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HELL WEEK quote of the day.......
Sargent Ashton to recruits in seeing them pike into knee pushups..... "GET OFF YA KNEES!!! chief told you to take your shoes off at the fence....did he forget to tell you to take ya skirts off too????? GET OFF YA KNEES!!" (From Emily Brabon FB Status)

Day 6, the final day of the Hell Week was more demanding than the 5 days combined! More of an operation Dessert storm.. or it felt like it having had to trained in more than 50 degree slope of sand at the Wanda beach, Sands Dune without any flat surface and longer hours than any other days.

The warm-up session itself was similar to Delta session at our normal bootcamp training.  As a warm up, the platoon had to carry the boat and mock rifles from car park to the 'dessert' and immediately, climbed up the 50 degree upward-slope sand-hill with rifles stretched straight above the head.
In the same slope gradient, hell began with 2 lap of 100 meter boat race. Running in deeper than ankle deep sand was already tough but to carry a boat on a hilly slope gradient? Teary...


DAY 5 at the HELL WEEK, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP redefines the actual meaning of Hell. Nothing beats the morning blues than endless repetitions of cardio cadence from Star Jump, Seal Jacks and pushups.  Then clock-running ala spec ops, 100 meter boat race (as in carrying the boat with arm stretched straight and run), another 100 meter boat race with boat on the shoulder, more piggy-bag the partner for 2 laps x 50 meter, drag the partner for another 2 laps x 50 meter but the worse was floating in deep freezing water without using the hand for 15 minutes. After that, the hell-weeker had to leapord crawl for 100 meter before performing a 'stand-ups' with boat (while lifting the boat, one knee down, both knee down and then stand up with one knee first then both). This was repeated for 20 repetitions before ending the day with 60 grunts.

Pictures compliment from Gunny Em.. the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Director of Operation..


Its day 4 at the HELL WEEK, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. There were no water-workout on Day 4 but an army Seal sort-of-in battle mode program. Each Hell-Weeker had to carry 15kg backpack, mock rifle, 5x 20kg jerry can, a stretcher and a 50kg dummy.

Then a fire & movement on sand with rifle for 200 meter..

These are snapshots of Day 4 at the Hell Week. Picture compliment from Gunny EM, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Director of Operations. 


DAY 3 at Hell Week, Sydney.... It gets tougher every day at Hell Week.

Activities on Day 2 in Hell,  includes almost 1 km of tyre drag (more like 2x laps of 400meter). The platoon was then divided into 5 pax per team carrying one team member into and out of the ice-cold water and walked 10 steps to dropped unto one knee for 4 sets (still carrying one team member) and repeated until all team members were carried into and out of the water and dropping on one knee for the whole 4 sets. Other kick-ass activities were drag & swap team mates and sea-shore workout with 40 reps of pushups, flutter kicks and situps. These workouts were performed in the water by the shore and the waves almost choked Sarge Dann. Shivering in cold, the day ended with 40 grunts and 2 huge laps running in the sand by the beach. 


Daing Daniel Fitri or SARGE DANN, the lead instructor at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA at Bandar Utama is the first Malaysian to attempt the HELL WEEK, the toughest course under the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program. The participation to the Hell Week is by INVITATION ONLY. I was invited too but regretfully had to postpone to next year having already spend time away from work to attend the 2010 ASIA PACIFIC ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP CONFERENCE that ended a day before the HELL WEEK (sorry Chief, Em).

The Hell Week starts at 5am before sunrise... in the dark... in winter... with temperature approximately 5 degree!!! Only Chief, Gunny and a few instructors are qualified to instruct the Hell Week. Similar to other ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program, every instructors are assessed and re-assessed to ensure of their competency and quality. Instructor for the Hell Week are of the fittest... they are easily recognizable by their exclusive Black Hell Week Tshirt. Those that survived the Hell Week will be honored with a Grey Hell-Week T'shirt in a special BBQ-Grad party.. Yess Dann... you should attend if you survived the Hell-Week... you deserve it!!

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