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24 June 2010, Dataran Maybank Bangsar. PEDA executive committees had an official round-table meeting with Maybank Autofinance team at the Dataran Maybank in Bangsar.

Personally, I have a long 13 years good history with Maybank since 1997. Maybank was the first Bank that offered my first business facility during the inception of my Proton Edar Dealership after my merchank banking days with the Commerce International Merchank Bankers Berhad (Now known as CIMB Investment Bank).

The first Maybank Manager that attended to me was Murad whom was then the Maybank Branch Manager for Klang in 1997. Murad was the first Manager that introduces me to the Floor-stocking facilities. When Murad was transfered to Medan Pasar, Norhisham Hashim took over the Klang Branch. Through Norisham, I learn the automotive trade and very negligibly through by Proton Edar.

After Norisham, Musawir attended to me when my facility was transfered to Puchong. 13 years later, all of them are now a prominent banker with an office on the highest floor at the Dataran Maybank, Bangsar. Alhamdulillah, everybody are successful.

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