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Vimalendran Shanmuganathan, aged 30, is a graduate from the University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI) and the co-founder of, an online e-commerce specializing in toys, gadgets and collectibles (action figures) that was established in 2009 as a hobby, and it still is. Vimalendran is also currently attached to Hewlett Packard and whatever balance time he has, he sing as the lead singer and guitarist for a band that was founded in 2001 called the Qings & Kueens.

Vimalendran's life is at his primest being a successful singer, guitarist and an e-commerce entrepreneur over and above the career at Hewlett Packard. He even recorded his own album in 2004 and received various invitations to perform at weddings, Corporate events and private functions. In 2008, Vimalendran traveled to Singapore for a performance, a shopping trip and an apparent holiday with his girlfriend then. The performance was well received and went smooth, Vima bought himself a pair of jean and wore it for a nice romantic dinner before departing out of Singapore but the planned romance was short lived. Vima's love life ended that night when both Vima and his girlfriend decided to be separated and chased each other's dream.

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