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Mano huru hara Manohara...


‘One for all and all for one’ or ‘tous pour un, un pour tous’ was a motto lived by three inseparable friends ‘the three musketeers' in an 1844 novel by Alexandre Dumas, pere. There were more than a dozen movies being produced based on the novel but the version in the film ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ (1998) directed by Randal Wallace was my favourite.

D’Artagnan in the movie ‘the Man in the Iron Mask’ instilled in me the sentiment of loyalty to the King akin of our own Hang Tuah except our Hang Tuah never betrayed the King even when the King ordered for his execution. In 1844 when the novel was first written as well as during Hang Tuah, the undivided pledge of loyalty to the King was the only way to serve the country.

Now, we serve our country as an "Automatic" pledge of loyalty to the King in a democratic government that is based on Constitutional Monarchy and Parliament. Given the 'Automatic' loyalty as a pledge of uundivided loyalty, the Monarchy must be protected and preserved from any mockery and slander. The royal household (Sultan, Tengku Mahkota, Tengku Bendahara, Tengku Temenggong) and any heir line-up to the throne or any members of the Monarch institution should be protected against any mockery and slander  which otherwise is an insult to all Malaysian.

As a Malaysian and a Kelantanese, I am embarass that Tengky Fakry cannot contained whatever domestic issues he has. I am insulted by Manohara's allegations that has not been proven with any medical report . The Indonesia President and Indonesia Foreign Ministry had stood up for Manohara who is the commoner in her country (see: Indon Antara News) but when the 3rd heir line-up to the Kelantan throne was attacked with various allegation, the only remarked made by our Minister was "nobody is above the law" (See: Malay Mail).

There were no official complain (even todate) lodged by Manohara (See: Indon Police) in Malaysia and even in Indonesia except for a foul cry by her 'Wanted by Interpol' mother Daisy Fajarina. If the allegation was true, Manohara would be brought straight to the Hospital upon her arrival in Indonesia to ascertained her health condition. However, Manohara went straight for a Press Conference instead, and is still busy meeting the press instead of undergoing a medical check to prove her allegation (see: Jakarta Post).

I feel insulted reading the allegation made by Manohara that is damaging to Malaysia and our royal household but I feel more disgusted with the Kelantan Palace official Datuk Abdul Halim Hamad official whom were silent until it all explode out of proportion and his subsequent remark that it was a Personal Matter. It is no longer personal when it involved the son of a ruling Monarch with the title Tengku Temenggong that had attracted an international coverage with the involvement of Indonesia President as well as Singapore police (see: Bernama).

Nobody is guilty until otherwise proven. Palace advisors or the state government should obtained an injunction or any means to stop further uncalled press statement by Manohara that is damaging to our royal household and the good bilateral relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia. Without any official police report, medical examination and without any court ruling, whatever has been said is slander and is an insult to Malaysia, Malaysians and our Monarch. Perhaps there is some truth in my father belief that there are no more wise men left in kelantan (see: Pahamin).

In the spirit of 'One for All and All for One', the Royal household, Malaysians and our elected politicians should stand together and seek Manohara to PROVE whatever the allegations made and claimed through an independant judicial legal process or otherwise just SHUT UP.

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