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If there is one most talked-about couple at the Chief's Original Bootcamp Damansara Heights, then it must the Baakes!! Mr & Mrs Baake is  one of those many couples at the Chief's Original Bootcamp that inspired many others to take charge of their health and fitness. Thomas Baake and Stella Baake met in 1993 and after 5 years of courting, they took their relationship a step further into marriage. Their wedding was held in Germany. When others would be honeymooning romantically by the beach with beautiful sunrise or up the mountains with stupendous scenic, the newlywed Baakes, went for the Hash-run instead... I mean.. they both participated in a running event in Bangladesh!!! 19 Years later, Stella is still waiting for a nice Honeymoon but that did not stop them from expanding their family!! The Baakes are blessed with 6 children and 7 grand children.. even without the nice honeymoon.

Before coming down to Malaysia, the Baake was in Thailand for 3 years and 6 months. In Thailand, they adopted a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym daily and even participated in various 10km and 21km runs. They both experimented various physical exercises and even tried different gym club membership to find the mojo for a continuous aspiration to workout. The now Chief Executive Officer at the ERL Maintenance Support Sdn Bhd (E-MAS) was a member at the Clark hatch and Stella at the Fitness First for several years. They were never exhausted of effort and an active 5 times a week gym-goer but they gained more weight during this period than before. Both of them simply love the local cuisine and pubs at the amazing Thailand.
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