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If we can measure health and fitness in monetary term, many people would be in overdraft or in great debts. Yes, that is how we had neglected our health. Likewise, there are these bunch of people whom are multi-millionaires (in health and fitness) having consistently workout for years at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. 

To make sure everyone is in the right path and direction, COBC organized a quarterly get together with recruits and the first partyfor this year 2016 was held at the Chef & Brew on 17 April 2016. This event was originally organised on a monthly basis the soonest we completed our 1 month of training. Heck.. in those days, not many can survive the whole month consistently without missing a session and that calls for a celebration (Actually we just want to party) but as time passesby, 80% of recruits every monthh are returning recruits and the one month of consistent training felt abit too easy. So we started celebrating it every quarter. We deserves to party after being discipline and consistent with our training.

This party too was organised so recruits can get up close and personal with COBC trainers from other platoons, acquainted with recruits from other platoons and as well as get to know those behind the scene, COBC admins. There are in total 10 platoons in total.

It was great to see Anna Chai, Danny, Surani and others whom has been working out at the Chief's Original Bootcamp as early as its inception in 2010. There were a few recruits whom had just join the bootcamp less than a month and I do hope you all were inspired to hear the success stories of the otais. Success is in term of discipline, weight lost, fat lost and as well as athletic performance. The oldest recruit in our bootcamp network are in their 60s and the youngest recruit is 17 years old. Todate, we have trained more than 9,000 recruits and majority of them are now avid runners, marathoners, ultramarathoners, cyclists and as well as triathletes.

Everyone shared their experience and journey towards a better health and fitness. At the Chief's Original Bootcamp, it is not always about health and fitness, it is all about friendship and a strong support community.


Every month we get-together and gather to celebrate those people that had ACE'd their workout session, motivate those that did not ACE, inspire the newbies or those that had just hopped on the fitness bandwagon and keep the aspiration burning for those that is seeing results. What is an ACE? click HERE to know more about ACE. I know we have all the reasons to party and every month, we really loosen ourselves up and simply...... party!!! life can be so good.

This community from all walks of life from a company director, business owner to a restauranteur or hawker operator with different races and religion have been together for the past 22 months and the community has grown to more than 4,000 registered recruits. Although from various background, age, races and nationalities, we share only one thing in common.. we share the same passion in Health!!! With health, cum all the multiple orgasm in fitness, athletic speed and agility, physical appearance and of course hotbods.

The party that we organized is always in a theme and past party themes include:

1) First June Party 2010- World cup,
2) Second July Party 2010- White & Denim
3) Third & Fourth Aug & Sept Party 2010- Hari Raya
4) Fifth October Party 2010- the Nerd & Geek
5) Sixth November Party 2010- Hats Off
6) Seventh December Party 2010- Christmas
7) Eight January Party 2011- Kampong
8) Nine February Party 2011- Pyjamas
9) Tenth March Party 2011- Stripes & Polka Dots
10) Eleventh April Party 2011- Cowboys & Cowgirls
11) Twelfth and Thirteenth May & June 2011 Party- Superheroes 
12) Fourteenth July Party: Green & Yellow
13) Fifteenth & Sixteenth August & September Party- Halloween
14) Seventeenth October Party- Wear your before COBC old cloth
15) Eighteenth November Party- Luau Hawaiian
16) Nineteenth December Party- Smoking Jazzy Roaring 20s
17) Twentieth January Party- Gennaio Festo Italiano
18) Twenty First February Party- Mexicano

With many party theme experimented, this party... we... err... get in line with the latest Hollywood in-fashion with the checker shirt and set the theme as the "Checkered and Funky Glass tea party"!! The venue chosen was at the Library, First Subang. Yup.. you heard it right!! The good and decent people like us hang out at the Library.


Ya know...  these people partied again over the weekend.. With them.. its either party, eating, running or exercising... and this time its another graduation. Graduation from what? yaa.. you are right... Graduated from another successful month of consistent, hardwork and teamwork towards training to achieve our own personal goal. But WHY must graduate? because for us to move forward, we must acknowledge however much we have improve this month compared to previous and what will be our next target for the next month. This month, we party in Mexico!!! err.. I mean Mexico theme rather...

Ay Yariba yaribaaa..... In line with our theme, we held our party at the Las Carretas, Mexican Restaurant at Damansara Heights and it was organised for High-tea because with our healthy lifestyle now, bedtime is at 9pm? So we gathered to Mexico and arrived there in time for a feast at 5pm... As always there were almost a hundred that came.


Its our party again!! Yes, if there is one date that we should always diarise every month, then it is the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) monthly party!!! and no it is not restricted to only COBC recruits but it is open to every friends, bruder & sista of the recruits.. Heck.. it is open to everyone whom wants to be part of the most passionate circle of people in health and fitness. Every month, there will be a theme chosen for the day. The theme for January 2012 party was ... err.. Italian!!!! It was abit tough to dress at first.. but with a little bit of Google'ing I came out with er... Antonio Banderas??!! but then.. he was not handsome enough and had to google for more optiond.. The next name that came out was err.... Luciano Pavarotti? but then.. I am too lean to be Pavarotti.. so... google some more.. google and google.. finally, I decided to be ArminO BaniazO!!!

Armino Baniazo???

Haiiih... Whatever... *scratching head...


Why the 1920s as a theme? ...err why not? To commemorate the 20s theme, we invited those retired mafiaso.. Al Capone, Mussolini, Charlie Chaplin and kunta kinte. We were also lucky we managed to trace back and bring along with us cowboy Doc Holiday but failed to find billy the kid. Okay.. they were older than the 20s but historic enough.

In search for the correct wardrobe for the event, the original idea was to dress up as Al Capone, the most famous personality in the 20s.. which should not be so hard but after various attempt, I ended up looking as Al Capoot. The venue for the historic gathering was at the Taps, opposite Istana Hotel. The Taps is owned by Viki Lim's family and naturally, we would of course support those within our circle. We arrived at 6:30pm sharp and was happily thinking that we were the earliest but Corporal (COBC) (P) Wan beat us to it. He was earlier! darn...

Upon arrival, I was smitten by Corrine Griffith (picture on right).. though her hair was longer than that during her prime time in the 20s but she still look gorgeous.. after almost 100 years, she does not seemed to age but according to rumours, she had changed her name to.. err... Nawal Aini Zulkifli ?? (sorry ar.. collect point sikit). A few minutes later.. Doc Holiday arrived!! without the famous thick mustache... clean shaven.

There was also a rumor that the 1920s Jazz King Louise Armstrong will be coming around.. and also Hitler was rumored to make a presence. Who does not want to be there especially for the most talked about COBC Hotbods Party!! The Chief's Original Bootcamp celebrated its 19th Graduation party as the closing for the year 2011


One weekend down South and another up North and then again down South and up North.. Somehow, these domestic traveling seemed inevitable with little trip being made to the east coast, my own home town. Before the weekend, my cousin wati was married to ASP Hussein in Kelantan but I was engaged with PROTON annual convention and had to give it a miss. Otherwise, it would have been, down South, East Coast, up North and down South again.

It began with a good unprecedented move to bercanda di atas beca (moments on trishaw).. err actually it was to avoid Penang's impossible traffic. Traffic jam should be synonyms with KL'ites but traffic in Penang was near impossible! Traffic in KL would slowly flow bumper to bumper which was caused by a high number of vehicles on the road but traffic in Penang was a complete stopped and stalled, bumper to bumper with no movement at all due to the traffic light. If there is one thing that Penang needs, it must be in a city ring-road-fly-over or a bypass without the traffic light (take note Guan Eng).

The moments on trishaw was err.. mesmerizing until the picture appeared on Facebook and within seconds.. the first comment from the dozens, read out...


CHAPTER 5: WET DREAMS. "Psst psst.. Armin, can we request permission to throw Staff Sarge (COBC) (P) Dann into the pool?", whispered someone to me! I look at him with a huge grin and replied, "Err.. You can if you can catch him!! But I dont think you are able too unless, you ambush him!!". Then I added, "If he is going in, you mind as well get everyone inside the pool too!".

That was how it all started and before you knew it.. the dream bods became a wet dream!

No one was sparred!! First it was Lance Corporal (COBC) (P) Resh and when the six-footer instructor went down, he immediately targeted Lance Corporal (COBC) (P) Ridz~


CHAPTER 5: THE CONFESSION. Part of the Hotbods monthly party and gathering was also to share personal experiences in training, diet, physical achievements and as well as for networking. I have always been keen and enthusiastic in outdoor activities. During my younger days (err not that I am now old but...), I have always wanted to conquer some mountains. Aspired by some tale of a pretty mountain princess ala Puteri Gunung Ledang in the legendary tale of Hang Tuah, my imagination sometimes can astray really wild. Those were fantasies during pre-school. Sadly now, typically Aaraf, does not even know who is Hang Tuah?! Heck.. he does not even know who is Popeye!! Anyway.. It was not until I met this young 52 years old gentlemen Abu Lais Walli Mohamed that I found a partner to explore and experiment mountain climbing!!! Yes, he was there for a while at last night's Hotbods party but he disappeared before I could mention the man that first introduced me to Mountain Climbing!! It was also with him that I first attended the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) program at Padang Merbuk.. almost 3 years ago. Ironically, now Padang Merbuk (a sentimental place) is no longer part of the Chief's network.

One thing that I learn from my journey in life was the need to be surrounded by people that share similar belief, interest and passion to make any dream a reality. When I befriended Abu Lais, my love and passion for outdoor activities multifold.. exponentially!! When I met Dr Malek Aziz, we got founded the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP! That is what COBC is all about!! A huge family that share that same passion and enthusiasm. With a total of five hundred registered recruits in December, we have a huge family that want nothing else but to be gorgeous!!



Once upon a time, there were barely 5 or 6 recruits that ACE every month session. We totally understand the stress at work and the inevitable traveling for work and leisure but if we want to be fit, healthy and sexy.. trust me, we have to be committed. For that commitment and discipline to attend at least 12 sessions in a month, we are pleased to imprint your name in  COBC Hall of Achievers because this is the exemplary commitment that we want to instil in each and every recruit. Health and physique is a necessity in life which is more important than money and its what money cant buy.. With good health, we can work and earn better money. With beautiful body, we can marry money we have that confident to bring us very far in love, career and life. From only 5 recruits when we first started the ACE almost 3 years ago, today 65 recruits had ACE'd the November session!!! Those that ACE their session every month will be awarded with an ACE Certificate and have their name published in COBC Hall of Achievers at HERE.

Rashedah Ridwani


PREFACE: Its the monthly party again!! COBC celebrated its 18th Hotbods party (formerly known as Graduation party) and the theme for this November potluck party was 'Luau' inconjunction with the 8 Weeks Challenge that ended barely a month ago. Yes.. after a good hard workout, there is no better time than to show-off those improved hot bodies than at the end of every month. This will also be an inspiration for the newbies and others that a dream body is not a dream. At COBC, ordinary people do get extraordinary result. (Left, Armin Baniaz & Dr Malek with the hot macho instructors).

CHAPTER 1: THE OFFICER AND THE GENTLEMENT. The party was scheduled at 5am on Saturday.. why Saturday, you will soon find out! A war cry (Semboyan) was issued a week before hand to make sure everyone did NOT overeat for what is expected to be an extra-ordinary party!! Why...? Keep reading!! But even before that, many people have been sabotaging me with ..... DURIAN!!! Even on party day, 'someone' brought my along my biggest sin.. Durian pancake!! alamak...


"Alang alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan" is a Malay proverbs which means, if you are going to do something, you might as well go all the way. Literal translation: Since you happen to put your hand in a container full of pickles, might as well dip your whole arm in the container. This comes from the fact that the ripest pickles sink to the bottom, thus if a person is putting their hand in the jar, they might as well go all the way and take the best from the bottom of the jar.

Alang alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan, since all the COBC 8WC contestants are gathering at my house for measurement-take, photo-shoot and Makansutra, we mind as well invite every recruit and hold a mini October COBC grad party and Makan-Sutra!!! So a war cry was sent out on COBC-Facebook page for invitation and my house became the venue. It was so last minute, the war-cry invitation was less than 24 hours and we expected a modest 30 plus recruits to gather but surprisingly, we had more than 60 recruits. It must be the camwhoring or makansutra that excites everyone to come but I think it is actually the spirit of camaraderie!! Birds of a feather flocks together.

The gathering began as early as 9am, the theme for the gathering was "Wear Your Old Cloth" suggested by BU-Bravo recruit Colin Chong Wern Loong to show-off what a biggest loser we are!! Eh.. that sounds wrong.. I mean, Biggest fat/size lost since joining COBC!!!! yes!! wear your old cloth!!!

Of course we woke up earlier to prepare the house. I cook nasi lemak, bihun goreng, mi goreng with sambal tumis and fried eggs.. Ok lah..  I rephrased that.. I bought all those food from this damn yummilicious kelantanese stall infront of 7/11 at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. As I got home, terkantoi with Surani and the truth prevails (that I bought instead of cook bluwek).... aiseyman :-p At home, Dr Malek Aziz, Corporal Wan arrived early to help out with the preparation. Three computers were prepared for 8WC to upload pictures and measurement for those contesting for the 8WC. Staff-Sarge (COBC) (P) Dann, Sarge (COBC) (P) Chun, LC (COBC) (P) Ridz, LC (COBC) (P) Resh and LC (COBC) (P) Ody were all in Penang to race the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011.  Dr Malek Aziz, Sarge (COBC) (P) Nawal, Sarge (COBC) (P) Tom, Corporal (COBC) (P) Wan, LC (COBC) (P) Rose and me hosted the 17th COBC Graduation party cum 8WC photo-shoot, cum measurement-take, cum makansutra.. waaa. multiple cum!!! Its our 17th graduation-do since the first one in July 2010 at HERE.


Everymonth, there will be a vote for the SPIRIT OF BOOTCAMP for each and every platoon at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. The vote is to pick recruit with the best Spirit that motivates and inspired us to give our best commitment and effort into achieving the best result from our training especially when some of us were... err sleep-exercising? It can be any comrade in your platoon but not the instructors and/or COBC administration team. The voting usually starts on the fourth week of the month until before the next graduation. We want to recognize that energetic, hyper, inspirational Spirit that becomes the Culture at the Chief's bootcamp to bring out the best in every recruit.

At the Chief's bootcamp too, we recognise every struggles and effort to be consistent and to be discipline at exercising! For that we designed the 100% Attendance, 100% Commitment and 110% Effort Certificate that speaks for itself. Habits whether good or bad is developed when it is being repeated for approximately 8 Weeks. Thus, let us build this consistency and discipline in exercising by ACE'ing every monthly session Rain, Hail or Shine!! There is no better investment than to invest in a great sexy body, great fitness and especially in a great health. Sickness and illness knows no boundary!! Prevention is by no means better than cure... Dr Malek Aziz and me are two living evidence! ...for now.

With that, we are pleased to first recognize those that had sweat out, attend and exercise consistently for 12 full sessions in the month of September at COBC Bandar Utama Alpha Platoon, Bandar Utama Bravo Platoon, Subang Jaya USJ1 Alpha Platoon, Subang Jaya USJ1 Bravo platoon, Damansara Heights Zulu platoons as follows:


Within less than a month, COBC recruits conquered the Berlin Intertnational Marathon... conquered the River Kwai, Thailand International Marathon, conquered the Mount Kinabalu and conquered the heart of another recruit with a marriage proposal. Recently too, we conquered our will power to enroll, attend and never give up during our training sessions at the oldest military inspired bootcamp in the whole wide world. This must be celebrated with at least a Makansutra feast!! I mean.. a get-together and what better theme to choose than Halloween!! WHy.. because deep down.. we are all hantu!! Hantu durian, hantu cendol, hantu yada yada ....

Then again... As Dr Malek Aziz always say... who needs a reason to partay?!! Lets just party!!! Past, presents, future recruits, if you havent registered for the party!! Please click HERE now!! When?


16 October 2011

7:00pm to late


Tony Romas @ 1 Mont Kiara


Once upon a time, deep in the red river valley of Klang.. err I mean Klang Valley, Doc Holiday, an accomplished to Wyatt Earp arrived at a restaurant at Damansara Hill (direct translation of Bukit Damansara)

Doc Holiday or full name John Malek Doc Holiday Aziz was an American gambler, gunfighter and dentist of the American Old West, who is usually remembered for his friendship with Wyatt Earp and his involvement in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral as well as their partnership at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. For Doc Holiday's full story, click HERE.

Rumours has it, there will be a gatherings of hardcore untamed cowboys and girls converted into military inspired recruits!!! Legend has it Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and Billy the kid are all still alive and are actually working together in a fine display of solidarity at a Military Inspired Camp known as the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP in Malaysia!!! They are now united with other 'lawmen' to convert the cowboys and girls into a military shaped hot physiques!

That is so true!!!

SPOTTED Doc Holiday (right) with lawman Corp Chun Pat Garret Chia Kai (left).

Pat Garret, also known as Patrick "Pat" Floyd Garret, was a lawman of the American Old West and bartender and a customs agent. He was also the sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico.


*Extracted from the SOB Hall of Fame PAGE at


The 10th CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC), Malaysia graduation party was held at the ECOBAR, DAMANSARA PERDANA and the theme for the party was Stripey & Dotty which actually means stripe and polka dot clothing.

This will be the first COBC party that Chun Chia Kai @ Corporal Chun is absent. Corporal Chun is away in Indonesia for... work? business? leisure? Secret Training?

And this is the first party that Ilyanna Aylin Ayob too had missed. Ilyanna Aylin Ayob was in Paris to run the Paris International 42.2km Marathon that was held on her birthday. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to run a marathon!!! double thumbs up to Ilyanna. Most recruit from COBC became runners and marathoners having gained the best of fitness, stamina and confident.

The theme for every party differs every month. We have had various theme but this is the first time that we will be in colours!! Lets see how colourful are we.......


Work hard.. Play hard... and party harder!!! Its that time of the month again when we all have to Err..... play, party & Camwhore!! It is very easy to drifter into a deep trance of routine working life that we simply forget to enjoy and socialize. After a full months (plus plus a few FFK sessions) of an intense outdoor working out in the mud, in the rain, all wet, muddy and drown in sweat to shred alot of fat & weights, we have to show off those new re-branded physique at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP monthly graduation party!!

At the ECOBAR, Damansara Perdana!!


11 April 2011

Stripey-Dotty!!!! (Err Not stripping) Men In Stripes & Ladies in Polka Dotts! or mix & match the stripe and and Dotts for the top, pants, shoes, hats, scarves, skirts, bracelets, earings, watch but not the underwear unless you want to show it off.

Who are Invited? 
Past Recruits, Existing recruits, friends, strangers and anyone whom are interested to lose weight, to be fit and to share the same passion in exercising!!

To join the party..... Click HERE.

So see ya on Monday



Have you ever wondered what your friends wear to bed?

Okay... not that it matters and not that I fantasize them in bed... but what would they look-like without all the Ralph Lauren, Louise Vuiton, Hermes, Hugo Boss branded daytime clothing. Will they still be branded or just all skins or........ err....... Well recruits at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP does not have to wonder no more.. that is what the next party is all about.... PAJAMAS PARTY!!!!

After burning-off those excessive fats and calories, its time to show off the new-physique at the monthly PARTY!!!! Its PARTY TIME again at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Malaysia and this time it is being held at VIKI LIM's residence at the prominent Mutiara Damansara. It is COBC's Ninth Graduation party.

Click HERE for the World-Cup themed first graduation party that was held at the Ecobar, Damansara Perdana, Click HERE for white & Denim Second graduation at the Duke, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, click HERE for Eid Mubarak third & fourth graduation party at my residence, click HERE for Nerd & Geek fifth graduation party at the Library. HERE for HAT'S OFF sixth graduation party at the TGI Friday, HERE for the Seventh Ho ho ho, Christmas party at the Modestos, Curve and click HERE for eighth, Kampung graduation party at the residence of Raja Affandi Jamaluddin. Click HERE for all the graduation party pictures!!!

We have seen most recruits messy in mud... hot in sexy clothing... in working attire and even in traditional clothing... we have also seen them in nerdy sleazy look. Now we will see them all dressed ready for bed!!! Such fun are the people at the Chief Original Bootcamp. Everybody gathered at Viki Lim's residence as early as 6:30pm for a pot luck dinner. The first recruit at the venue was..... err Viki Lim.. and her husband Jeffery Wong... obviously.. its their house!!

So how does Viki Lim look in pajamas? .... Nawal Aini Zulkifli? Rose Emini Pahamin...? Daing Daniel Fitri? Dr Malek Aziz? Uncle John Chuah? Lilian Lim, Ili Liyana Baharon? Raja Affandi Jamaludin? Norliza Affandi? Chun Chia Kai? and forty other recruits?


The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia EIGHT graduation January 2011 party was held at Kampung Sungai Penchala and was proudly hosted at the beautiful grand homage of our recruit Raja Affandi Raja Jamaluddin a Television Commercials and Movie editor, the owner of Mirage Post Sdn Bhd. Raja Affandi Raja Jamaluddin edited all of the late Yasmin Ahmad's movies and TV Commercials.What better way for us to get closer to one another than to be personal at home.

The theme picked for the 8th COBC Party was KAMPUNG!!! I mean, after a whole month of clearing fats and unwanted 'shapes', the next step was to clear the polluted mind and be as pure and innocent as a village men & ladies. Most city folks have all been polluted with modern sins... in food, drinks and thought.

Now lets see how our city-folks bootcampers became a Kampung folks.....

Kampong Couple Daing Daniel Fitri & Ody Nurfuadi Ruzalli


The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA @ Bandar Utama that was established in June 2010 have had 7 graduation parties before the closing of the year. A total of more than 300 recruits excluding corporate and children at the Seal Pup have participated since establishment and there are more than 3,000 pictures taken at all graduation parties.

The summary of all the graduation parties are as follows:

The first graduation was organised at the ECOBAR, Damansara Perdana on 7 July 2010 . The theme was the World Cup in conjunction with the World Cup fever. (See: first Grad)

The July second graduation was held at the DUKE, Taman Tun Dr Ismail and the theme was the rugged white and denim in line with the 'younger' look having burn thousands of calories training at the bootcamp. (See: Second Grad)

The August or the third graduation was combined with September graduation due to the fasting month or the Ramadhan month and was held at the co-licensee's residence at Bustanu Pahamin. The theme was Hari Raya in conjunction with the Eid Mubarak celebration. (See: 3rd &4th Grad)

October graduation was held at the Library at the E-Curve Mutiara Damansara with a hilarious theme Nerd & Geek. The Nerd & Geek theme was to add some laughter to the monthly graduation. (See: 5th Grad)

November graduation was organised at the TGI Fridays with the theme Hats Off.. in line with the 'hats off'  & well done recruits for both completing the 8 weeks challenge as well as for being consistent with training. (See: 6th Grad)

The last graduation party was held at the Modestos, the Curve Mutiara Damansara and we invited His Excellency General Chan Kosal from Cambodia as our Guest of Honour. There is no better way to end the year than to invite a real military to give out the certificate to our millitary inspired recruits. (See: 7th Grad)

More than 3,000 pictures during all the graduation parties are available for viewing at HERE. Have fun viewing. Thank you for making every graduation party a huge success.

Until the next party..... Stay tune..
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