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The best give to life, is a perfect bill of health!! and the bonus of earning one, is a head turning physique... or vice-versa, a head-turning physique with a bonus of a perfect health... Whichever.. it does not matter but its a two in one kinda deal. For the past 8 weeks, slightly less than 100 recruits (from a total of more than 700 participants worldwide) had enrolled and registered in the fourth 8-Week Challenge, Summer 2013 edition that challenges recruit to get the best health and bodies in a short span of 8 Weeks!!
The 8 weeks had ended on 31 March 2013 and the next turn of event will be the announcement of the winners!! Many participants had fell off the bandwagon before the end of the challenge but there are many more Malaysian that was so committed to getting their goals. 
To recognize their hardwork, we ask for all Malaysian to vote for our fellow Malaysians to be in the world's most talked about health and fitness challenge semi-finals. Every vote count and unlike the forthcoming Malaysia 13th General Election, everyone from Barisan Nasional and Pakatan can vote for Malaysian to win against Australia. 
   The next turn of event is as follows:
Wednesday 3rd April:
Voting for Local Champions by Franchisees & Instructors
Public voting for Overall Semi-Finalists will open through Facebook (DONE!! Pending announcement)


The fourth 8 Week Challenge was launched on 3 February 2013 and ended on 31 March 2013. What is the next step...

Local Champions will be voted on by the local Franchisee, their Instructors and
a Franchisee from another state.

Voting for ‘Overall Semi-Finalists’ (Australia & Malaysia) will be open to the general public as well as Recruits and Instructors . Votes from non-bootcampers will be worth one point. Votes from current Recruits will be worth four points. Votes from Instructors will be worth Six points. All ‘Local Champions’ will automatically qualify as a Semi-Finalist. A total of 60 Semi-Finalists will be chosen by the public voting process. Voting for these titles will open on Wednesday 3rd April 2013 and close at 11:59pm (AEST) Sunday 7th April 2013.

All local Champions will automatically advance to the Semi-Finals. The remaining Semi-Finalist will be selected through an online voting process open to Franchisees, Instructors, Recruits and the general public.


Voting for ‘Overall Finalists’ will the responsibility of Franchisees, Licensees and Instructors of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ and CHIEF’s ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ (Malaysia). Votes from Support Instructors will be worth one point, Votes from Lead Instructors will be worth two points, votes from Franchisees/ Licensees will be worth three points, votes from the Franchisors will be worth four points. Voting for these titles will be completed on Monday 8th April 2013.
The ‘Overall Champion’ and ‘Overall Runner-up’ will be chosen by a panel of independent judges appointed by the Promoters. The best entry as determined by the judges will win AUD$5,000 cash as well as additional prizes from our sponsors. The second best entry will win AUD$1,000 cash as well as additional prizes from our sponsors. Voting for these titles will be completed on Tuesday 9th April 2013. Both the Winner and the Runner-up will be notified by telephone and email using contact details provided in their entry by 12noon (AEST) on Wednesday 10th April 2013. This competition is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winners.  
The Judges' decision will be final, and not open to contention.


LC Azmir sacrificed his chance to win 2012 8WC to be a COBC instructor

Simon Koay Penang 2012 8WC Co-Champ
The licensor to the Chief's Original Bootcamp in Australia launched the 4th Eight Week Challenge (8WC) slightly more than 2 weeks ago on 3rd February 2013. Although the last challenge was only three months after the 3rd 8WC ended (as opposed to previous years when the 8WC was held only once a year), there are approximately 700 participants in Australia and Malaysia that had registered this year. 

These challengers have been on a mission to transform their physiques with the Chief Original Bootcamp for 8 consecutive weeks!! and if you think they look hawt and great now, see their BEFORE picture and their measurement. You will be amazed!! Click on the challenger's name BELOW to see how they look like before the transformation. 

To see this year, 2013's list of 8WC participants, scroll all the way down to the end of the page. Bandar Utama has the biggest number of challengers with 30 registered recruits followed by Damansara Heights platoon.
Pictures below were some of last year 2012's 8WC participants. Click on the challenger's name BELOW to see how they look like before the transformation. 


8 Week Challenge began today, 4 February 2013 but if you have not yet registered, it is STILL NOT TOO LATE!! The deadline for measurement and pictures which is imperative for you to qualify as a challenger was extended for a few days just in case anyone encountered some issues. BUT be warned, you ABSOLUTELY want to take your photos before you start DAY 1 as you are going to notice a difference in as little as a day. That is a FACT.

So what are the Do's and Don't when taking pictures, Quoting Gunny Brabon below whom is not just a Master Trainer but she is also the Managing Director of Original Bootcamp, Australia (our principal) and the person responsible behind our Inferno diet.

"If you aren't sure of what is required - please look at the FAQ's at HERE so that you know exactly what we need for you to be eligible to stay in throughout the 8 weeks.

I have attached a sample sheet for you to this email - of some Typical BEFORE photos just so you know what isn't ok and what is....

SO item 1 - 3 below are big NO NO'S..... 4-6 are the good ones.....check out the photos.

Photo 1.....WOW - and yes I have seen WAY too many body parts in the photos submitted previously. Even a naked one.....It stung my retinas....We do not need to see your willy, so please put pants on. Even better, put your pants on and make sure we can't see anything you wouldn't show your grandmother.

Photo 2....NO SELFIES!!!!! I know that sometimes you want to do them on your own and don't want to ask somebody to take them for you - but its easy! Download a timer app for free on your Iphone and set it up at SHOULDER height. Not a selfie in the mirror. They won't be accepted guys, and you will be asked to re-submit.

Photo 3. NO POSERS! So we just want straight forward front, sides and a newspaper shot. Nice and simple.

Photo 4. PERFECT! clean background with no pictures on the wall!


The 8 Week Challenge is back earlier than expected and it is starting on 4 February 2013 - February Intake for 8 weeks ending 31 March 2013.

What does it take to register?

1) Immediate Enrollment & payment for both February & March intake (Note: To all past WIP and 3M recruits, you do not need to register if you have already registered for 1 year or 3 months). To register, click HERE or!register-and-enrollment/citr

2) Register for the 8WC at HERE or simply click ->
 or at here -> and follow the idiot proof, step by step guide below.

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