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Blog, Facebook & PKR Youth Exco (Part iv)


The list of PKR Youth or AMK (Angkatan Muda Keadilan) for the year 2008-2011 is available at AMK WEBSITE.


"Practice makes perfect" (John Adam (1761) was one of my favourite phrase. So easy it was searching for PKR Youth Exco or Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) members list having repeated the same for UMNO and PAS Youth exco members.

AMK has the biggest number of Youth exco members with a total of 46 youth compared to UMNO 43 youth and PAS 36 exco members.

From the 46 AMK members, only 5 AMKs are registered on Facebook (FB) and owns a blog compared to 7 UMNO Youthand 8 PAS youth exco.

1) Youth Chief: Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin (see: Shamsul FB, Shamsul Blog1, Blog 2)
2) Vice Chief: YB Amirudin Shari- Johor (see: Amir FB, Amir Blog)
3) Asst Sec: YB Chang Lih Kang (see: Kang FB, Kang Blog)
4) Director Parliament & ADUN: YB Nurul Izzah Anwar (see: Nurul FB, Nurul Blog)
5) Exco: YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (see: YBNik FB, YBNik Blog)

....and 10 AMK with ONLY an FB account without any Blog compared to 14 UMNO Youth and 5 PAS Youth.

6) Tan Wei Wun (see: Wun FB, NO Blog)
7) Wan Khairul Ihsan Wan Muhammad (Kelantan Chief) (see: Ihsan FB, NO Blog)
8) Zara Zahari (see: Zara FB, NO Blog)
9) Amizuddin Ahmat (see: Amiz FB, NO Blog)
10) YB Chan Meng Kai (see: Kai FB, NO Blog)
11) Jafrien Muhammad (see: Jaf FB (dormant), NO Blog)
12) Latheefa Koya (see: Koya FB, NO Blog)
13) Mohd Najib Onn (see: Najib FB, NO Blog)
14) Muzaffar Shah Khairuddin (see: Muz FB, NO Blog)
15) Halim Aziz - N.Sembilan (see: Halim FB, NO Blog)

AMK has the biggest number of 6 exco with only a blog but without FB account compared to 2 UMNO Youth and 4 PAS Youth.

16) Director Strategy: YB Yusmadi Yusoff (P.Penang Chief) (see: NO FB, Yusmadi Blog)
17) Director Election: Fariz Musa (Terengganu Chief) (see: NO FB, Fariz Blog)
18) Ahmad Zaki Yamani (see: NO FB, Zaki Blog)
19) Pajudin Nordin (see: NO FB, Pajudin Blog)
20) Zamri Sapar - Perlis (see: NO FB, Zamri Blog)
21) Saiful Izham Ramli - Kedah (see: NO FB, Saiful Blog)

BUT there are 25 AMK Youth that is without both FB and Blog compared to 20 UMNO Youth and 19 PAS Youth.

22) Deputy Chief: Mohd Faris Musa
23) Vice Chief: Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin- Selangor Chief
24) Vice Chief: Tan Seng Toh- Melaka
25) Secretary: Zulkifar Ali Ariffin
26) Asst Sec: Mahharul Ismail
27) Treasurer: Mohamad Zamakhsari Ibrahim
28) Info Chief: YB S. Kesavan
29) Dep Info Chief: Shamsul Hidayat
30) Mohd Husaif Mohd Jalal
31) Abdul Rahmad Abdul Hackeem
32) Ahmad Nazif Johari
33) Eric Khor
34) Faizal Effendi Hasim
35) Ginie Lim Siew Lin
36) Hasmuzair Hassan
37) Muhammad Gaddafi Kamal
38) P. Saravanan
39) Hj Ramlan Roes
40) T. Kumar
41) Zulkifli Ibrahim
42) Rizal Jamin - Pahang
43) Anuar Zakaria - Perak
44) Md Zaman Mohd Tasi - W.Persekutuan
45) Abd Razak Jamil - Sabah
46) Rahamat Idil Latif - Sarawak

From the above, we can see that 52% of AMK are connected on cyber either through FB or Blog or both compared to 53% of UMNO Youth exco and 49% of PAS Youth exco.

But only 24% of AMK are Bloggers compared to 21% of UMNO Youth and 34% of PAS Youth. It is worth noting that my statistics only record youth exco members that owns a blog and register an FB under their personal name.

PAS Youth being an islamic party would probably sincerely register a blog personally under their own name (hence the highest percentage of bloggers) and maybe UMNO youth (with 21% bloggers) has not awoken from sleep BUT I believe most of AMK are bloggers and are blogging in-hiding under ANONYMOUS blogs and quietly dominating the blogosphere against the government... DSAI style even before the last election... so much so that UMNO didnt even know what hit them.

Suffice to say our presence on cyber too must be felt to be relevant.... Cut, paste, post and publish articles from the main stream media that is typical in most umno blogs & FB only displays lackadaisical effort and probably a signal that the secretary updated their blogs or FB page on their behalf.


The famous Anus and LIWAT

I have to admit that learning is a lifetime process. I learn new language and new terms daily. Whilst I would understand LIWAT is sodomy in Malay languange, L.I.W.A.T. is also an abbreviation for Liberation of International Working Group for Anwar in Turkey. Recently I also learn that the opposition abbreviation P.K.R. also stands for Parti Khinzir Raksasa.

Whilst the allegation of Anwar Ibrahim’s liking for young men are of national interest (considering sodomy is an offense by Malaysia law) can he really be the alternative to Abdullah Badawi as the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

The people had conveyed their dissatisfaction on Abdullah Badawi government by depriving Barisan National of not only from a landslide victory but also from its 2/3 majority in the last general election but all the component party executives seems to be fully supporting Abdullah. Can Abdullah given a chance, drive Malaysia to achieve the Barisan National Vision 2020 and stabilise the economy from the drastic increase in fuel price and the price of essential items?

Since all Barisan National component party rallied behind Abdullah and agreeing to whatever and everything that Abdullah or the 4th floor boys submit, what will happen to Malaysia if Tun Dr Mahathir stop issuing statements?

Given the failure in the people’s move to awake our Prime Minister from sleep in the last general election and the failure in Tun Dr Mahathir endless call for Abdullah to step down, Anwar Ibrahim became an important instrument in the public’s effort to ‘humble-lise’ BN.

Tun Dr Mahathir had brought us out from both the late 80s and the 1998 recessions which Anwar Ibrahim failed when he was the Deputy Prime Minister cum Finance Minister in the last recession. Anwar almost sold Malaysia to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and most businesses were almost bankrupted when he increased the interest rate for his political gain in the last recession which was reversed by Tun Dr Mahathir when Tun resumed the post of Finance Minister when Anwar was sacked.

What has the public benefitted from Abdullah’s government? The current infrastructure developments were all of Mahathirism. There is currently no such thing as Abdullah’ism except for the Islam Badawii.. eh.. hadhari.. which even I do not understand. Now, even the islam Hadhari concept had disappeared from the public. What is perceived and felt under Abdullah’ism is the toll price increase (for highway that was completed even before the construction material prices increased), the petrol price increase, electricity bill increase and all other essential items price increases. What is also pronounced under Abdullah’ism is the announcement of the National Automotive Policy (NAP) by only his special officer. Certainly a policy of national interest should be announced by at least a cabinet minister or the Prime Minister himself raising doubt on Abdullah’s credibility or Abdullah’s trust in his Ministers. This again proves the significant of the 4th floor compared to other cabinet Ministers. Typical of Abdullah, once the announcement went sour, his deputy Najib Razak was appointed Chairman of the automotive policy and typical of Najib to accept and become a yes man. As a consequence of the NAP, majority of the public were not able to sell and dispose of their car due to the revision in the used car prices or risk having to pay the bank extra payment to settle the balance car loan. Many used car dealers were bankrupted holding stocks of cars that now fetches below their cost price and new car dealers sales plummeted as buyer were not able to trade in their cars (to buy a new car), to say the least.

Businessmen had to absorb all the increase in operating cost without much assistant from the government. Abdullah’s indecisiveness in the future of Proton too raises further doubt on his long term vision and his commitment to BN’s vision 2020. The vision 2020 is a BN’s future direction which Abdullah as the Chairman of BN should see through its success. Without the vision 2020, there is no other long term vision of Barisan National. Proton and the automotive sector contribute significantly to the national GDP growth and a constant annual GDP growth of at least 8% is imperative to ensure the Vision 2020 is realised. Where is Malaysia future direction now and it is doubtful Abdullah is able to drive Malaysia with his indecisiveness. It is even doubtful that the 9th Malaysia plan can even materialise fully.

Previously, with the mega-projects under Tun Dr Mahathir government (or at least those that was not scrapped), we could at least see our money spend on tangible outlook that benefited the public rather than under Abdullah’s 'corridors' that was launched and awarded as a carrot for the last general election cum the year end UMNO assembly but nothing has started whilst our country's money are depleting, petrol subsidy reduced and the public's disposable income are deteriorating.

It is also a fact that our crime rate had multi fold since Abdullah took the premiership. These are issues that affected our daily life and however positive the statistics that the government portrayed are all immaterial as we felt the negativity in our daily life when we refuel our petrol, shop for groceries, replace our existing car and walk down the street fearing the mat rempik, thugs and snatch thieves.

What can Anwar & his PKR offer that BN cannot? An opportunist by nature, whatever weaknesses in BN is Anwar’s marketing strategy but what is Anwar’s long term vision? True and it is also a known fact that Anwar and PKR long term vision is to make Anwar Ibrahim as the new Prime Minister but that is Anwar & PKR vision, mission and objective! How can Anwar becoming the Prime Minister benefits the public? What about Malaysia’s long term plan and strategy that is probably better than the 9th Malaysia Plan and better than the Vision 2020?

There is no future plan and direction with Anwar and PKR but we do need Anwar to ‘humble-lise’ BN. But Anwar is only important as an opposition and NOT as a government. There is no glory felt in Abdullah’s government given his indecisiveness in everything and if Abdullah resign, Najib will be the next Prime Minister. A man whom half his life was spend as a cabinet minister and never took a stand or so we see. What and how can Najib drives Malaysia further being a yes man all his life in cabinet… if he ever become the Prime Minister! I am speculating that Abdullah is strategising the removal of Najib by planting a reverse psychology that suggested Najib was involved in framing Anwar with the sodomy charges (over and above the Altantuya tragedy to discredit him). When Anwar accused the government of conspiring with Saiful to lodge a police report against him, Abdullah was quick to deny his involvement but went on to say that he did not think Najib had anything to do with it too, indirectly suggesting that Najib is in fact was the culprit for the alleged conspiracy. Najib had to deny, when neither Anwar nor anybody had ever accused Najib.. except indirectly by Abdullah whom triggered with the drop of hint. Najib's denial became a headline frontpage news in all medias (hence government-own media). Wan Azizah (Anwar’s wife) then met with Abdullah for assurance on Anwar' safety further suggested a conspiracy at the highest level. Having announced Najib as his successor, Abdullah and his 4th floor boys had to orchestrate other means to remove Najib and take the highlight away from the public on the Malaysia poorly managed country and economy. It is believed (Abdullah's greatest fear) that Najib is repeating and adopting Anwar previous strategy in removing Tun Ghaffar as the Deputy PM. Even before the election, Anwar’s boys were able to gather enough nomination that left Ghafar Baba with no other choice but to concede defeat. A season politician and always fronting a ‘Yes man’, Najib should be able to gather enough nominations for the President’s post this incoming branch and division meetings in July. This make Najib as Abdullah’s greatest threat after Anwar.

Given the long term Vision 2020 of BN, there is no doubt we need BN as the government but what we needed more now is a strategist and a driver for Barisan National and Malaysia as how Matthias Chang viewed Tun Dr. Mahathir as the Prime Minister. Tun was the sun and the Cabinet was the moon. The moon’s glow is the reflected shine of the sun. Hence, the ministers were perceived to have been effective. Sadly, today, we are experiencing a total eclipse! There is no shine coming from the Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi and as such how can we expect any reflected glow in the Cabinet? ... and the glory of Malaysia.

Good luck to us Malaysian…
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