if you are giving out free grunts as an 'appreciation' to recruits.. remember I was not part of the plan bluwek...

June Choong, Suriana Saiful Yazan, Surani, Bobbee Chung, Raymond
Nor A. Othman & Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff


17 Days countdown for the first SASUKE MALAYSIA obstacle challenge. Click HERE to know more about Sasuke Malaysia. In less than 3 weeks, one of the contestant will be crowned the FIRST MALAYSIAN WARRIOR and to be witnessed by our YAB Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak and Youth and Sports Minister of Malaysia Dato Seri Ahmad Shaberi Chik.

The event that is scheduled to take place on 27 & 28 May 2011 at Putrajaya will be contested on Hari Belia Negara 2011. Contestant will compete in conjunction with the gathering of 1million Belia and will be broadcasted by TV NHK to hunt for Malaysian Warrior to represent our Country in Japan.

There are approximately 80 contestants but the closing date for entry is on 15 May 2011, so there is still time to register for those that is interested.

To register, click HERE. To prepare all contestant for Malaysia's unprecedented event and as a show of support for HARI BELIA NEGARA 2011 and to Zai Johari, the producer of SASUKE MALAYSIA, the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia had offered 2 weeks of training sessions at the Chief's training field in SUBANG USJ1 from the 15 May 2011. For further details get updates by always clicking on SASUKE FACEBOOK.

While we are counting down the days, the contestants are burning every seconds, every minutes training hard and harder.... Check out their training videos below. More videos will be uploaded later.


HELL WEEK quote of the day.......
Sargent Ashton to recruits in seeing them pike into knee pushups..... "GET OFF YA KNEES!!! chief told you to take your shoes off at the fence....did he forget to tell you to take ya skirts off too????? GET OFF YA KNEES!!" (From Emily Brabon FB Status)

Day 6, the final day of the Hell Week was more demanding than the 5 days combined! More of an operation Dessert storm.. or it felt like it having had to trained in more than 50 degree slope of sand at the Wanda beach, Sands Dune without any flat surface and longer hours than any other days.

The warm-up session itself was similar to Delta session at our normal bootcamp training.  As a warm up, the platoon had to carry the boat and mock rifles from car park to the 'dessert' and immediately, climbed up the 50 degree upward-slope sand-hill with rifles stretched straight above the head.
In the same slope gradient, hell began with 2 lap of 100 meter boat race. Running in deeper than ankle deep sand was already tough but to carry a boat on a hilly slope gradient? Teary...


DAY 5 at the HELL WEEK, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP redefines the actual meaning of Hell. Nothing beats the morning blues than endless repetitions of cardio cadence from Star Jump, Seal Jacks and pushups.  Then clock-running ala spec ops, 100 meter boat race (as in carrying the boat with arm stretched straight and run), another 100 meter boat race with boat on the shoulder, more piggy-bag the partner for 2 laps x 50 meter, drag the partner for another 2 laps x 50 meter but the worse was floating in deep freezing water without using the hand for 15 minutes. After that, the hell-weeker had to leapord crawl for 100 meter before performing a 'stand-ups' with boat (while lifting the boat, one knee down, both knee down and then stand up with one knee first then both). This was repeated for 20 repetitions before ending the day with 60 grunts.

Pictures compliment from Gunny Em.. the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Director of Operation..


Its day 4 at the HELL WEEK, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. There were no water-workout on Day 4 but an army Seal sort-of-in battle mode program. Each Hell-Weeker had to carry 15kg backpack, mock rifle, 5x 20kg jerry can, a stretcher and a 50kg dummy.

Then a fire & movement on sand with rifle for 200 meter..

These are snapshots of Day 4 at the Hell Week. Picture compliment from Gunny EM, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Director of Operations. 


DAY 3 at Hell Week, Sydney.... It gets tougher every day at Hell Week.

Activities on Day 2 in Hell,  includes almost 1 km of tyre drag (more like 2x laps of 400meter). The platoon was then divided into 5 pax per team carrying one team member into and out of the ice-cold water and walked 10 steps to dropped unto one knee for 4 sets (still carrying one team member) and repeated until all team members were carried into and out of the water and dropping on one knee for the whole 4 sets. Other kick-ass activities were drag & swap team mates and sea-shore workout with 40 reps of pushups, flutter kicks and situps. These workouts were performed in the water by the shore and the waves almost choked Sarge Dann. Shivering in cold, the day ended with 40 grunts and 2 huge laps running in the sand by the beach. 


Daing Daniel Fitri or SARGE DANN, the lead instructor at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA at Bandar Utama is the first Malaysian to attempt the HELL WEEK, the toughest course under the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program. The participation to the Hell Week is by INVITATION ONLY. I was invited too but regretfully had to postpone to next year having already spend time away from work to attend the 2010 ASIA PACIFIC ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP CONFERENCE that ended a day before the HELL WEEK (sorry Chief, Em).

The Hell Week starts at 5am before sunrise... in the dark... in winter... with temperature approximately 5 degree!!! Only Chief, Gunny and a few instructors are qualified to instruct the Hell Week. Similar to other ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program, every instructors are assessed and re-assessed to ensure of their competency and quality. Instructor for the Hell Week are of the fittest... they are easily recognizable by their exclusive Black Hell Week Tshirt. Those that survived the Hell Week will be honored with a Grey Hell-Week T'shirt in a special BBQ-Grad party.. Yess Dann... you should attend if you survived the Hell-Week... you deserve it!!


7 August 2010. Olympic Sports Arena, OCM Indoor Sports Complex. Aaraf Eid Pahamin Armin registered alongside 10 other participants from the DDF Taekwondo Academy to compete in the 2nd Gewinn League Taekwondo Championship.

This was Aaraf's second Taekwondo competition. The first competition that Aaraf compete was during the 5th Koko Crunch Junior Taekwondo championship in April 2010. As we arrived, we met Aaraf's previous opponent Putra Danial. Putra age 11, although very young but was very polite. He came to us and shook our hand. Putra Danial is a good fighter and had won various medals in previous competition. We wish him well for today's competition.


It was a surprise birthday party for Dr Malek Aziz & Daing Daniel Fitri..

For the past 1 month, Rose Emini Pahamin had created a FACEBOOK secret invitation to attend the D&D aka Doc & Dann surprise birthday party on 23 June 2010 @ Tony Romas. The theme was Army!!



21 JUNE 2010. The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA@ Bandar Utama was on prime-time news at 12pm and 8pm at TV 9. 

Featured in the short News was Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Dr Malek Aziz, Daing Daniel Fitri, Lizza Abdul Rahim, Ody Lana, James Fong, John Chua Leg & New Shoe (30%), Bahariah bahadom, Joe Liew Yaw Loong, Azmil (OBC-BJ), John Ong, Shearing Toh, Razlan Nizarudin, Erni Syazwani, Yum Kin Kok, Ruzina, Ili Liyana Baharon, Farah Z Ekmal, Sandy Roberts, Jasper Chai and others.


We will be featured at Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) on 29 June 2010, 7am... Stay Tune... 
P/s Now, got to practice conversing in proper Bahasa Malaysia without any kelatae dialect or Rojak language... 


ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP tm @ Bandar utama platoon commander Sarge Dann or his real name Daing Daniel Fitri had just passed his 5th Dan Black Belt assessment last month in April 2010 and is also a Taekwando instructor since 2002. Daing Daniel passed the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP assessment and promoted to a Sarge on 3 May 2010 (see: OBC Ranking). Daing Daniel obtained his Bachelor in Sports Science degree from the University Malaya and is currently pursuing his Masters in Sports Science specialising in Sports biomechanics, Coaching and strength training. Daing Daniel is also the Coach for University Malaya Taekwando team and National University Sports Council (MASUM).


Since Bandar Utama was given the approval as an Original Bootcamp franchise on 27 April 2010 (known as OBC-BU), Sarge Dann has been busy training the instructors and be trained. Trainers at the Original Bootcamp must be better and fitter than all the recruits. The recruits usually comprised of a good mix of athlete whom seek to improve their performance and couch potatoes whom had never exercise before. At the Original Bootcamp, the instructors led by example and train together with the recruits instead of the conventional old fashion ways of only bossing people what to do...

For the whole month in May, on non-OBC days,  the trainers met three times a week to perfected their forms and techniques.

We learn the correct form and techniques from Chief Brabon during the Original Bootcamp Academy. There, we learn so many different forms and technique that we had to digest it slowly via our own instructors training. More often, we discounted and/or compromised our forms and techniques during training which is not acceptable to any Original Bootcamp instructors.



11 April 2010, Kuala Lumpur. Nestle Koko Crunch held its 5th Junior TAEKWANDO Championship at the Badminton Stadium, Cheras.

The Junior Taekwando was open to all participants from 7 to 12 years old. DDF Taekwando Akademy sends 13 of its students to compete and AARAF Armin was one of the participants.

On 4 April 2010, Daing Daniel Fitri, the team Manager and Chief Coach brought the team to  the stadium to weigh and confirm the category according to their weights.

There were 10 categories available.The thirteen participants from DDF Taekwando Academy were placed in their respective category according to their weight:

1) Zia Izza Ilham - (Weight: 24kg) (Category: Fly 20.1kg - 25kg) (DOB: 150499)
2) Adam Khairiel -(Weight: 20.5kg) (Category: Fly 20.1kg - 25kg) (DOB: 281202)
3) Darwish Khairiel (Weight: 22.2kg) (Category: Fin 16kg - 22kg) (DOB: 010203)
4) Mohammad Luqman Nulhakeem (Weight: 28.1kg) (Category: Batam 25.01kg - 29kg) (DOB: 081299)
5) Mohd Ammar Sofyan (Weight: 30kg) (Category: Feather 29.01kg - 33kg) (DOB: 110202)
6) Muhammad Hilmi Abdul Rahman (Weight: 31.5kg) (Category: Feather 29.01kg - 33kg) (DOB: 131100)
7) Ahmad Hadif Ahmad Fadzil (Weight: 30.7kg) (Category: Feather 29.01kg - 33kg) (DOB: 200901)
8) Aqfar Naeem Lais (Weight: 29.5kg) (Category: Feather 29.01kg - 33kg) (DOB: 090401)
9) Zia Ikmal (Weight: 38.2kg) (Category: Welter 37.01kg - 41kg) (DOB: 050500)
10) Aarad Eid Pahamin (Weight: 41kg) (Category: Welter 37.01kg - 41kg) (DOB: 101203)
11) Zia Izzuddeen (Weight: 42.7kg) (Category: Light Middle 41.01kg - 45kg) (DOB: 200598)
12) Mohamad Rizal Izwan (Weight: 46kg) (Category: Middle 45.01kg - 49kg) (DOB: 160998)
13) Nor Marissa Alia (Weight: 34.5kg) (Category: Light (Girl) 32.01kg - 36kg) (DOB: 020799)

Aaraf almost did not qualify for his weight category being 41.3kg 2 days before the measurement but after an intense dieting, he managed to barely qualify for the Welter wieght category. Being only 7 years old weighing 41kg, Aaraf may end up fighting boys much older than him. All participants weighing 41kg are either 11 or 12 years old.

After the weight measurement, the team except Hadif, gathered for a photo-shoot. Hadif was in Terengganu during the measurement.

Nor Marissa Alia was the only girl from DDF Taekwando Academy and she is competing under the (girl) light weight category.

The competition was held a day before my Proton Edar Dealers Malaysia, 11th Annual General Meeting and Dealers convention. We arrived at the Stadium at 8am to register and prepare Aaraf for the competition. Aaraf's was given number 46. The match began with the lightest to the heaviest and unfortunately Aaraf was the last few.

The first team was called and gathered...

Aaraf, Hadif and others waited impatiently for their turn... Dato Ahmad Fadzil and Datin Azura Halim too came to support their son Hadif but they disappeared even before the match began......

There were thousands of spectators.. mostly parent and siblings of participants.

Daing Daniel Fitri, the Coach briefed the first batch... These last inspirational words and reminders are statements that will determine the champion.

After the final briefing, they warmed-up... It is not easy to produce a Champion but being the Champion in the past, Daing Daniel have both the patience, experience and passion to produce more Champions...

The first team are now ready for battle.....

Aqfar Naeem, Abu Lais's 9 year old son is also competing his first match... Naeem's mother Anita Ahmad (Left Picture- in pink shirt hugging the handbag), was restless and even more panic than Naeem himself.

Naeem fought well but lack the fighting experience in tournament. Naeem lost the fight but a winner in spirit. With more training and more competitions, Naeem can me moulded into a fighter.

Nor Marissa Alia fought at the other court next to Naeem. She too was fighting her first tournament and is the only girl from DDF Taekwando Academy.

Next was Ahmad Hadif Ahmad Fadzil. Hadif seemed all so confident.

Hadif fought and was kicked in the face the moment the match began. Although abit demoralized but Hadif did not give-up and continued although he was in tears and pain.

Mohd Ammar Sofyan took his position and was very high spirited but when he was kicked hard, Ammar could not regained his composure at his opponent's advantage. Ammar too lost the fight.

Aaraf and his friends watched others fighting. 

The second team to fight then called in to standby......... 
There were ushered into the stadium..

Mohamad Rizal Izwan (Picture below) too fought hard...

and finally, its the next team........ and Aaraf too!!! The team began warming up......

Zia Ikhwan was the first to be called. Ikhwan fought well against his opponent.....

IKHWAN won the first fight.................

Then its Adam Khairiel ...

Aaraf was called to be on Stand-by and queue for his turn.

Putra, Aaraf's opponent was seated beside Aaraf.  Putra, 11 years old from rawang has a strong athletic build with good strong bdy frame and composure.

Putra was friendly...... he spoke and and made friend with Aaraf but Aaraf was too shy  and did not speak much except for a few words.

Both Aaraf and Putra went to the fighting court when they were signaled. Nawal, Anita, Ikhwan and I were worried... Putra looked too strong for Aaraf.

Aaraf & Putra bow and the competition began.

Putra was very good. The moment the match started, he attacked and Aaraf was stunned at how fast he was. Aaraf could only be on defensive mode but lost his guarding block when Putra endlessly attacked him.

Aaraf was too stunned and lost control of himself especially in having his guarding block.... Nawal was screaming GUARDING BLOCK AARAF... GUARDING BLOCK!!!

 Aaraf was badly kicked... Aaraf's friend Ikhwan was getting agitated and I overheard him saying........ We cant let this happen..... lets go down and beat -up that guy!!! Although that intention cannot be condone, but it was heart-felt to hear Ikhwan being so concern on Aaraf.

Although Aaraf was badly kicked and beaten, the fighting spirit was in him. Aaraf tried to attack and returned those many blow.........

but Putra being many years older and more experience was too fast and retaliated with more blow. Aaraf's freinds screamed AARAF.. AARAF..... AARAF......AARAF........ !!

But Aaraf did not give -up.  I repeated to Aaraf many times... it is not about winning... what is more important is to NEVER GIVE-UP...

Aaraf was badly shaken, in pain and in tears......... but Daddy is very proud that he stayed, fought and gave his best effort. Mummy's heart was broken to see her baby beaten.

Aaraf had blue-black bruises along his waistline and legs but Aaraf is very determine to train harder and especially in losing weight. The lesson to learn when it comes to fighting....... is to always train and train harder and harder.

Aaraf opponent, PUTRA went on to fight and won SILVER!!! and first runner-up.

Ikhwan and Adam Khairel from our team from DDF Taekwando Academy, won Bronze.


Everybody gave in their best effort. Zia Ikhwan & Adam Khairel, we are proud of you........ Next time bring back a Gold..

As promise, I will bring everybody out for lunch or dinner....... anywhere at the children's choice.

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