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The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA  & USJ1 yesterday introduced and launched the SEAL PUPS or the Kids Fitness program in conjunction with Aaraf Armin's 8th Birthday.  The SEAL PUPS is part of Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program originated from Sydney, Australia and is now available in Malaysia at Bandar Utama. The program offers after-school, school holiday and mandatory physical activity programming for children, through it's SEAL Pups kids's fitness program.

Apart from increased physical fitness and better health, the program also promotes team work, communication skills, lateral thinking, self confidence and leadership skills.

Poor co-ordination and/or poor ball skills (whether perceived or actual) are often the cause of children shying away from physical activity. It seems that little is available for those students who do not wish to play organized sport. With the rate of childhood obesity at an all time high, schools and families must look for solutions which will inspire our youth to be active. The SEAL Pups program is aimed to achieved just that.

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