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The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) at Ampang basecamp is only 2 months old but it has gathered a strong spirited recruits that only have one main target in mind! and that is HEALTH!! I had the liberty to speak to one of them whom almost shared the similar upbringing as me.. being through sick teenage life-hood. Maria Zunita had always struggled through her life with athma and had never exercise in her lifetime. Only when she turned 30 that she began to explore some strenuous activities which includes diving (you hear that Doc Malek.. another diving into our COBC diving-community) and recently, when we open COBC-Ampang, she became our Ampang hardcore. She said, prior to joining COBC, her short term goal was only to walk for 30 continuous minutes which she was once only a dream.After joining the COBC, she was able to do it comfortably.

I also had the luxury to get close to Ampang big name cum Otai and the most happening figure Suzana Borhan @ Suzie whom is targetting to complete her maiden 21km at the Brooks. Mohamad Satia on the other hand does not envision himself to be a runner (we shall see) but lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. He joined COBC when he first saw us running with Rifle (recruits on training) on his way to work and was excited and immediately google and enrolled himself online with COBC.

Sarge (COBC) Nawal & Lance Corporal (COBC) Moji: AMPANG instructors!!
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