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Afiza Abdul Halin was born a Virgo some 29 years ago to a family of lecturers. Her father was a lecturer, mom was a lecturer, her two other siblings are both lecturers and so are their wives but the blacksheep of the family chose to be in the corporate sector instead. Afiza is also the youngest, the only daughter and probably the most stubborn in the Halin family. To top them all, Afiza owned a strong handsome Spanish Stallion that is popularly known as Jorge, the husband. Jorge was one lucky catch for not many can tolerate the only princess of Halin being too manja, spoiled and pampered.. Jorge is the world to Afiza.

The sweet tanned skin lady known to her comrade at the Chief's Original Bootcamp by her trademark pink-short was brought up in a little town in Bandar Baru Bangi and spend most of her childhood venturing into sewers and forest. She was born hyper-active and spend most of her free time picking on boys by throwing stones on them and when there are no boys, she would climb up rooftops and trees to steal her neighbor's rambutan fruits. That became the foundation of her solid upper body and she did make the most of that lengthy leg from the early age by chasing chicken and at time, be chased by dogs.. As she grew up older, she stopped climbing trees and stopped chasing chicken but started cycling, blading and even reading!! 

With that childhood foundation working out with trees, rooftops, chicken and dogs, Afiza quickly became good at long jumps, high jumps, hurdles, sprinting and disc throwing at school and later in college. She loved team sport the most and was active with Handball, volleyball and netball. With that super-hyper lifestyle, Afiza was blessed with a fit body during her teens and college although her regular meals includes endless kuey teow goreng, nasi goreng and sambal petai.
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