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More than 100 recruits from the Chief's Original Bootcamp fraternity across 7 locations gathered at the Damansara Heights Community Centre on Saturday, 13 October 2012 for a hands-on sneak preview of a session with Chief & Gunny!! The duo behind the world's oldest military inspired program! Chief and Gunny arrived in Malaysia late on Friday and was already awake as early as 4am the next day to command the biggest gathering of recruits. Chief and Gunny arrived in Malaysia with 3 main objectives!! First, to meet our recruit and command our platoon as a sneak preview straight from the founders themselves. Second, to confirmed all our instructors whom were promoted under Probation!! Yes, ONLY Chief, Gunny and the Global Master Trainers can confirmed any promotion of instructors at the COBC network. Chief and Gunny will also promote and appoint new instructors if they were to passed the Military-Fitness Level 1 certification. Third, to certify our team as a certified Alpha Strong Instructors - the first in Malaysia and COBC instructors upskilling... Fourth, because they miss me... ok thats a bull.

This had also re-branded our theme from the world's Oldest, Military-Inspired, Group Outdoor Personal Training Program to the World's Oldest, Military-Inspired, Group Outdoor Transformation program!!!

Let this be a picturesque blog as these pictures speak of what the Chief's Original Bootcamp is all about!! COBC is all about Great People, Great Instructors, Great program, the best of community and Result Guaranteed!! Why..? Because Chief Brabon has been doing this every 4am in the morning, 6 days a week for the past 21 years and Gunny for 16 years. These had made Chief the oldest Military-Inspired Bootcamp instructor in the world and Gunny as the oldest female Military-Inspired Bootcamp instructor. Their experience coupled by their vast knowledge in sports science and Chief's military infantry background was how our program was designed.. scientifically researched and proven!!

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